Canada Has An Adventure Gap Apparently; Evergreen Madness

Canada has an 'adventure gap'! Who knew!?

Why in the world The National Post is publishing racist SJW nonsensical gibberish?

I believe there is no such thing as 'peak derp' because - well, read the article - the amount of things to complain, bitch and moan about is endless among faux intellectuals and the youth they ruin with their retarded pollution. My nephew's colleague at work said to him, 'she's a triggered millennial and doesn't watch comedies made before 2000 because they would anger her'.

Such an immoral and cruel joke they've played on this mostly lost generation.

The outdoors is a 'white heterosexual white space'?

Nature is racist folks.

Now, you may think the 'adventure gap' is poppycock. And you're right. So keep this in mind whenever they talk about the gender and pay/income gap. The same kind of irrational musing we see here by the 'professor' goes into the other gaps.

Life is but a gap.

I won't bother dissecting this article because a) it's tiresome and boring b) they're very sad, superficial people who lead sad and superficial lives obsessed with race. They can't possibly be happy and fulfilled and c) there are no shortage of people who already have. For example....


In the same light, London thinks its bike paths are in need of some 'diversity.' 

You know, I'm starting to take this personally. 

As for bike paths, I avoid them like the plague. No serious cyclist uses them because of the inconsiderate jerk offs who inhabit them. Way too dangerous for me...especially if you ride at a decent clip.


It's almost impossible to keep up with all this insanity. We're seeing what Marxism is like, eh?


And on the back of these two stories comes the woke story of Starbucks and its 'be color brave, not color blind' hilarity.

I gave up on Starbucks. No way I can give money to such a company.

The best way to deal with absurdity is through humour.


There are, interestingly, writers like Robby Soave at Reason who have taken the strange position that while what the left does on campus is bad, conservatives can be just as bad.

It's a sort of variation of Islamic terrorism is no worse than 'right-wing extremism'.

It's a false dichotomy.

There's no question the vast majority of assaults - both on speech and physical - comes by way of the SJW left. It would have to take a special kind of leap of logic to try and suggest that the odd conservative incident remotely measures up.

And just like the fact that the majority of terrorist acts are committed by Muslims, the majority of anti-liberty behaviour is mostly a progressive phenomena.

Can you name me the conservative equivalent to Evergreen in North America?

I can't.

My advice? Don't allow progressives into the blood stream. Lucasfilm and Marvel Comics will come to see this I reckon.

Don't pander to the SJW movement. It has no real substance. It's hallow.

They just emote a hostility rooted in a misguided world view.

And never apologize.

Stand your ground. Believe in your own sense of honour and decency.

That's your garlic to the vampire.

Then, watch them whither.


British Justice Turns On Its Own Subjects

Supporters of Tommy Robinson are concerned he may be killed in prison by Muslims.


Well, maybe. Except two things are crazier. One, it already happened to a man who was insidiously jailed for leaving ham sandwiches (a prank the press called 'an attack on Mosques') on the steps of a mosque and was later found dead in prison. Two, it's ludicrous he and Robinson are getting prison sentences for this stuff.

Meanwhile, there are no shortage of stories of Muslim rape gangs.

Basically, in a nutshell? The British justice system is turning on its own people.

Britain has fallen folks.

Which qualifies it as a shithole.

Canadians should take heed.

We must never become derelict like our cousins in the UK.


Obama Behaves Badly; Left Blames Trump

The American left is so out of its mind, it's impossible to figure out what kind of disease afflicts them.

No. Seriously. Something is amiss in their ranks.

The latest round in TDS has them circulating pictures alleging abuse of immigrants by Trump.

Problem is....the pictures are from 2009-2014.

Who was in power during those years? I forget.

"So weird how Linda Sarsour, an Obama Pod Bro, Shaun King, a NYT editor & a CNN reporter all tweeted the exact same AZ central article thinking it was 2018 & not 2014. How do those things happen? It’s a Scooby mystery that may never be solved."Follow
"All it took to expose horrible treatment of immigrants during the Obama administration was for Trump to become president."

And they say Fox is 'Faux News'?

Projection much?


Speaking of Mr. Pop Culture president....

He spied and it's scandalous.

Media Are Enemy Of The Truth; People

"Stop saying we're fake news and just accept our narratives and authority or else our democracy is damaged....because McDonald's and corporations and deplorables are against we the people!"

(Progressive) media logic in a nutshell.

I know it sounds like an exaggeration but it's what I've come to feel observing the headlines and hit pieces.

More than ever, the media is making clear where it stands on issues.

For example, they play along with the fabricated Russia story to maintain and anti-Trump narrative. We saw this under Reagan, Bush II and it's being played out again under Trump.

Or the misleading readers that Jordan Peterson is 'alt-right' because some in those ranks may like the guy.

