Of Covid And Putin: Stark, Stupid Hypocrisy, Manipulation And Lies Rampant

In Falsehood in War Time by Ponsonby I came to the disquieting realization we in the West aren't angels. In fact, we are well practiced in the dark art of negative propaganda. In World War I, the British and French spread what could be termed as disinformation - or fake news - with reckless abandon. 

And boy are we being fed a steady stream of blistering and blathering propaganda in Ukraine. 

You would think the staggering lies and propaganda free fom Covid would make people tad skeptical when it comes to the biggest manufactures of manipulation and lies in the media.

But nope.

Business as usual in the sanctimonious and mentally ill West. 

Now it begins. The faux-righteous corporations and bobbleheads boycotting promising to 'not buy Russian'. The SAQ - the same state outfit that did its part in furthering dividing society for 'public health - announced they will not sell Russian products. Shouldn't that be left to the market to decide? Of course not, everyone has to play their own part in the game of deception and charades. Just like the masks.

Oh the tomfoolery of it all.

It's pretty amazing how people are letting themselves once again be played. Can it be the Ukraine story - replete with 50 years of American and Western meddling - is being used to deflect from the fact more and more the Covid cult and its response to the virus is showing itself to be not just a disaster but possibly the greatest crime in human history as data on the vaccines - and how agencies and 'experts' are manipulating data - being nowhere near safe and effective (as insurance companies and actuaries are beginning to report)? 

The world has made Russia the punching bag. But the true enemy is China.

Ah. But you all want your cheap products while the established oligarchs and elites want to make money in China. Can't wake the dragon. Better to poke the bear. Russia is weak. Ergo, like the unvaccinated, a perfect scapegoat. 

Always need a boogeyman. 

That is not to say I side with Putin. I think both sides deserve each other. It's too bad the average Ukrainian is stuck in the middle wedged between the hypocritical West and cynical Russia. They lost millions of people back in WWII when Stalin ruled and now they find themselves once again at the centre of attention because of historical and geographical fate.

I'm just taking dead aim at us Westerners. Did they care about Chinese genocide during the Olympics. Nope. So excuse me if I'm not impressed with the pearl clutching and once again false virtue on display. Just like with the 'masks protects you' nonsense, the same arrogant mind set prevails with Ukraine. 

Humans, as Machiavelli wrote, are wretched creatures. Well, at least those who supported lockdowns and actually believe their leaders anyway.

Imagine being the sort of mind taking at face value what Macron, Johnson, Biden and - ugh - Justin Trudeau say.

These people are mentally unsound to various degrees.

The very fact we have to sit and listen to them vomit out lies about 'defending democracy' and 'fighting authoritarianism' (hi there Justin!), while crushing civil liberties during Covid under the complete and utter lie of 'public health belies and undermines this laughable assertion.

The gaslighting hypocrisy is enough to make asylum patients of us all!

They say Trump was 'mentally unsound'. To a room full of quacks he did. But now we know this was projection.

The world is one sick place. Not by the hand of a man-made virus but by the primal emotion of fear and cognitive acceptance of blind hypocrisy and ignorance.

People still go on about flashing their passports not recognizing they've given up medical autonomy and engaging in an activity that signals to the government they're willing to let the state manage their privileges and rights every single damn time they use the stupid thing.

People have indeed taken their liberties for granted. Worse, when the subject is mentioned, they react angrily and derisively. How dare you take about such a triggering topic like liberty! Liberty is all relative!

For two years this blog has pointed out repeatedly how we're being lied to. That everything we're being told is mostly a lie. 

It's the same thing going on with Ukraine. What you think is true and real isn't.

Stop consuming media. If you do, just remember they're peddling inverted reality through scripted narratives. 

So let's keep this simple what's happening in Ukraine.

First off, the United States and NATO has been flicking Putin's ears antagonizing him trying to court Ukraine into NATO defiantly breaking the deal they not do so. Putin has a legitimate claim to be angry here. While Western Ukraine may be fine with absorption into NATO, nearly 20% of the population identifies as ethnic Russian in the eastern part of the country. 

But there's a bigger problem. 

The reality is the West - including Canada and specifically Chrystia Freeland - are protecting and working with mobsters, bandits and gangsters running bio-labs in a vassal state where a useless military is run by actual Neo-Nazis.

All in Putin's back yard.

War is ugly. But this is a deep state war against criminals.

And the West are the bad guys here. It is the powers of the West protecting their racket who wanted this war despite endless warnings from Putin for over 10 years.

Keep this in mind when Canada and the USA attempt sell you the lie of passports for international travel. These are weapons to steal your rights. This is a distraction from the crimes they committed through Covid and vaccines. 

Don't take the bait. 


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