Ocasio-Cortez Shows Her True Colours By The Tweet; Is Anyone Paying Attention?

Yup. If you don’t like the , then come up with your own ambitious, on-scale proposal to address the global climate crisis. Until then, we’re in charge - and you’re just shouting from the cheap seats.

So much for 'we're in this together' and should 'work together' they like to babble about, right? How quickly they forget these progressives.
Time for Americans to tell this illiberal, illiterate, ignorant, piece of shit to go fuck herself.
Scary thing? She doesn't even have real power. Imagine if she did!
A nice reminder of why the 1A and 2A matter, no?
I don't know how anyone could possibly take her seriously and support her. Is anyone paying attention to the language they use? 'They're afraid of us!' like they're a bunch of children. That they're basically using that obscene 'Green Deal' as a Trojan Horse for expanded socialism? How about how they scare the crap out of kids with their 'we've got 12 years to live!' and then use that fear as politic pawns. Truly despicable, unprincipled lunatics.
A bunch of left-wing psychos with their cult like obsession with identity politics and dubious science are running the Democrat and Liberal parties in North America.
Comrade From the Bronx, is dangerous and destructive. She's the face of 'democratic' authoritarianism.


Buffoons And Clowns Run New York

First among them De Blasio and one Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her breathtaking illiberal ignorance.

And arrogance. It really didn't take long for her to show her hypocritical skills.

She played a part in Long Island City losing Amazon and all that future revenue but goes out and gets herself some kind of living quarters. This is how socialists run and no one should be or act surprised when they see this sort of lack of awareness from left-wingers.

I don't know what more I can say about how the left operates. Unfortunately, to her fans and constituents she's a 'rock star'. The head spins in disbelief.

Expect more short sighted, myopic, faux-virtue, one can almost assuredly expect more stupidity from her and her ilk.


McCabe: Treason By Other Means

McCabe's book should be titled 'Catch me if you can'.

It's quite the remarkable scene. A man going on a book tour basically saying 'yeh we did it' and no one seems to bat an eye about government civil servants attempting a soft coup.

In a saner, sober and more principled time, perhaps all players involved would be prosecuted and sent to jail (in the past such behaviour was punishable by death).

Instead they get to cynically cash in, helped along by a usefully idiotic media, while stomping on the rule of law before the eyes of a broken citizenry.


Butts Resigns

Butts and Trudeau. I can't believe these two nitwits ran/run our country. 

Bevis and Butthead.

A bit of a cowardly move. No surprise really.

Good riddance.

You set our country back.


Omar Speeks Troot To Power!

@IlhanMN Our next President should declare a #NationalEmergency on day 1 to address the existential threat to all life on the planet posed by Climate Change.

Sounds like Omar wants to out-stupid that illiberal dingbat from the Bronx

Remember folks, this anti-semite who pals with Farakhan and fundraises at CAIR is on the Foreign Affairs Committee....with access to classified intelligence....in the Middle-East.

Pelosi doesn't see a problem with this.

On to the tweet. Someone this morning said the left will soon make such an assertion and it didn't take long, eh?

Climate change isn't a 'national emergency'. The world won't end in 12 years. 

Sure, climate is problematic but we've adapted to it with remarkable brilliance throughout the centuries.

And we'll continue to do so. We don't need no 'green deals' or heavy handed taxes interrupting the economy.

Here's why. If they were serious about it, they'd embrace nuclear energy. Instead, their retarded GND calls for the elimination of it. Also, technology and human ingenuity through incentives provided in a market economy (capitalism) will always be able to solve those problems that which truly impact humans.

Instead, what they want a massive transfer of wealth and power into the power of the state. That's all this is. It's not about climate change. It's about system change. 

We have to keep pressing them hard until that masks falls.

As for Trump calling for a national emergency. Meh. It's not good for sure, but everyone had a part to play in this going back decades. More recently, the R's who brokered the deal with the D's did so poorly and in bad faith forcing Trump's hand while the Democrats are just playing politics. They couldn't care less about illegals or the wall. After all, they called for and built fences in the past.

Which is why Beto making idiotic, faux-righteous claims about 'tearing them down' is likely to be mocked as it should.