And now we're seeing in the case of Tommy Robinson they're not going to defend freedom of speech. By constantly tagging - as they do with Trump supporters - as 'far right' you not only do a disservice to reporting the truth, you dishonour the people who are marching to support liberty. Some among the marchers may be liberals for all we know. It's destroying what's left of their tenuous credibility.

Personally, I do not trust a single word the NYT, WaPo and other legacy media outlets report. I read it as a monitor; a barometer of how reality gets distorted as they sell an agenda.

They did the same thing in Italy a few months back when people took to the streets to peacefully protest the immigration crisis. They came from all walks of life but that didn't stop the media from calling it a 'far right' protest. It wasn't and they lied.

It's irrelevant what you think of Robinson because there's a bigger, more troubling issue at play. The totalitarian manner in which the UK arrested him without due process and the subsequent gag order on the press by the Judge.

Robinson was arrested because of wrong think. He's reporting on Muslims behaving badly; a taboo subject among the gutless law & enforcement, political and media classes in Europe. By the logic of the government, they should be cracking down on the protestors since they support him or his right to free speech.

If this is not authoritarianism worth fighting against, I don't know what to think or say to those who disagree.

Good to see The Standard play its part. It's the most honesty, however unwitting, you'll get out of papers like theirs.

You're watching totalitarianism unfold before your eyes.

Lock in on it. Trust your instincts. The media is trying to cast doubt. Don't let them.

Trump was right. There is fake news. And we know who is engaging in it.


Robinson and people like him in Britain and here in North America, are simply exposing some disturbing occurrences in the West. Rotherham, for example, was an unconscionable act of cowardice shown by police, politicians and media all in the name of political correctness.

The raping of hundreds of children took a back seat to ensuring Muslims weren't offended. This is where Robinson enters the picture. That's what liberty is.

People will always seek the truth.

The media then portrays such people are 'riling up the xenophobes' when in fact, it's doing the job the media is supposed to be doing. They tell us Muslim immigration is no different than past immigration but I don't recall Italians, Jews, Irish and Poles raping kids. Or adhering to archaic religious traditions that are diametrically opposed to women and gay rights.

I'm not saying all Muslims act in such a manner, I'm just pointing out it's happening in their religion and not Christianity.

Back in the 1990s it was becoming apparent the gratuitous attacks on Christianity was going to morph into something uglier and manifest itself in new ways. While I didn't know it at the time, who would have thought the lengths the left would go to defend a religion other than Christianity?


Fall Of The West #987737333

Yale 'decolonizes' English department.

Math and algebra promote 'white privilege'.

Princeton: Conservatives have no right to free speech.

Harvard medals Hillary.

We joke here that progressivism is a virus but it's no laughing matter.

Ivy League schools in particular look to be leading the way of the derp.

Of Justin And Chelsea

Who better to explain to us the ways of the world than a couple young, wealthy trust fund beneficiaries operating within an insulated upper-crust class than Justin Trudeau and Chelsea Clinton, eh?

First up, the claim made by Chelsea that 'Trump degrades' the U.S. and that Britons should protest his visit (recall Obama threatened the British during the Brexit vote so this sort of smug tinkering is nothing new from the DNC). The undermining of a fairly elected President is pretty degrading if you ask me.

Worse, in case anyone isn't' paying close attention, but Britain in devolving into a full blown totalitarian dystopia as recent events from the muslim gang rapes to the arrest of Tommy Robinson (and others) to the murder of Alfie...and so on. Britain has it's on problems, honey.

How much more parochial can she get? Is she really willing to showcase her ignorance all in the name of 'resisting Trump'?

The idea that somehow the Clintons are somehow tragic heroes for losing to Trump is astonishingly stupid. This from the privileged daughter of a woman who called people 'deplorables' and a father who was a sexual predator. Hillary, for her part, saw to it the lives of the women involved were ruined. Or reports alleging her own wedding was paid for by funds from the crooked Hillary Foundation; specifically funds that were ear marked for Haiti. Let us not speak of the treasonous behaviour of the left who have not accepted a loss that happened in 20-fricken-16 and continue to "resist" and call for electoral changes - all because they perceive this guy to be literally Hitler and it was - in their child-like minds - Hillary's turn as the 'most qualified candidate in history'.

That kind of degradation? To name a few of course.

Meanwhile, the adults and productive are humming along peacefully all things considered.  U.S. economy is humming along as GDP is stronger, unemployment is below 4%, taxes are down, there are no (at the moment anyway) military entanglements to speak of (Syria notwithstanding which was ongoing before his arrival), morale in the military is high, the Koreas are at least talking, and economic relations with China aren't as bad as first thought.

Yeh. Real degradation right there.

Oh, you mean because he pulled the Americans out of the Paris Accords and the Iran Deal? Shoot, I think those are under rated achievements of the Trump administration. He tore two non-binding pledges unilaterally signed by a pop culture President. Who, in case you haven't noticed, wondered at one time 'how much is enough' only to sign a $65 million book deal and get a Netflix series.

Do pray tell, Barry, how much is enough indeed?

