False Vaccinators

I don't believe the biggest pushers of the vaccines took it.

The old street axiom "Don't get high on your own supply" prevails here.

Moreover, the harder they push, the more suspicious it looks.

Why do I think this? 

Just a hunch.

But looking at their public shots, does it look like to you it was legitimate? And how do we know they didn't get a saline or placebo?

I'm talking the top brass here. Not governors and premiers necessarily.

It's highly plausible Anthony Fauci didn't get vaccinated for the simple reason there were no trials set up for his age group. He may well have declined based on that despite the images of him getting vaccinated. 

It's been circulated that none of the CEO's of Moderna, Pfizer or Bio N Tech took the shot.  

And would it surprise anyone a lying communist at heart like Justin didn't really get vaccinated?

It shouldn't.

I think, if this be true, it's relevant.

Very relevant given the authoritarianism they have imposed on people to take it.

Just an added layer of suspicion to ponder. 


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