Context: They STOLE Your Life; Truckers Are Pure Canadian Pride And An Inspiration

It is an egregious state of preposterous affairs that Canadians continue to live under such tyrannically unscientific measures.

A majority of states have been restored to full normalcy for 18 months now.

That's 18 months of life gained there and lost here. 

Are you understanding now the truckers?

JUSTIN TRUDEAU AND FRANCOIS LEGAULT continue - and will continue - to keep erasing years of life from you.

My God how much is enough for you?

The truckers have restored a pride in Canada I've never felt. The harder the politicians and media lie, the more we must support them. The entire world is galvanized and inspired by what Canada has done. It's truly a remarkable piece of history and we started it.


Don't take the boosters. Don't social distance. Don't wear a mask.


It's all a pack of lies. 


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