Keep the 'classy' and 'dignified' alt-reality going.

Regardless of noted foreign policy intellect Chelsea and her musings, the last country (along with Sweden, France, Belgium and Germany), Americans should be looking to is the United fricken Kingdom in all its defunct dystopia.

Next, we have Justin.

I was thinking about the atrocious Bill C-16 and realized thanks to the Justin and his Liberal party cohorts, did the world a favor in that they unleashed Jordan B. Peterson who has since become an international phenomena.

Of course, the media is lashing out at him rarely actually critiquing his arguments but rather focused on hurling straw man logic and attacking his character. Oh, how they attack!

The more they screech, the more reasoned he becomes and the more people begin to recognize who the real 'extremists' are.

Now pay attention. They call Robinson and Peterson 'alt right' because that's their shtick. Don't fall for it.

In any event, thanks Justin. You unwittingly did Western culture a favor in introducing us all to Peterson.

Some level of reason and rational thinking was severely and sorely needed.

Giro d'Italia: North American Sports Channels Come Up Flat

One of the most riveting and historic Grand Tour races in history just concluded with the Giro d'Italia and it was not seen by a North American audience.

I don't know why the networks choose to show two of the three Grand Tours, nor do I care because it's an absurdity.

The Giro d'Italia is often regarded (by racers, fans and pundits alike) as the greatest of all the Grand Tours for a plethora of reasons from the fans to the food to the accommodations to the scenery to the difficulty and unpredictability of course and it's a damn shame it wasn't broadcast. Indeed, with its deep and glorious pedigree and heritage, Italy/Giro is to cycling what Ferrari is to auto racing.

They define the essence of their respective sports.

The 2018 version of Giro was simply epic. Beginning in Israel (the first non-European country to host a GT), the racing was simply hard core in some of the most interesting, challenging and iconic routes and terrain.

It defined really what cycling should be about.

Hats off to Michael Woods who finished 19th in this most difficult edition of the Giro. Same to Guillaume Boivin and his 117th placing.

The UK Is A Totalitarian Shithole

Very disturbing what's happening to Tommy Robinson.

This in a country that starves babies, fawns over Royalty and ignores mass Muslim child rape gangs.

But apparently, 'right-wingers' like Robinson are what threatens the liberty of Britons? And before we Canadians think 'this can't happen here' I remind you Justin and the liberals have also claimed 'right-wing extremism' is a problem.

It's almost as if they're using them as scapegoats to deflect from Muslim terrorist violence.

Basically, Robinson was sentenced without due process and the Judge ordered the media to not report on it.

Folks. It's not a matter of when 1984 arrives in England. It's already arrived.

The degenerate dystopia grips the UK.

Who will fight for liberty?


WAKE UP ENGLAND! Take your country back!


Can You Tell The Difference Between Reality And Unicorns?

Law & Order has become especially blatant in its ideological progressive bent. Its insufferable arrogance is unwatchable.


Another aspect of this 'alt-reality' are all the hit pieces being put out against Jordan Peterson.

Not a single one actually addresses his opinions. Rather, they all take a 'what a stoopid man all this is settled' angle. Unfortunately, Reason magazine has succumbed to this nonsense where he's concerned.

Nice rundown on this here at Slatestarcodex.

They're all completely missing the point.

Well, it would help if they actually listen and read what Peterson is saying. Otherwise, we'd be spared the 'the enforced monogamy guy'? retardation. 

Dubious Science On The Rise Of Sea Levels

So I came across this little gem at Factcheck.org - a site I increasingly use to observe bias and poor journalism - on climate change - the biggest cottage industry around at the moment.

One way to determine if an article has weight and mustard is to check its sources. The problem I have with Factchecks 'fact-checking' is its homage to Pravda in that it relies too heavily on government agencies to support its claims in what's supposed to be an 'objective' piece.

As you read, like in mainstream media outlets, it becomes apparent an appeal to authority is the crux of what they consider objective. By citing mostly government backed research, it's telling its readers these are the only sources you can trust.

And if you have a modicum of healthy skeptical awareness, it doesn't take much convincing this is a bad idea.

At this point, we may even need a separation of science and state, and media.

At the moment, there's an armada of scientists and researchers who have staked their claim and reputations on climate change being a real thing. They need to keep the ante on 'we need to do something now' or else whether their grants. It's a persistent tactic that seems to work.

Climate alarmists like Gore, Ehrlich and Hansen have been so spectacularly wrong, it's a wonder of mighty epic proportions why they're even cited at this point. Never mind the simple acts of hypocrisy by pop culture celebrities like Gore easily observed. For example, using private jets to fly around the world warning people of the evils of carbon foot prints and using fossil fuels that contribute - allegedly - to the pending climate doom threatening to make extinct the human species.

Take the sea rises. The political classes are convinced coasts are threatened and only policy action can save the day. Of course, it's far more complicated than that.