This is the Democrat party we're talking about after all. The party of socialists, racists, misogynists and all the other nasty things they claim the other side is.

Once more, the media are acting like this is something that never happened. In fact it has.

Yes it's true! Of course, I never got those angry emails when The Lightbringer was doing it!

Because smery-geeenyus or something. 

Go nuclear and then I'll take this whole screaming and hollering seriously.


Every time Omar speaks someone should post this to troll her:


Re this Smollett thing. MAGA in Chicago looks like is, sigh, yet potentially another hoax.

Someone needs to write a book about all these hoaxes in North America. 

The Smollett thing didn't 'smell' right from the onset and once again the media was all too happy to play useful idiot.

What I find amusing is I've read enough about the area the incident allegedly took place. In Chicago. In a part where few white 'rednecks' are. In a city that has had 12 consecutive Democrat Mayors since 1931.

Is anyone connecting dots anymore?



Aaaand about the media.

We joke about how this institution has fallen down. Hard.

For me The Washington Post ad was an epic reminder of how disconnected they are from people. I for one thoroughly enjoy Trump calling out CNN for being fake news because that's pretty much what they like to pimp and pump. 

Sure they have a lot of readers but judging from the comments section, I'm not too impressed by the quality of minds consuming its pages.

Media scorched the public trust. I haven't watched or listened to the mainstream press in over 25 years and I've never been more informed particularly in the last 15 years or so.

They're doubling down of course. Now we're seeing a repeat of how they behaved during WWII when they mostly sided or at least waxed poetic over Hitler, fascists and commies. 

Strange how these articles about how good socialism is are popping up? It's like they all agree or collude or something.


They're making sure we all keep our place and accept that if not for progressivism and socialism capitalism wouldn't work so well. 

They're Democrats, they're progressives, and that's the version of truth they will disseminate. 

If you dare jump off, you're against democracy. 

Nothing is more false than this claim.


On Russian Collusion: We Just Saw An Attempt At A Soft Coup Come To An End

That any of these miscreants involved, with the help of a hysterical media and hyperbolic twits who could not accept defeat (including the loser Hillary) in the Russia-Trump collusion fraud likely won't face any serious consequences for their miserable and treasonous actions is an unfortunate commentary on the sad state of affairs in modern Western politics.

We've become cowardly in facing down those who mock our justice system and flub the truth.

Here in Canada, Trudeau went above the law and is likely to get away with it (with one province supporting him for cynical political reasons. Think of it. Quebec sides with a Prime Minister who worked against the rule of law because of a corrupted company that happens to be from here) as the Liberals close ranks with him to work against the Canadian people and the laws of this great land.

They're enemies if you ask me.

A bureaucracy is there to ensure the wheels of government function properly and if possible integrity. But if bureaucrats actively seek to usurp the executive - which I think was the case here with the FBI and other actors - you cease to have a functional government rooted in trust. It's not good for anyone.

The men and women who did nothing but undermine a sitting President for three years because they simply didn't like him. Why exactly? What did they have to hide?  It had nothing to do with 'saving the Republic' and everything to do with the nefarious aims of keeping a most corrupted and valueless Democrat machine in power. A continuity from Obama's own corruption into the hands of another crook in Hilary.

That's what it was about. That was their 'reason'. Trump was the enemy of the state. It was preposterous from the get-go to skeptical and reasoned minds but it managed to cast enough doubt in enough minds to keep the charade going.

Now. We're finally seeing finality in what most already suspected and/or knew: It was all bull shit.

There was no collusion from the get-go. All one needed to sniff this out was to be free of partisanship and hold a love for one's country so that they could see truth. It was probably mostly to prevent Trump from investigating the Obama administration for misconduct. This why they did it. They need Hillary to make 'things go away'.

Where the Mueller investigation kept one part of the population in suspense hoping Trump would be impeached, they led the people into one of the most cynical episodes in 20th century America politics.

The only way for one to never be duped again is to be told to their faces: You were lied to and don't let it happen again.

Everyone's a loser in this story. Natural born losers who if not for their crooked nature and the unseemly swamp that is Washington D.C., would be failures in life.

You all know who you are.

This investigation worthy of a banana republic is thankfully drawing to a close. They did more to polarize a nature than anything Trump could ever dream of doing. Obama, Hillary....all of them.

