Trump Is Right To Tear Up Iran Pledge

On tearing up Iran. The basic premise is that it had to stay in place because Iran would be, get this, bad! That it was further proof of Trump's 'erratic' behaviour and him letting his ego drive his senses.

Naturally, the left reacts with the usual hyper over reaction with little introspection about the fact 'their guy' passed a pledge without the consent of the American people. Simple as that.

Yeh well, his meanie words were supposed to spark WWIII with North Korea, remember? Instead, there's talk of a rapprochement with Seoul.  

Basically, it proves Iran is was not a 'good will' participant in the deal to begin with. It's almost laughable that this hopelessly weak deal brokered was going to somehow make Iran hip to progress.

No sooner it was announced, the Iranians reacted as we'd expect them to by burning American flags, shouting 'death to America' and threatening to move forward on their enriching their uranium program. Which kinda indicates they were not all that into the deal to begin with.

But let's keep just because. 

Sometimes the thinking among useful idiots just befuddles the bejesus out of me.

No, it wasn't a good start (it's an enforcement measure part of the Non-nuclear proliferation Treaty) and the inspections into keeping a tab on Iran's nuclear capabilities was nothing more than security theatre. Newsflash kids: Iran was going to work towards nuclear weapons with or without the deal. And that's that. 

And like usual, the EU shows itself to be the gutless rhetoricians they've become. They insist the USA stay involved yet nothing is stopping them from enforcing their end of the deal. Ah, but without American hush cash it ain't the same, right? And without American military and press cover, they don't get to act tough and bash the Americans when things go wrong.

France, for example, stop domestic drilling so for them there was some Iranian oil to exploit. Gee, no wonder they wanted this deal. This is just my reading of things and admit I may be off here, but American tax payers subsidizes it, the French get oil, and they get to pretend they're 'green'.

Neat racket the EU had going and we all knew this was happening. 

Trump merely rightly called them out. 

In other words, same old Iran with or without a piece of paper signed by a President who didn't get it ratified by the Senate. Never mind the cash he sent them. America was better off letting Iran sink under the weight of its own unpopular theocracy and work from there. 
The bottom line, to summarize, is Obama's pledge (recall, it was not a treaty because it wasn't ratified by Congress), did nothing to curb Iran's terrorist sponsorship and lifted sanctions before they did a single thing to earn it. Sorta like how Obama won a peace prize without having, you know, actually done anything to achieve peace. In fact, he was about as violent a President as they come. Obama can write all the articles he likes on CNN but it won't change the facts. 
Obama wanted a legacy and he chose to give life to Iran's tyrants.  And is commenting on policy when no longer President to boot. Who is the egoist exactly again?
And just like Obamacare, the Iran deal did not have support of the majority Americans. Who is the totalitarian who circumnavigates the Constitution again?
If anything, Trump did the right thing reminding no President is above the people. Obama acted like he believed he was and is now watching his personal pledge whither - as proper.
If Iran reacts like the way they say it will, it doesn't say much about their 'good will' to begin with. You don't criticize or protest something by falling back so easily on bad habits.
Iran was likely to start testing the treaty and at every threat, the West was going to add more goodies and concessions to it to the point the West would have been Iran's bitch. Wake up already.
Are American governing elites and punditry this naive?

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