Forgive me, but I don't put a whole lot of trust into Climate Barbie McKenna, Justin and Obama when it comes to such a complex issue. The idea they have the ear of the 'scientific consensus' ergo we must heed their calls is absurd. Never mind they're not convincing mouth pieces for the movement.

Take a look at this in-depth examination of sea rises at Climate Etc. Here, here, here and here.

Makes Factcheck look silly, eh?

The whole debate is marked by manipulated data, moving targets, is wildly unpredictable, relies on small data sizes and samples, and vague language (it is 'very likely' 'medium' and 'high confidence' etc).

Does that sound 'settled' to you?


The UK And Its Messed Up Priorities

The UK let Alfie - an infant - starve to death. Mostly because he was costing the government too much money I reckon but also likely as a warning to the masses that NHS rules over them. If NHS deems a child to be incurable then, well, you must bow and accept their masters decision. You are not free to go abroad and seek second opinions because this would reflect poorly on the glory that is NHS.

But $45 million of tax dollars (Canada gifted them $50 000 of our tax dollars! All under the guise of 'tradition' you see) was spent on a Royal wedding on an illegitimate son (he does seem like a decent chap though) and a divorcee actress and all the Brits lined the streets to celebrate them.



As an aside, there were quite a few black people at the wedding. I wonder if they think white privilege is a thing. Or that 'white supremacy' is on the wane? Lol. 


Note To Sportsnet, TSN And Other Sports Networks

What a shame sports networks aren't showing Giro d'Italia. One of the best, most prestigious of all professional bike races in one of the most beautiful nations in the world (and definitely more exciting than the Tour de France and held in high regard by all professional riders and cycling fans) is nowhere to be found on TV for two years running.

Italy is cycling. It's the most successful cycling nation of all and the sports networks don't carry it?

They show TdF and Vuelta but not the other race that makes up the Grand Tour races?

An abomination.

I don't care about 'rights' and all the stupid rules about getting access to it.

Make it happen.

Show them all or show none.

Heck, it's even pretty insulting.


Losing The Plot On Illegal Immigration

Always pay attention to shifting language for it's there you see many truths. A good place to see this unfold in real time is with climate change. Terminology shifts as needed to keep in line with the narrative. It's hardly scientific but more literature.

Same with American immigration.

Remember the shift from illegal aliens to 'undocumented workers'?

It was a semantic trompe d'oeil designed to downplay laws were being broken. It's all part of the conflation of anti-illegal immigration as being the same as being anti-immigration.

New terms absurdly include 'unauthorized immigration" or "undocumented citizen".

Dress it up all you want it's still illegal alien. 

Or that people entering America (and Canada) somehow needed a 'sanctuary city' as if our established laws were inhumane?

It's all so strange how people are advocating for the acceptance of ignoring existing immigration laws.

It's to the point they claim screening illegals for diseases is unfair or racist. Or the handing over of driver's licenses and free education to people who have not paid a single dime into the system. What happened to earning one's dues?

How is that responsible to the taxpaying citizens of the host country?

Few are saying "stop all immigration" - though the President as intimated in the past to temporarily stop immigration from certain countries but that's for the Muslim refugeee crisis which isn't part of the "illegal alien" calculus which is a different issue).

This isn't a moral question. The morality comes into play after the law has been broken and people have entered the country. What do then can be viewed as a moral one.

Before all that, however, it's a law & order one.

And the Americans better start showing integrity and dignity for their country's border and the laws that govern immigration.


Totalitarianism By Other Means

Like how taxes and over regulation is socialism by other means, so is censoring or imprisoning people on the basis of speech. See Spotify and their linking up with the SPLC to combat 'hate combat'.

It's an abomination.

Freedom of speech is under severe duress at the moment.



Would the government have prevented the family from seeking opinions and options abroad if he was the son of a politician or Royalty?

I think we know the answer to that.


Trump Is Right To Tear Up Iran Pledge

On tearing up Iran. The basic premise is that it had to stay in place because Iran would be, get this, bad! That it was further proof of Trump's 'erratic' behaviour and him letting his ego drive his senses.

Naturally, the left reacts with the usual hyper over reaction with little introspection about the fact 'their guy' passed a pledge without the consent of the American people. Simple as that.

Yeh well, his meanie words were supposed to spark WWIII with North Korea, remember? Instead, there's talk of a rapprochement with Seoul.  

Basically, it proves Iran is was not a 'good will' participant in the deal to begin with. It's almost laughable that this hopelessly weak deal brokered was going to somehow make Iran hip to progress.

No sooner it was announced, the Iranians reacted as we'd expect them to by burning American flags, shouting 'death to America' and threatening to move forward on their enriching their uranium program. Which kinda indicates they were not all that into the deal to begin with.

But let's keep just because. 

Sometimes the thinking among useful idiots just befuddles the bejesus out of me.