As the truth comes out, they're all making their book deals and saying, 'we tried! Oops!'

Now a nation must assess the damage caused.

It's A Marvel There Are People Who Support Socialism And The GND

I'm glad McConnell is forcing a vote on that Green Deal which really is a recipe for government taking control large components of the economy and social life. If you can't see that, then you're illiterate, not paying attention enough or a useful idiot. Or maybe all three.

Just the language in the GND is straight out of the fricken communist/socialist play book. 10 year mobilization? Look up 'five year plan' as I pointed to a previous point.

Don't sleep at the switch.

If you're in agreement with anything an illiberal ignoramus bartender adversjitisng herself as a Latin socialist, again, you have some reading to do.

Perhaps even some soul searching about humanity.

Socialism is an evil entity.

So the GOP taking it to the Senate is a good and normal play. They proposed it, now you take it to a vote. That's how it works. Of course, like the Liberals here, the left have gone straight to ignoring ethics and protocols. They shout Harper and Trump are 'tyrants' when in actuality and in form and function, they're the tyrants.

But how far gone off the deep end the psychos in the DNC have gone? Ed Markey seems to be under the impression that this proposal he supports shouldn't go to a vote because mean Republicans.

Hey, Ed. You support it. That means you can put your name next to it.

Are you an idiot or a coward?

This clown wants to pass it without having a debate like they did with the miserably disastrous Obamacare.


He’s being a useful idiot to the little brat from the Bronx.
Not a good look at his age.
Markey: “I did it AOC! I did it! For me. For US!”
AOC (sharpens knife): “Yes, Ed. Yes. You did good….
Markey: What’s that? Is that a kn….umph.”
AOC (gently caressing Ed’s head and limp hair): Shhhh my love. We must mobilize. For the greater good….”
Markey: “I feel so….”
AOC: Glorious. You feel….glorious.”
Markey: “….cold.”
/Dies. AOC drops body walks away.
AOC: Clean it up. Get the Febreze. It smell old man in here.

I think this meme summarizes socialism perfectly. It's a metaphor for prison. It makes the human spirit and soul a slave to the state. You're not free in any type of controlled environment. Never. That 'free stuff' they promise you is a ploy. It gives you crumbs in return for your personal agency.


What's Being Missed About Wilson-Raybould And The SNC Lavalin Mess


What does it mean?

It's a question I bet not too many in Canada have asked themselves.

It's, you know, justice.

We just trust who ever's job it is to deal with it, handles justice properly.

Do we have a role as citizens to play in it?


Wilson-Reybould is giving us a chance to remind ourselves on how to do it.

Now, at the moment, all we know is there's allegations of Trudeau tying to influence a Justice Minister into making a decision he expected.

Nice business you got there and nice family....would be a pity.....

So far. I'm happy people are appalled by it. It means they're paying attention and understand the gravity of such actions to the integrity of a nation and its laws.

Unfortunately some do not.

Enter Quebec nationalists.

They've chosen the lazy and usual myopic route to defend the indefensible.

You see, SNC Lavalin is a Quebec based company ergo it must be defended. Everyone does it so we must do it too!

They use the same faulty and undignified logic with Bombardier whenever that ward of the state masking as a company gets its bail outs in perpetuity. It's from 'chez nous' ergo we must!

If we don't, someone else will!

This is what happens when principles are set aside. You become a slave to corruption and cronyism. And quite frankly and unfortunately it's something Quebec excels at.

If they they don't like people asserting this then maybe they should stop saying stupid shit like:

"....The next day, on Radio-Canada’s news program Le tĂŠlĂŠ journal, an expert on public and private governance, Michel Nadeau, defended the prime minister. “He told Quebecers, ‘Look, with SNC-Lavalin, I did what I had to do,’” Nadeau said in French, paraphrasing Trudeau. “‘And those who had something to say about it could have raised their hands, or come to me. But Wilson-Raybould didn’t present herself.’” The real mystery, he said, was why bureaucrats would obstruct an agreement for SNC-Lavalin when the same is done for multinational companies across the world, and in light of the company’s role in “building modern Quebec.”
On Tuesday Michel Girard, for the Journal de Montreal, added his voice to the mix to declare “mortal consequences” if SNC-Lavalin is prosecuted and convicted. Opposition leaders, he wrote, should be asked why they won’t support SNC-Lavalin like Quebec Premier François Legault does — a pertinent question for Quebecers in a federal election year."

