It Won't Stop At Truckers

Again. I ask pay close attention. You didn't for two years.

But we're about to enter an even worse situation A perpetual state of emergency.

You're always at war with Eastasia.

It took a few days for Justin to abuse the Emergency Act - itself an abuse of power as there is no justification for it.

He promised protestors would not be touched, but they were. This was just about the blockade and remove this frightening parking dispute. 

Now that they're pulling out, the EA should be revoked, right?

No. Parliamentarians don't seem to grasp what their consenting to. This is reminiscent of the Enabling Act of 1933 by Adolf Hitler. 

Give the state an inch they take your life and liberty.

Now they're going after bank accounts and the media - the disgusting CTV and CBC - is now turning its evil eyes onto the 'influencers'.The buzz words. Pay attention to them. It's how they hook you with their lies and propaganda. If your in mainstream media, you are Pravda. Take a look. If this article by some useful idiot name Maggie Parkhill does't send shivers down your spine....

They want retribution. 

It's a purge,

Consider. Intelligence doesn't back the government on alleged foreign money other than some private donations. FINTRAC doesn't back the government. Various groups don't back the government. The government has a minority propped by the NDP and doesn't have the popular vote. They're sagging in the polls. People want mandates to end. Mandates ending everywhere. On the aggregate, this is the very definition of 'no legitimacy' The only entity I see being rogue and threat to Canadian sovereignty is Justin Trudeau himself. I can't believe of all people the media backs it's this treasonous mentally ill purger of Canadian values.

The government is claiming now sovereignty is threatened. Are you fricken kidding me? Of course without proof. Nothing any of governments - provincial or Federal - have done these past two years have been backed by any evidence. NONE.

Justin has criminalized free speech and the right to peaceful assembly and protests.

Do you understand this Canada?

Can you see now how they've keep this fake emergency going? What country in the West is doing this? There are convoys everywhere. 

We're stuck with malignant malcontents and I'm afraid they will do long-term damage to Canada.

If I'm young, I escape Canada. 

Once done with the truckers - all bets are off. 

Justin is a de facto dictator.

He'll come for revenge for all who mocked and challenged him.

Would not surprise me online website are next. 

Justin was groomed for this.

It's not truckers that threaten you Canada.

It's Justin Trudeau.

Get involved. It may be your last chance.

God bless.


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