No, it wasn't a good start (it's an enforcement measure part of the Non-nuclear proliferation Treaty) and the inspections into keeping a tab on Iran's nuclear capabilities was nothing more than security theatre. Newsflash kids: Iran was going to work towards nuclear weapons with or without the deal. And that's that. 

And like usual, the EU shows itself to be the gutless rhetoricians they've become. They insist the USA stay involved yet nothing is stopping them from enforcing their end of the deal. Ah, but without American hush cash it ain't the same, right? And without American military and press cover, they don't get to act tough and bash the Americans when things go wrong.

France, for example, stop domestic drilling so for them there was some Iranian oil to exploit. Gee, no wonder they wanted this deal. This is just my reading of things and admit I may be off here, but American tax payers subsidizes it, the French get oil, and they get to pretend they're 'green'.

Neat racket the EU had going and we all knew this was happening. 

Trump merely rightly called them out. 

In other words, same old Iran with or without a piece of paper signed by a President who didn't get it ratified by the Senate. Never mind the cash he sent them. America was better off letting Iran sink under the weight of its own unpopular theocracy and work from there. 
The bottom line, to summarize, is Obama's pledge (recall, it was not a treaty because it wasn't ratified by Congress), did nothing to curb Iran's terrorist sponsorship and lifted sanctions before they did a single thing to earn it. Sorta like how Obama won a peace prize without having, you know, actually done anything to achieve peace. In fact, he was about as violent a President as they come. Obama can write all the articles he likes on CNN but it won't change the facts. 
Obama wanted a legacy and he chose to give life to Iran's tyrants.  And is commenting on policy when no longer President to boot. Who is the egoist exactly again?
And just like Obamacare, the Iran deal did not have support of the majority Americans. Who is the totalitarian who circumnavigates the Constitution again?
If anything, Trump did the right thing reminding no President is above the people. Obama acted like he believed he was and is now watching his personal pledge whither - as proper.
If Iran reacts like the way they say it will, it doesn't say much about their 'good will' to begin with. You don't criticize or protest something by falling back so easily on bad habits.
Iran was likely to start testing the treaty and at every threat, the West was going to add more goodies and concessions to it to the point the West would have been Iran's bitch. Wake up already.
Are American governing elites and punditry this naive?

What's Wrong With Bill Morneau?

Does he not possess a brain? If so, can he not exercise it so we can see if it's a functional one? I get that he should tread carefully around this obvious political land mine they're laying here, but he has to do better than this. It's a nice play though to claim the carbon tax is 'gender bias' on the theory it impacts women more disproportionately. After all, Trudeau claims the liberals are a feminist party so they should be able to give details. 

I also understand the Liberals have a script and narrative they have to stick by, but this is getting comical and cynical at this point.

Morneau just sat there like a chump repeating the same thing over and over as if he had a lobotomy. 

In other words, they know jack shit if their measures are going to work. 'Trust us' Otter style is not an answer. 

Help Canadians understand.

Oh, notice his passive-aggressive look of disgust. How dare she?

My inner-cynicism tells me they know this about him and were trying to poke the Finance Minister. 

She's not the only one:

Trump Pulls Out Of Iran Deal

Quick thoughts. 
There are a many ways to look at this. One way is how does North Korea interpret it if they manage to get their own deal with the USA? Personally, I don't think it should impact anything on that front. North and South Korea will pursue and chart their own course along with American involvement. The Americans are likely to just broker a deal. Then again, neo-conservatives like Bolton liked pulling out. 
Another, more on point, is the fact Obama never got his deal ratified by the Senate. Had he done so as proper, the likelihood of the deal being torn up would have been essentially nil. Instead, like the Paris Accord, Obama took a gamble and thought it to be wise to do so without American support. I say gambled because he probably thought a) Hillary was going to be the next President which would have further cemented the deal and b) that no President would go as far as to do so anyway.
Then Turmp got elected.
Another miscalculation by Obama.
As for the deal itself, I never really saw a compelling reason why to keep it. It's alway fascinating to have to watch the EU beg to keep it which makes me wonder why? Can it be they had their own little designs in Iran particularly where oil is concerned? Europe, as we know, has gone full derp into the green thing so they stopped drilling and now have to go out and get the stuff like a bunch of hobos.

The bigger miscalculation by Obama was to make a deal with a country that was ready to implode sparked by its own population. The deal - plus the inexplicable $1.2 billion in cash, gave the theocracy a lifeline. And for what exactly? 

If anyone knows anything about the 'balance of power' alliances formed in Europe c. 1648-1914, you know there's always ways to work around deals. Iran was never going to play ball in my view and I didn't see a compelling argument it was indeed a 'good start'.
Again, Obama. He was no foreign policy guru so I'm just betting the tearing up of the deal is a non-event/starter.
Iran probably burned the cash by now and sanctions maybe reimposed putting a precarious nation once again in limbo and vulnerable to being toppled. This was probably always the best outcome. Let Iran resolve itself. The Americans should be focusing on that. Not toothless deals that gave more life to a brutal regime. 
The key message here is don't bypass the Senate and Congress if you want deals and policies that define your legacy to stick.


