The Disturbing Malevalence Of Blackface

Justin Trudeau is a troubled individual.

A corrosive mind.

He's a brat and a bully.

Possibly always was.

We've heard and seen enough of him to build a profile of his character.

He clearly is not a man of principles. The variances in his statements are too great to conclude that he is. For example, in 2017 he speaks of individual rights as being sacred only to eradicate them in 2020-21-22.

Justin is an ideologue.

And a totalitarian.

He conflates identity politics with principles. 

Justin doesn't speak for Canadians. He speaks to his thin base. He speaks to lower-level minds who lack confidence and fulfillment. He speaks to the broken.

To the malevolent.

To continue in believing in measures and lockdowns is not humanist. Not at this point. It's sheer hate of man through cowardice.

His latest escapades railing against truckers like a lunatic is an extension of his unhinged obsession with vaccines and the unvaccinated. As well as nurses, small business and children.

Remember. People who protested lockdowns in 2020 rejecting its faulty premise, masks (especially on children), vaccine mandates against nurses and now truckers, were - and are - depicted as enemies threatening 'health'.

If there's one thing totalitarians like Justin do is divide the people (non-essential v. essential, vaccinated v. unvaccinated) and scapegoat them (take your pick).

Any person with a properly calibrated moral and intellectual compass should cringe watching him emerge from a cabin to come out and scold and hurl hate upon Canadians like a bully and a coward.

Make no mistake. You voted for a bully and a coward.

A shallow mind and a weak inner-spiritual core.

That's why he dresses up. He has to make up for his hypocrisy and failures as an individual; as a leader - as a man.

The mask keeps slipping with this sorry excuse of a person. Yet, he keeps getting away with it. The media need his protection money and racket to live and survive. On their own, CTV and CBC sink.

Justin is trying to goad Canadians into a fight so he can crack down harder.

It's all so obvious.

He's bullying people because he wants to elicit a reaction.

The best way to deal with a bully is to stand up to them. Show no fear. Justin has no courage. He has no internal fortitude or integrity. He has contempt for the people and has no dignity. Very easy to stand up to such a person. Sometimes a bully deserves a punch in the face. Justin richly deserves his Magnificent Amberson 'comeuppance'. 

He has been found guilty of five ethics violations, has been accused of sexual harassment on two occasions we know of, signed an NDA with a victim while employed as a teacher in British Columbia, dressed up as blackface, involved in a WE charity scandal and has subverted the rule of law in the SNC-Lavalin case.

To name but a few scandalous examples from a  most scandalous person.

At every turn, Justin looks to weaken and batter the middle-class as his home tax attests.

He capped TSA contributions. He raises taxes for climate change.

None of this is healthy for a society looking to prosper.

Justin is crippling Canada emotionally, spiritually, and economically.

This is not normal politics. It's something more disturbing. 

God help us.


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