Reminder: They Lied To You

Always remember.

The infection rate is much higher than we think and deaths due solely to Covid is much less.

For example, if the 'cases' are 3 million and deaths 30 000. That gives you a CFR of .10%. Already low.

But the actual infection rate is much higher. Perhaps as much as four times. So the number of people infected may be 12 million. Meanwhile, if we readjust deaths to reflect it being 'from' Covid (while keeping in mind 80% of that figure was in long-term care facilities and nursing homes), the 30 000 figure drops dramatically. By how much is difficult to tell but the CDC estimates about 6% of deaths were from and not with Covid. Let's assume here 10%. That's 3000.

Now your equation or calculus becomes: 3000 deaths and 12 million infections. This is known as the IFR.

Or .025%.

They destroyed our lives and the civl order through unethical and illegal measures (coercing millions into a dubious experimental medical procedure costing jobs and causing elevated angst stress) for .10% if you go with 'official' numbers or......025% when adjusted.

Not only must the mandates END immediately. 

Investigations must commence and charges laid where necessary and appropriate.


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