There's a lot to unpack in this wallop of stupidity. If Nadeau is an expert on such matters then we're in deep trouble. He just made a case for a) cronyism and b) banana republic behaviour for la nation. No Nadeau, that's not the mystery. It's pretty apparent Wilson-Raybould seems to have stood up for the rule of law.

A politician with integrity steps up and Quebec looks to question her because of nationalist impulses. 

Reminds me of how the media down in the U.S. are mercilessly attacking Tulsi Gabbard because she dares - like Trump - be against perpetual war. 

Then comes Girard's (mais oui, c'est ca Le Journal de Montreal. Prend le cote de corruption. Bravo!) propagandist nonsensical hyperbole of 'mortal consequences'. That a company faces the consequences of its actions in a court of law? What kind of intellectual pipi is this? He proves himself a useful idiot here. Legault is a tribalist so it's of no surprise he'd side with a corrupted company on the matter. 

Not a good look for Quebec.

At all. 

I repeat. They are choosing corruption and the interference of a Prime Minister in the affairs of a Justice Minister. In essence, they're acting like communists. You can't pick up the phone, call the PMO and do stuff like this and then claim to be a 'proud democracy'. This is insidious as it's hypocritical.

If Quebec wants respect, they'd better start acting like they deserve it because this is not a way to do it. Who in their right mind would conclude in the bigger picture this is a good idea to defend Trudeau?

I don't know of too many countries who have leaders interfering in this manner; the United States included. Not even Trump has shown himself to be so brazen. Imagine that.

Quebec is wrong.


Very disappointed as a Canadian.

Principles matter.

Trudeau and Butts MUST be held to account.

Unfortunately, the party that laughably promised good governance and transparency, won't make it happen.

What a national disgrace this party is. A cynical bunch of babbling baboons who arrogantly lecture us about Canadian values while acting like an unhinged ideological mob outfit operating above the law.

The biggest miscalculation was giving this remedial dauphin a majority government.

At least Canadians are letting clowns like Butts get it.


Climate Prognostication Has Long Miserable Rate Of Failure

As I prepare more absurdly long Daily Derps (because I tend to procrastinate), this Walter Williams article deserves its own post.

How the predictions of the environmental movement have always been wrong.

What I find especially amusing is the so-called 'rational' and 'I fucking love science' side use mostly fear-mongering and manipulated data to sell their bad ideas while, well, projecting it's skeptics who 'fear-monger'.

I just look at the rhetoric and match it to the results.

They're basically losers and liars. If they were in Vegas, they'd be long gone as they'd be bankrupt.

The world won't fucken end in 10 years. And you'r an idiot and a fool to let this kind of idiocy drive your perfection about earth's climate.

Stop being a useful idiot.

Canadians Must Demand Trudeau Tell The Truth

This is huge.

A Prime Minister who did nothing but yap on about instilling his version of Canadian values via identity politics (and it's turning out, ironically, that cynical play may take him down as Wilson-Raybould may be the one with the real backbone and sense of justice her boss doesn't possess) is doing remarkable damage not just to Canadian relations abroad but to something much more serious: His respect for Canadian rule of law.

If these allegations are true, he has totally and utterly lost the plot. How can he claim Canada is a nation of laws if he's flouting it himself?

Will Parliament so some damn backbone for once and defend Canada, her citizens and the rule of law?

Trudeau must be held to account and not arrogantly give vague responses to questions.

In short, Trudeau is losing legitimacy. 

I don't expect Trudeau to do the honourable thing and resign. He cannot give that which he does not possess.

But I do expect Canada to demand he answers for this and if true, force his resignation. 

Commie Cortez's Mad Green Deal; Profound Illiberal Ignorance On Full Display

By now you've probably heard about darling of the bankrupt left Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's wildly unrealistic proposed (but thankfully non-binding) Green Deal.

So fantastical it was, unicorns rejected it for being phenomenally magical. Heck, even Nancy Pelosi didn't sound too impressed. And she has some job ahead keeping an eye on the far left loons.

