Wolf In Sheep's Clothing: Justin Trudeau And Chrystia Freeland Are The True Extremists

In observing Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland, we find two stubborn ideologues that does favour Canada's liberal heritage and values. 

Not only does Trudeau say one thing and do another from the day he took office, his entire reign of sub-mediocrity was about trying to take as much civil liberties from Canadians and funnel it into state power. This makes him a totalitarian in every sense of the word. Thankfully, thus far, the Canadian system has been reasonably resilient often pushing his incursions off. But Covid is severely straining our democratic institutions and the recent antics around the Emergencies Act was definitely a knife wound that demanded attention. 

Justin isn't your run of the mill politician we're accustomed to. Just because he was 'elected' doesn't make his actions legitimate. In fact, not only is he in a minority position propped up by a pathetic NDP but he doesn't even have the popular vote. Internal polling shows Canadians never liked or wanted passports, and are now over 60% in favour of ending mandates. If 'will of the people' exists, Justin doesn't have it. Past politicians lied about taxes and other banal political issues. Justin lies about our collective civil rights and identity as a nation as he attempts to continue to social engineer the country. 

The act of attacking people via the freezing of their bank accounts, suspension of insurance and subjecting them to criminal investigations given force through kangaroo courts and weak judges, is unprecedented in Canadian history. What's done is done. We crossed a Rubicon.

Now we must learn from this and go back to the Emergencies Act and reinforce still some more. Recall, the Emergencies Act was an upgrade in 1988 from the War Measures Act after Justin's father Pierre abused it. Two of the four times it was invoked came by way of a Trudeau. Three times by the Liberal party. 

The public trust during Covid has been broken. There's been a severe system breakdown - be it social, economic, political or other aspects that make up a country - that needs immediate attention. Trust in public health has dropped and the EA now created a destabilization of the financial system.

By design or incompetence - or both - is not the purpose here. The fact remains it was done and we need to fix it.

Freeland almost gleefully played her part in this mess. Freeland is an ultra-nationalist Ukrainian (not necessarily a bad thing given the suffering Ukrainians have faced in the 20th century) with possible Nazi lineage and sympathies. 

It would appear, in denigrating truckers (and others including the unvaccinated) as 'extremists' or 'terrorists' or 'racists', they've been engaging in projection all along.

Justin is a totalitarian and not a democrat whereas Freeland is a political extremist where Ukraine is concerned. 

Makes you wonder whose bank accounts need freezing?

Both these two individuals came to the people with benevolent intentions. But it's clear they have ulterior motives and we need to cast a severe skeptical eye and scrutinize them harder.

If we had any integrity in this country left, we'd demand their resignation.

Indeed, the entire Liberal party of Canada as well as Theresa Tam need to all resign for the sake of our country and its future. 

Being 'elected' won't change that. Not the run of the mill politician

 Freeze bank accounrs

Vaccines = autonomy

Bank freezes = control of money.

Both destroy AUTONOMY.


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