Simply Not About Public Health

It's not just incompetence.

There's more in play.

Not is it about public health.

How can it be?

The establishment has not adjusted its Covid narrative since 2020. 

Worse, Liberal MPs are standing in Parliament and flat out lying. Lying is bad but it's what they're lying about that is very, very troubling.

They keep repeating lies about the vaccines that are demonstrably FALSE.

So much so, you don't hear what they say in other countries anymore.

The rhetoric around vaccines has changed significantly. Pay close attention to several pro-vaccine experts in the USA. Even the media in general.

It has softened while questions are being raised.

Canada has coarsened and remained a cruel and callous place.

This is not about your health.


-It is claimed 90% of Canadians are vaccinated. That's on par with measles. So why are there mandates in place?

-Less than 1% of people infected are hospitalized.

-Survival rate is 99.985%.

-Mandates do NOT impact mortality. 

-Cases, deaths and hospitalizations are receding as is the case with all seasonal illnesses. How does 4000 cases still demand such tyrannical measures?

-The truckers weren't blockading to the point of threatening national security.

Yet, Canada's Stringency Index score is among the most restrictive in the West! Less in line with places like the UK, Sweden, Portugal and Spain and more in line with the nutcases in German and Kazakstan.

We're doing worse than CHINA and Australia.

Thank about this. THINK. 


For the love of God....THINK!

The truckers aren't the threat.



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