I would submit, profoundly ignorant and evil. I'd like to think this sort of batshit nonsense would scare Independents in the USA off.

It has since been removed from her webpage but the damage is done. From its immature grandiose ideals to poor grammar it was a total incoherent mess of stupid ideas - from wanting to eliminate air travel and ships to wanting to rebuild every building in America to wanting to pay people unwilling to work (which has nothing to do with energy. But it will create a cult of dependents) to wanting to shut down nuclear energy (our best option for the environment). More details here.

It was been roundly mocked and jeered as it ought to have been.

Reason magazine explored it as well. I enjoyed this quote:

"Paul Blair, director of strategic initiatives at Americans for Tax Reform, was even blunter. "The Green New Deal reads like word vomit from a 13-year-old child asked to scribble out their bold new thoughts for a radically different America than we have today," Blair said in a email to Reason. "This includes the phasing out of American air travel."
It, unsurprisingly, uses socialist language like '10 year mobilizations plan' which harken back to the USSR under Stalin and its degenerate 'Five year plans'.

Updated for the modern illiberal mind!

It's worth noting AOC subscribes to the Modern Monetary theory. Basically, the reason why she thinks this is feasible is because this theory thinks printing money is viable. And where 'too much money circulating is chasing too few products' leads to inflation, in her mind, this is where the '70% tax' comes in which could be used to suppress inflation.

David Harsanyi (linked earlier to article in The Federalist ) adds:

"...The GND uses the word “massive” to explain the size “investments” (formerly known as “taxes”) 13 times. How will we pay for this plan? “The same way we did the New Deal, the 2008 bank bailouts and extend quantitative easing,” say Markey and Cortez, who earned her degree in economics at an institution of higher learning that should be immediately decertified. The plan itself seems to insinuate that billionaires can pay for the whole thing. Of course, best case scenario, it is estimated that instituting a top marginal tax rate of 70 percent would raise a little more than $700 billion over that decade. She does not explain how we’re going to raise the other 20 bazillion dollars it will cost to tear down modernity."

It's a thoroughly terrible idea and one doomed to failure. Which makes me wonder how in the world could Boston University produce such an ignorant individual with a degree in economics?

This same person who said she wasn't an 'expert' on the Middle-East after being asked what she meant about the 'occupation' also has a degree in International Relations.

She also claims, just in case this wasn't enough, Latinos are 'Natives' to America.

BU isn't coming out looking too good on this.

The other interesting part of this moronic deal is Ed Markey of Massachusetts lending his name to this.

At 70 years-old (or thereabouts) he shouldn't be playing the part of a useful idiot. Not very bright if you ask me.

The socialists are in the system. Which is why Trump had to call it out.

Good luck getting the virus out and expect more epic moon battery.


Justin Trudeau or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Who wins on Jeopardy!?


Joke time!

What did environmentalists use before candles?



The Problem Of Ideologues In Academia; Millennials Are Being Fed A Hunk Of Junk

Moses Rifkin - and he's far from the only one of course - is precisely the sort of guy with the profile of a Blue Cap who ran the gulags described by Solzhenitsyn.

To. A. Tee.

Hair raising stuff.

Makes me think.

How do we get through the young ones who are being intellectually "murdered" by messianic and delusional far left academics commiserating and lurking about the halls of academia?

They say mockery is a good weapon. But that's for Rifkin and his ilk. The ones transmitting false and dangerous narratives.

Mockery won't work on the people who are victims of it.

It will only make them defensive. Which, I suppose, why angst and anxiety is so prevalent among millennials. They've been sold a hunk of junk and shit. They've been lied to. They've been given an education rooted in 'critical theory' out of step and touch with our cultural and intellectual heritage.

It is true the left have managed to control the two most powerful means to control knowledge and power via media and education.

I like to believe there's an 'invisible' line blocking the madness.

One may call this invisible line 'reality'. Whatever it is, it's colliding with Millennials and their miseducation.

We can but take their hand gently and show them the way.

Out of the darkness and into the light.

Freedom and knowledge awaits.

People's Party Of Canada Are Proving To Be A Viable Option

If the Liberals aren't introducing domestic policies, laws and regulations that erode Canadian freedoms and wealth along ideological lines, they're out ceding sovereignty to the United Nations.

