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Socialism can’t be achieved until a clear majority know what it is, and want this alternative to capitalism. ‘Liking’ the previous pinned tweet will provide some useful data about socialism’s popularity. See this video for more information about socialism”
Ahem. Touches mic.
Socialism: Socialism. Spelled 'D.E.A.T.H.' Is an impractical ideological system that must eradicate personal, moral and intellectual agency in order to impose through coercion its unicorn dystopia. It completely obliterates the human spirt and soul.
Also. Death and gulags. 
Now we know. Next.

"The stunning thing about ‘socialism’ is that although so much has been said about it by so many people for decades, no country’s ever had an actual class-free society of equals. Socialism is the future economic system that comes after outdated capitalism is eventually abandoned."
The New York Times couldn't have written it better.
My God these people are delusional. Yeh, if they get the guns maybe they may get their nightmare. It's not like they haven't tried before.
All those skulls were just the price to pay to figure out how to do it right, eh?


Communism, socialism, Marxism - whatever. These are not insightful looks into the human soul. They're not arguments. They're ultimatums. Why do you think so many people are murdered, thrown into asylums, prison camps and so one? Because it's a barbaric interpretation of world affairs and the human condition. All it understands is force.

They advocate (and we see this with people who call for 'climate deniers' to be imprisoned') for the arrest and even murder of people who dare challenge their proclamations. How can you challenge people who 'mean well'?

It's astonishing how this morally and intellectually deficient madness still has adherents. 

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