History Of Europe By Population

Gun Control Sophistry Isn't Rational

This is the gist of the left's argumentative strategy:  Make an emotional plea. Claim it to be 'common-sense' (self-evident) logic and rational. Take guns: 'Kids are dying'. It only makes sense for the good of the children and society to ban guns.  The premise puts you in a corner. How can you argue against that? You can 'data' and 'statistic' your way out of it but it's almost impossible with this kind of rock solid sophistry in place. You'll just look bad; especially if you falter.

And it's effective regardless of the fact there isn't really much of an argument in restricting gun rights over outlier incidences.

When you do manage to make them understand a reasoned point of view, they just revert back 'yeh but children are dying'. Circular logic they call this.

But this is clear to those invested in such debates as part of the 'culture war's. However, many people don't connect these things until pointed out. They, naturally, go on with their lives exhibiting little interest, time or patience for it.

They consume and assume. That is, they read a story and just assume 'reason' will prevail.

This is where I think things go off track a little. The 'rebels without the consequences' can use the above strategy with every passing tragic event. It's the ultimate 'copy and paste' world view.

I like to think this is a failed tactic before it even began.

After all....

The Greeks invented logic to combat sophistry.

Here's Sowell on gun control.


Quote Of The Day

"She went on to add that she wished “girls could fail as bad as men do and still be ok.”
“Watching men fail up is frustrating. It is frustrating watching men blow it, and win,” she later added while discussing standards for women." Michelle Obama.

/face palm.

Her husband won a Nobel Peace for doing exactly fuck all. He probably has honorary degrees for exactly nothing other than being him. There may also be some projection her part. She basically got gigs for who she was married to. A little like Hillary and even Justin Trudeau. You try and tell me the above quote can't apply to him.

Re-read that carefully.

Not bright.

At all.

And what's with the perpetual 'my struggle is real' mug? It's insufferable. 


Looks the megalomaniacal Obamas are gonna keep their faces in the papers for the foreseeable future regaling us all with their wit and insightful takes on life and humanity.

Buckle up buckaroo. 


Some Details On Canada's Economy

"British Columbia’s growth of 4.0 per cent in 2016 puts it in first place in the country and second in the international rankings behind Ireland (5.2 per cent). B.C. and third-placed Sweden are the only jurisdictions to get a B grade. 
Ontario gets a C and, with 2.7 per cent growth for 2016, ranks 4th overall. It is followed closely by Manitoba and Prince Edward Island, which both had 2.6 per cent growth. Despite poor performances on other indicators, Newfoundland and Labrador posted fairly strong economic growth of 2.1 per cent thanks to the construction of the Hebron oil platform and also gets a C grade.
There were many poor performances internationally in 2016, with 12 of the 16 peer countries getting Ds. Quebec is in this tier, narrowly missing out on joining the C performers with its 2.0 per cent economic growth. New Brunswick, with 1.6 per cent growth, and Nova Scotia, with 1.1 per cent growth, were the other D performers in Canada.
The lowest-ranking peer countries, Norway and Japan, both grew by 1.0 per cent in 2016. Norway is struggling with lower oil export revenues, and Japan has long struggled with slow growth. Two oil-producing provinces, Saskatchewan and Alberta, get D– grades for doing worse than the lowest-ranked peer countries and posting negative real GDP growth in 2016. Both provinces saw sharp declines in energy investment—the economy contracted by 0.8 per cent in Saskatchewan and by 3.6 per cent in Alberta.
Overall, Canada’s GDP grew by a slow 1.4 per cent in 2016, earning the country a D grade and 9th place among the 16 peer countries. The Canadian economy took a hit last year from the Fort McMurray wildfires, which disrupted production in the oil sands and pushed down exports as a result. But the fires alone are not to blame, with low commodity prices and very weak capital investment in many parts of the country.

The impact of the commodity shock is abating, however, and the Canadian economy showed meaningful strength in late 2016 and early 2017. A stronger U.S. economy will help provide a tailwind for Canada, and the prior contraction in business investment is drawing to a close. But global growth remains weak, dampening the outlook for Canadian exports to many markets, and investment is not yet high enough to push the economy into another gear."


TDS Black Holes

TDS has crossed the Rubicon into what I'm not sure.

But this article by Slate is something else. Even I couldn't see this spin coming.

Is it moral to make peace with North Korea? Like the left ever gave a shit about moral computation under Obama. Heck, if Obama was making this happen, I highly doubt this is even a thing.

Trump is part of a Korean peace moment and this has to be somehow spun into a negative because their guy didn't pull it off.