I don't get their obsession with such a morally bankrupted ad dysfunctional organization. Ye there they are arguing that the UN should have yet another oppressive and corrupted body to regulate the fricken Internet?

I know Trudeau is out trying the pummel journalism that disagrees with him but this is getting ridiculous.

Boot the bastards out.

Quick word on Notley in Alberta. I recently received a notification from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation asking for donations to fight the government of Alberta. Here's why:

"Governments across Canada are violating your freedom of expression and the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is going to court to fight these laws. 
Last summer, we put up a billboard opposing Alberta’s carbon tax that read: “You can’t buy ‘social license’ when it’s not for sale.” 
On Jan. 8, we were fined by the Notley government and now we’ve only got 30 days to appeal. 
The billboard was about more than the failed carbon tax. We knew the Notley government would likely use the gag law in an attempt to stop us. But we’re ready to defend our Charter rights. 
This fight is about more than Alberta. These laws have been popping up across Canada to make it illegal to spend money on so-called political advertising without jumping through bureaucratic hoops and breaching the privacy of donors. These laws are so vague that pretty much anything can be considered “political advertising." 
When British Columbia first brought in a gag law, it was struck down as a Charter violation – twice. Yet, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario have enacted nearly identical restrictions. We have to take a stand for free speech. 
That’s why we’re going court to strike down the Alberta law.
Here’s the thing: defending free speech in court isn’t cheap. Our legal bills for the initial filing will be upwards of $40,000. And we’re budgeting for $120,000 in legal bills over the next year. If just 500 of our supporters can step up and donate $250, our legal fund will be full. Can you help us fight Alberta’s gag law?"

Notley is apparently pulling this crap with Rebel Media. 

She's a bully.

Alberta shouldn't be voting NDP. Socialists don't produce. They steal and waste.

It's as simple as that.

I find the PPC are striking the right chords:


Regressive Quotes

Notice the blue check he got there for what's part of the 'get rid of billionaires' witch-hunt socialists are on.

People like Reich - how ironic is his name - are why they must never know where the guns are. He's walking proof why the 2A must never be abridged in the United States.

I think I'll refer to him as Turd Reich from now on.

Horrible, envious twits.

Oh, and Reich. Grow the fuck up.


Speaking of which....

"Russia was able to influence our election because they figured out that racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, and transphobia are America’s Achilles heel. These issues aren’t only civil rights — they’re also a matter of national security. We have to deal with that."

Before I rip one here, go look up Harris and her truancy crusade. It's depressing and shows flat out ho she thinks destroying families is fine as along as because education. Absolutely grotesque.

Anyway. If there's one quote to reveal one's remedial intellectualism this is one of them. Now I'm starting to get the picture why she did what she had to do to get by.

She's a boring and blathering illiberal.

As if these issues aren't problematic in the past.


The socialist chick who got into power with 15 000 (!) votes offers America an impossibly absurd Green Plan even the Unicorns think is unrealistic.

Buzzword salad of stupidity and empty platitudes really. Ed Markey putting his name to that is especially hilarious.

What a shit show the DNC is. Go woke, get AOCzilla.

"The bill calls for a “10-year national mobilizations” toward accomplishing a series of goals that the resolution lays out.
Among the most prominent, the deal calls for “meeting 100 percent of the power demand in the United States through clean, renewable, and zero-emission energy sources.” The ultimate goal is to stop using fossil fuels entirely, as well as to transition away from nuclear energy."

This is extra-crispy delicious. For two reasons.

First, the 10 year mobilization socialist lingo. Gee, where did we hear this before?

Second, transition from nuclear energy? What the fuck is she talking about?

Nuclear energy is the boogey-man to left-wing environmentalists and we've not come remotely close to harnessing its remarkable potential.

Nuclear is the way to go.

Joke time!

What did environmentalists use before candles?


/Vaudeville dance. 

If We Don't Believe In Our Own Values Stick A Fork In Us

There's something unsettling if not dire about countries in the West (Canada included but not the United States which is quite literally the last country standing on such matters) putting its own citizens in prison for expressing their right to free speech.

