Of Cynicism Through The Empty Musings Of Legault And Omar

While announcing he was not going to pursue the 'vax tax', Legault put on his Bambi eyes and said it would be too divisive.

The media, with its wood-burning brains, fawned and gushed at his humility. A leader who admits his mistake!

Except there's one little problem with this.

It's nonsense.

Legault is responsible for dividing a province in the first place. He did that the day he divided the province along 'essential and non-essential' lines. He worsened it with the passports. 

He doesn't get to go up there and act like he didn't understand how complex an idea this was not only from a legal perspective but a social one.

It was a Pandora's Box that would have ripped the civil order further than he already has.

A man of his age and experience should have known this before he publicly announced a tax. If he didn't, he not only lacks class and intelligence but WISDOM.

Want to stop the division and allow for the healing to begin?


Until then, it's disingenuous and cynical crocodile tears from the clown Francois Legault. 

Don't fall for the act.


The little runt passing off as Transport Minister Omar Somethingbar, is the latest low IQ moron to emerge from the Liberal rat hole. Take a look at this rap sheet. He's as bad as the eco-terrorist Guilbeault. 

Justin sure likes his left-wing or ideological radicals. 

In defending the utterly punitive and pathetic truckers mandates and denouncing the convoy in Ottawa,  he said something that blew steam from my ears. He blamed the truckers for small businesses not being able to open. This was repeated by another dimwit Mendacious Mendancino who repeated it in the House of Commons the other day. 

The gaslighting spewed from Runt is unbelievable.

The cognitive dissonance is criminal

You mean, the same small business the Federal government hurt and destroyed in some cases through their support of lockdowns and passports?

You mean those Omar the Runt? 

The truckers are trying to SAVE small business.

The Liberals are bringing ruin to families.

I didn't realize this party created a file called a Minister for Middle Class Prosperity.


This struck me as a classic move done by totalitarians. Distract the public with nice sounding portfolios and plans for them and do the exact opposite.  The internet is filled with clips of Justin saying one thing and doing the exact opposite.

This is a tell-tale sign of a totalitarian.

And make no mistake about it. That's what he is. Know the signs.

Trudeau isn't going to bring prosperity to the middle-class. He will impoverish them.

Just look at all his actions from taxes for the environment to constant attempts at increasing capital gain taxes and now a Home equity tax. All things that directly IMPACT the middle-class NEGATIVELY.

You. You who voted for people like Freeland, Omar and Justin.

You have no excuse.

It is you who should be in quarantine for being so gullible and inattentive.



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