"...The country has 1 million men under arms and some incredibly deadly rockets at its disposal—many of them aimed directly at its neighbor, South Korea. There is little doubt that any serious attempt to overthrow Kim Jong-un’s brutal regime would lead to one of the bloodiest wars in human history. For that reason, I am as glad as anyone that we are making some progress—uncertain as it is, and illusory though it may prove—toward a peace settlement.
And yet, I have also been disturbed by the ease with which virtually every participant in this debate ignores the immense suffering that a deal with Kim would likely perpetuate. North Korea’s 25 million residents live in a brutal totalitarian regime that impoverishes, intimidates, and humiliates its residents. The 100,000 inmates of the regime’s concentration camps have it incomprehensibly worse: The grotesque cruelty they suffer rivals just about any state-sponsored regiment of sadistic torture dreamed up in the long history of humanity.
All of which is to say something that should be both obvious and uncontroversial: By just about any moral standard, Kim is one of the world’s most reprehensible dictators. People who claim to disdain strongmen and care about human rights should at the very least feel queasy about the way in which the recent smiling photographs of him with other world leaders may help to legitimate his rule. Most importantly, they should feel disturbed that any rapprochement would condemn 25 million human beings to live under horrific circumstances for the foreseeable future.
And yet, this is a point barely anybody has bothered to make. Instead, the very same people who regularly denounce the U.S. government for maintaining friendly relations with the dictatorial rulers of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, of China and Myanmar, are full-throatedly cheering the pictures of Moon Jae-in, the president of South Korea, shaking hands with Kim. In fact, the very same people who rightly keep a violin at the ready to lament the fate of any mistreated Tibetan or Palestinian seem strangely unmoved by the daily doses of death doled out in North Korean camps."

/drops cigarette from lips.

Finally a reprehensible regime the left won't praise I guess? Progress!

Quote Of The Day

Socialism can’t be achieved until a clear majority know what it is, and want this alternative to capitalism. ‘Liking’ the previous pinned tweet will provide some useful data about socialism’s popularity. See this video for more information about socialism”
Ahem. Touches mic.
Socialism: Socialism. Spelled 'D.E.A.T.H.' Is an impractical ideological system that must eradicate personal, moral and intellectual agency in order to impose through coercion its unicorn dystopia. It completely obliterates the human spirt and soul.
Also. Death and gulags. 
Now we know. Next.

"The stunning thing about ‘socialism’ is that although so much has been said about it by so many people for decades, no country’s ever had an actual class-free society of equals. Socialism is the future economic system that comes after outdated capitalism is eventually abandoned."
The New York Times couldn't have written it better.
My God these people are delusional. Yeh, if they get the guns maybe they may get their nightmare. It's not like they haven't tried before.
All those skulls were just the price to pay to figure out how to do it right, eh?


Communism, socialism, Marxism - whatever. These are not insightful looks into the human soul. They're not arguments. They're ultimatums. Why do you think so many people are murdered, thrown into asylums, prison camps and so one? Because it's a barbaric interpretation of world affairs and the human condition. All it understands is force.

They advocate (and we see this with people who call for 'climate deniers' to be imprisoned') for the arrest and even murder of people who dare challenge their proclamations. How can you challenge people who 'mean well'?

It's astonishing how this morally and intellectually deficient madness still has adherents. 

America Inches Closer To Showdown Over Second Amendment

Politicians are going to force citizens to engage in civil disobedience - or worse - if they keep this insidious and odious track of punishing merchants and retailers on the sale of guns.

They can't change the 2A but they will throttle law-abiding businesses as a way to walk around it as Cuomo is doing in NY and now Boulder, CO.

This is what we call a dick move.

And the people need to nip it in the bud immediately. Do NOT consent America. I plead with you to challenge the government.


If a law is unjust, let it fail under the weight of its injustice. 


Quote Of The Day

"Two thousand years ago, the proudest boast was civis romanus sum ["I am a Roman citizen"]. Today, in the world of freedom, the proudest boast is "Ich bin ein Berliner!"... All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin, and therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words "Ich bin ein Berliner!"

President JFK.

Rethinking FDR

Like many Americans and non-American enthusiasts like myself that consume their fair share of American history, the standard narrative about FDR was that he ended the Great Depression through the New Deal and steered America through WWII with much competence and excellent statesmanship.

However, these things aren't static and as I've continued to read about those periods, the reality is not as clear cut thus bringing us to a closer truth.

On the New Deal, there's plenty of reputable literature that points to the theory that in fact it delayed the depression still further. The government intervention in the economy didn't necessarily set the nation back on track. It's not that difficult to find essays on this.

It was here I began to critically assess better how Presidents are viewed. Let's just say my list of great President varies from the official one.

Particularly where the economy and war are concerned.

It also forced me to rethink standard cherished theories like Keynesian economics. Looked at it from a dispassionate point of view, the modern interpretation of it is nothing but an adherence to it for its own sake regardless of its efficiencies or whether it's even applicable. It was via his lectures and exploring them I discovered it wasn't even a full formulated theory and he felt it was being misused. As he once said, 'I was the least Keynesian in the room' of enthusiastic proponents of his own theory.