We're seeing across the West people held to account by being fined or thrown in prison for having the temerity to, for example, insult or criticize Islam.

We've decided to not believe in free speech - a cornerstone value of what defines us as the Liberal West- in order to not offend others.

This is an incredibly unwise if not dangerous path were treading.

We need to reverse course.


The Washington Post Lacks Self-Awareness

The WaPo is getting some attention for their Super Bowl ad.

Basically, they made an appeal that without their journalism democracy extinguishes.

A bit of a stretch if you ask me.

It's especially amusing given they were named in the Covington lawsuit.

I hope every single person or organization listed pay through their teeth financially or in reputation for what they did.

Complete abdication for the truth.

Democracy my ass.

From Cincinnati.com:

  • The Washington Post
  • The New York Times
  • Cable News Network, Inc. (CNN)
  • The Guardian
  • National Public Radio
  • TMZ
  • Atlantic Media Inc.
  • Capitol Hill Publishing Corp.
  • Diocese of Covington
  • Diocese of Lexington
  • Archdiocese of Louisville
  • Diocese of Baltimore
  • Ana Cabrera
  • Sara Sidner
  • Erin Burnett
  • S.E. Cupp
  • Elliot C. McLaughlin
  • Amanda Watts
  • Emanuella Grinberg
  • Michelle Boorstein
  • Cleve R. Wootson Jr.
  • Antonio Olivo
  • Joe Heim
  • Michael E. Miller
  • Eli Rosenberg
  • Isaac Stanley-Becker
  • Kristine Phillips
  • Sarah Mervosh
  • Emily S. Rueb
  • Maggie Haberman
  • David Brooks
  • Shannon Doyne
  • Kurt Eichenwald
  • Andrea Mitchell
  • Savannah Guthrie
  • Joy Reid
  • Chuck Todd
  • Noah Berlatsky
  • Elisha Fieldstadt
  • Eun Kyung Kim
  • HBO
  • Bill Maher
  • Warner Media
  • Conde Nast
  • GQ
  • Heavy.com
  • The Hill
  • The Atlantic
  • Bustle.com
  • Ilhan Omar
  • Elizabeth Warren
  • Kathy Griffin
  • Alyssa Milano
  • Jim Carrey
All that's missing is prog nut Michael Rappaport and that race hustling fraud Shaun King.

More Thoughts On The SOTU

Haven't had much time to think things through so I'll have to do it in spurts.

Couple of lines I thought were awesome:

-'America will never be a socialist country'. And "America was founded on liberty and independence—not government coercion, domination, and control." 

Bingo. Exactomundo. 

Another: "Great nations do not fight endless wars."

A nice shot at the people who bafflingly support staying in a war in Syria illegally prosecuted without Congressional approval.

The socialist bit can't be said enough. It needed to be said and it needed to be clear.

Directed straight to the comedy socialist duo of Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez. By the way, you should go and seek out Ocasio-Cortez's spin on Trump.

Who by the way - in her vapid, illiberal disposition that would make Stalin and Mao proud - did not applaud much to minority unemployment being at historic lows and the economy burning at such a high rate.

Nope. She and her left-wing cohorts in white cheered themselves on.

Rush Limbaugh added an extra layer of insight. When Trump spoke of maternity leave so that mothers could stay home with their newborns, he immediately pivoted to the infanticide law of NY and Virginia's attempt to introduce a similar law. No sooner were the White Socialists cheering the mat leave part, they were caught trapped the second Trump mentioned the murder of babies.

It was a brilliant and genius move on his part.

Trump basically took the DNC and wiped their asses on the floor revealing them for what they are.

One gigantic joke of an unprincipled, joke of a left-wing party whose only play is 'not Trump'.


As for the media, a CBS poll found out - horrors! - 76% of viewers liked the speech (as I did) and 72% agreed with him on immigration. Those are pretty clear signals where Americans lie.

But hey. Not so fast. Apparently, the spin is most Republicans watched so it skewed the numbers.

I bet.

-Last, I'd like to mention I'm not so sure about this 'taking to his base' bit anymore. His base is secured. I think he's now going after the wider American electorate.

He may just be crazy enough to sway some of them.

How can he not?

