Of Justin And Chelsea

Who better to explain to us the ways of the world than a couple young, wealthy trust fund beneficiaries operating within an insulated upper-crust class than Justin Trudeau and Chelsea Clinton, eh?

First up, the claim made by Chelsea that 'Trump degrades' the U.S. and that Britons should protest his visit (recall Obama threatened the British during the Brexit vote so this sort of smug tinkering is nothing new from the DNC). The undermining of a fairly elected President is pretty degrading if you ask me.

Worse, in case anyone isn't' paying close attention, but Britain in devolving into a full blown totalitarian dystopia as recent events from the muslim gang rapes to the arrest of Tommy Robinson (and others) to the murder of Alfie...and so on. Britain has it's on problems, honey.

How much more parochial can she get? Is she really willing to showcase her ignorance all in the name of 'resisting Trump'?

The idea that somehow the Clintons are somehow tragic heroes for losing to Trump is astonishingly stupid. This from the privileged daughter of a woman who called people 'deplorables' and a father who was a sexual predator. Hillary, for her part, saw to it the lives of the women involved were ruined. Or reports alleging her own wedding was paid for by funds from the crooked Hillary Foundation; specifically funds that were ear marked for Haiti. Let us not speak of the treasonous behaviour of the left who have not accepted a loss that happened in 20-fricken-16 and continue to "resist" and call for electoral changes - all because they perceive this guy to be literally Hitler and it was - in their child-like minds - Hillary's turn as the 'most qualified candidate in history'.

That kind of degradation? To name a few of course.

Meanwhile, the adults and productive are humming along peacefully all things considered.  U.S. economy is humming along as GDP is stronger, unemployment is below 4%, taxes are down, there are no (at the moment anyway) military entanglements to speak of (Syria notwithstanding which was ongoing before his arrival), morale in the military is high, the Koreas are at least talking, and economic relations with China aren't as bad as first thought.

Yeh. Real degradation right there.

Oh, you mean because he pulled the Americans out of the Paris Accords and the Iran Deal? Shoot, I think those are under rated achievements of the Trump administration. He tore two non-binding pledges unilaterally signed by a pop culture President. Who, in case you haven't noticed, wondered at one time 'how much is enough' only to sign a $65 million book deal and get a Netflix series.

Do pray tell, Barry, how much is enough indeed?

Keep the 'classy' and 'dignified' alt-reality going.

Regardless of noted foreign policy intellect Chelsea and her musings, the last country (along with Sweden, France, Belgium and Germany), Americans should be looking to is the United fricken Kingdom in all its defunct dystopia.

Next, we have Justin.

I was thinking about the atrocious Bill C-16 and realized thanks to the Justin and his Liberal party cohorts, did the world a favor in that they unleashed Jordan B. Peterson who has since become an international phenomena.

Of course, the media is lashing out at him rarely actually critiquing his arguments but rather focused on hurling straw man logic and attacking his character. Oh, how they attack!

The more they screech, the more reasoned he becomes and the more people begin to recognize who the real 'extremists' are.

Now pay attention. They call Robinson and Peterson 'alt right' because that's their shtick. Don't fall for it.

In any event, thanks Justin. You unwittingly did Western culture a favor in introducing us all to Peterson.

Some level of reason and rational thinking was severely and sorely needed.

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