These are moments that helped me further ponder progressive policies and to examine the results.

I chose not to take at face value what we were told in school and discovered it's not exactly accurate.

Just an accepted interpretation. Mostly a liberal one. And more recent, a progressive one.

On war and the concessions the West made to Stalin. While there is no question without American (and to a lesser extent Commonwealth with Canada and Australia) support, the war would be lost. Russia did indeed fight off the Germans, but it was the United States who won the war through its activities in the Asian theatre and Europe.

Prior to the war and during, the American and Western elites and liberal journalists (with some conservatives as well) alike tended to romanticize (as they later did with Che and Castro and still later with Chavez) the evils of communism, Lenin and Stalin. Right before their eyes horrific and atrocious acts against humanity were being committed by the Nazis and communism, and still they chose to sing the praises of Hitler and Stalin.

Concentration camps and gulags were the agents of the devil and we in the West did nothing about it.

The New York Times in particular was the worst offender (and continues to be). At every given chance, they never sided with the guiding values and principles of America. Rather, they looked to heap praise on dictators and communists while turning its eye from the Holocaust. Not much has changed.

Yet, people still read that unprincipled rag.

Worse, FDR and Western allies just handed over Eastern Europe and Berlin to Stalin.

This is a blemish on the record of the free West.

One in which I'm not sure we can make amends.

Professional Soccer Needs VAR - Especially Champions and Europa League

Oh, will you bring in VAR already.

"Roma's director of football Monchi said that if VAR was there, then probably the final would be Bayern-Roma. Can't agree more! The missing VAR at this level of competition (most important club competition on the world) he called "an absolute joke". 

Some of his words:

"It’s not just damage on an economic level, but also for the passion and hard work. The lads in the locker room were really angry, as we gave 100 per cent in the second half and were excellent.

“We must introduce VAR in the Champions League, because it’s fundamental. I don’t know why UEFA don’t want it. I really think it’s necessary, because fans might joke that the final with VAR would be Bayern Munich-Roma, but it’s actually true.”

He's right. Some of these refs wouldn't even get a gig in Serie C let along A. Yet here we are watching this rubbish on soccer's biggest stage.

It was bush league what I saw in the 2nd leg of the Roma-Liverpool tie. Roma could have actually won this game if not for some really poor ref decisions.

Don't get me going on Juventus against Real.

Boy Scouts Of America's Legacy Ends

The feminists who did nothing for Girl Scouts have managed to infiltrate the Boy Scouts of America.

This may seem like nothing, especially given people are mostly now numb to these sorts of stories, but it is.

For two simple, straightforward reasons.

Boy Scouts was a sacred place where boys and men could bond and do things together. There was absolutely nothing wrong with this. On any level. Social, biological, political, ideological - whatever. Same with the idea of all-girl organizations. Sometimes we just need...space.

The idea that everything must be non-gendered is problematic and will come with consequences. It's a nice idea to think we can just group boys and girls and sing songs but it just isn't so. Looking to politicize on the specious grounds of 'fairness' to eradicate cherished organizations who don't comply with the feminist agenda for its own sake is not process, it's a form of benign tyranny.

What's next? Compelled mixed baseball and hockey teams?

The simple facts remains, on average, guys prefer to camp, hike and play with weapons. Feminists think that imposing this - because it's a social construct therefore can be tampered and interfered with - science! - sort of nonsense will increase interest among girls. I'm pretty sure it won't.

Which brings me to my next point. It seems the complaints made were rather fixable. If GSA wanted to do what the boys did, why not just integrate into their own program? Why come in and bust up the boys? It seems to me that would have been the more rational and truly fair solution.

Instead, what' likely going to happen is the feminists and SJW who will undoubtedly start to take up vocal space in the ranks will call for the ceasing of certain activities girls can't keep up with.

The standards will be lowered in other words. Just like we see in the police force, fire departments and military.

What a shame for such a proud organization with a wonderful legacy for it to fall prey to the narratives that drive the zeitgeist.

One can only hope we start anew elsewhere.


Tweet Of The Day

I'm surprised the censorious bacteria at Twitter didn't suspend the Tweet or account.

Well done CV. Bravo.

Today is Cecile Richards' last day at Planned Parenthood. But then, today is a lot of people's last day, at Planned Parenthood.

NY Governor Cuomo Is Acting Like A Tyrant

This is a plainly horrific move - think the unseen - by Cuomo. One that cuts to the hear of the matter of where the left and progressives stand on issues of freedom. They don't give a shit about it if it runs afoul of their ignorance and ideology.

I don't know if the NRA can survive this. The only hope is for the people and the collective of will of free minds to be resourceful and support it.

Using the force of the state in this meaning is - as noted in the comments - PRECISELY WHAT THE FOUNDING FATHERS meant by tyranny. Hence, the 2A and the 'right to bear arms'.

If the NRA falls so too goes the 2A.

This is how evil the plot is.

Americans have to fight it.