Quebec Literally Got It All Wrong And Science Backs It Up

Legault and Dube can squawk out of their asses all they want but the science and data does NOT support a single restriction or measure they ruthlessly imposed. 

There are hundreds of studies showing masks, curfews and lockdowns have little to no impact on mortality or cutting transmission. Passports are equally as illogical and pointless and are wholly punitive. An official who admits they're punitive - as they have - is a derelict one.

But now a meta-analysis from Johns Hopkins University lays to rest once and for all how devastating the measures were. What they conclude is firm: Just a .2% difference in mortality while causing drastic harm.

Limiting gatherings? Same thing. In fact, it led to higher transmissions. Shelter in place fared better. 

In other words, government interventions - SURPRISE! - had the opposite effect. 

It also confirmed Sweden's method wins the day.

As this blog has been saying would be likely the case since 2020. I jumped on the Sweden-Great Barrington Declaration team from the onset naturally garnering me a lot of raised eyebrows and name calling. 

That means NIAID/NIH, CDC, Health Canada, McGill, U of T and whoever else you want to add, were plain, flat wrong since they were all cheerleaders for these failed measures.

And if there's any justice they will face some kind of justice. A loss in credibility most certainly. 

Got that Justin and Legault?

YOU ARE part of the problem.



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