The UK Is A Totalitarian Shithole

Very disturbing what's happening to Tommy Robinson.

This in a country that starves babies, fawns over Royalty and ignores mass Muslim child rape gangs.

But apparently, 'right-wingers' like Robinson are what threatens the liberty of Britons? And before we Canadians think 'this can't happen here' I remind you Justin and the liberals have also claimed 'right-wing extremism' is a problem.

It's almost as if they're using them as scapegoats to deflect from Muslim terrorist violence.

Basically, Robinson was sentenced without due process and the Judge ordered the media to not report on it.

Folks. It's not a matter of when 1984 arrives in England. It's already arrived.

The degenerate dystopia grips the UK.

Who will fight for liberty?


WAKE UP ENGLAND! Take your country back!

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