Daily Derp: The Safe And Effective Derpline

Some vaccine derplines:

"Here are the new VAERS numbers on covid jabs:

22,607 deaths

29,716 myocarditis

25,777 life threatening events
38,693 severe allergic reactions
40,069 permanently disabled

2021 data in US:
MI/Heart Attack up 269%
Myocarditis up 285%
Pulmonary Embolism up 467%
Cerebral Infarction up 393%
Bell’s Palsy up 319%
Immunodeficiencies up 275%
MS/ Demyelinating Diagnosis up 487%
Neoplasms up 296%
Nontraumatic Subarachnoid Hemmorrhage/iCH up 312%
Spontaneous Abortion/Miscarriage up 306%"

Ouch. I believe there's a Department of Defense report out there that confirms these numbers.


Is the mRNA vaccines ending up in the DNA? Looks like it.

Sure does.  It's been also observed in Cell - one of the world's top molecular biology journals. 

Remember. This was 'disinformation', But here wasn't information. So it was weird to even say that in the absence of data. But the 'experts' were so sure it wasn't going to be. Now they appear to be wrong. 

Because that's how it works. Data comes in. Information is gathered and assessments are made. 

Eric Topol is still out there peddling this crap. So, he goes under the 'Keeping names' ledger.

Remember, his Scripps Research gets millions from Fauci's NIH.


A guide to Covid vaccine deaths. 


Prasad's awakening. It's years people have been wanting against the rise of public health tyranny. I figured out we were in trouble by May of 2020 seeing that if we don't reign in health officials they would never get us out of a virus that could never end.

As long as Fauci, Walensky, Biden, Justin, Tam and others (Collins was brought into the Biden fold), this unscientific political disaster continues.

Look for Prasad on substack. 


How 'fact checks' work.

Steve Kirsch records a conversation about VAERS with Poltifact.


Stop thinking the CDC is following science. They're not.

Worse, we're taking their word as law and scientific.

It's not.


The Pfizer leaked documents. In any sane and just world where integrity and science did exist, these vaccines are pulled. Immediately. 

But it isn't.


German side effects scandal. 


Vaccines don't prevent infections.

From Ontario. Yours do discover. Or not.


Dr. Been is jumping ship questioning things. 


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