-Children's cancer funding.
-HIV funding.
-Draw down wars.
-Exploding economy (and no, Obama isn't the reason for it).
-Protects the sanctity of life.
-Trade deals in place.
-Peace with the Koreas.
-Criminal justice reform.
-Tax reform.
-Immigration deal/reform possible.
-Pardons for black Americans unjustly incarcerated.
-A Right to try bill.

These are just some of the impressive achievements.

I don't see how Harris can beat this guy. Not unless social media and media at large simply go full throttle propping her mediocrity up.

What the Media Claims To Be 'Lies'


Trump claims GDP at 4%! Not true. It's 3.8%

I lie?

Here you go: A real example courtesy of the NYT.

Trump says America has been fighting in the Mid-East for 19 years. WRONG! Liar. The answer is....18!

Politico chimed in with this one. 1/3 is partially true. It's actually....31%. I think journalists are that deficient in math.

So whenever you see those stupid 'he lied 4000 times' assertions, keep this in mind.

The SOTU That Made A President

I personally think up to now, this has been a pretty interesting if not successful Presidency.

In just three years, Trump has done quite a bit of moving and shaking with some notable achievements.

It was actually a pretty good SOTU. I especially enjoyed him trolling those immature Democrat women dressed in white. He had them cheering USA! USA! USA!

By immature I mean, aside from the attire, they weren't chanting because of historic low unemployment for minorities or job creation or anything like that he mentioned.

Nope. They were cheering....themselves. Wooo! We women! Take that! Wooo!'

That was sweet trolling. He's a master of flushing out the stupid.

Trump standing there and basically serving notice to socialism was outstanding.

It was, to be clear, necessary. The West needed to hear an American president stand up and once and for all denounce socialism.

Already there are one too many avowed socialists - Sanders and AOC in particular - in Congress.

Socialism is like a virus. Its illiberal tenets prey on the ignorant and illiterate.

Don't fall for the 'free shit' they promise. It doesn't 'mean well'. It wants power over your agency.

It's poison to the human spirt. 

Nip that shit in the bud. 


Priorities Are Messed Up

I heard on the news today people were out protesting that Northam should resign over high school year book pictures revealed he was dressed up as a Minstrel while standing next to a guy in a KKK costume. Not cool, even back in the 1980s - but I do think this digging up the past thing is unwise especially if weaponized for politics. Let sleeping dogs lie and all that.

Not that I feel bad for the guy who apparently claimed his opponents to be racist. The usual left-wing, SJW tactic corroding the corrupted DNC.

Once again, another case of projection. CNN then spins the table - like they do in the cartoons - and does what it does best by lying claiming Northam is, get this, Republican!

Part of the 'they switched' myth they like to pimp on the left.

In any event, what's troubling about the protest is their out there engaging in faux-outrage over something that happened over 30 years ago but were silent when the guy basically tabled an infanticide bill.

Minstreal costume: Mobilize the mob!
Murdering babies: _______________ /picks nose.

It's a little like people who lose their minds over past racist comments or the KKK or a Nazi symbol but hardly bat an eye whenever someone carries a Hammer and Sickle of the USSR flag or wear a Che t-shirt.


Did anyone mention to The Daily Beast there are layoffs and shit like this can't help?

Retards. No seriously, they're retards at this point. Let's not celebrate excellence and achievement. No siree. Let's just spew envy and stupidity like a bunch of losers with no real constructive point.

Speaking of journalists losing their jobs. It's never nice to mock whenever a person loses their livelihood but is there a group you can feel less sympathy for than left-wing journalists?

And the Internet was unforgiving. It has a long memory. If you recall, the left and allies in the legacy media reacted with smug insensitivity whenever 'deplorables' lost their jobs running, if you remember, a series of orchestrated 'they should learn code' articles. 

Now the tables have turned and the Internet now told them to 'learn code'.

Of course, being the arrogant and insecure lot they are, they complained to Twitter claiming this is 'harassment' and a form of hate speech. Guess what? Twitter, since it's owned and run by illiberal and illiterate punks with no sense of perspective, obliged.

So yeh.

Not feeling bad. 

They always squawk on about democracy and unity. Yet, by their own words and actions, they lay the seeds of division better than anyone. 

They're sowers of discord.