Nunchuk's Answer To Authoritarian Ontario Superior Court Of '"Justice"

So, think the courts are there to protect rights and act as a bulwark against government over reach?

Think again.

It's banana republic town all around with MPs, courts, media and cops all playing their useful idiots part. 

All for one scandalous and pathetic little man posing as PM.

This whole ordeal should make us rethink and think again about how much information we give to any institution moving forward.

Your information is now being weaponized and will be used against you.

Based on a flimsy invocation of the Emergency Act, now the state is moving in to crush dissenters with psychotic impunity we only see in totalitarian regimes.

This is the new Canada.

Just like that.

Unless this god damn EA is stopped and stopped fast we're in for a whole new world of hurt and hare by the hand of our increasingly hostile government.

Justin has been looking to curb free speech and freedom as a whole throughout his reign of terror. The day will come they will freeze asssets of all and any Canadian they deem poses a threat. You're in an 'Emergency' nightmare now. 

Nunchuk's response to the court is a thing of gold.

Go fuck yourself.


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