Professional Soccer Needs VAR - Especially Champions and Europa League

Oh, will you bring in VAR already.

"Roma's director of football Monchi said that if VAR was there, then probably the final would be Bayern-Roma. Can't agree more! The missing VAR at this level of competition (most important club competition on the world) he called "an absolute joke". 

Some of his words:

"It’s not just damage on an economic level, but also for the passion and hard work. The lads in the locker room were really angry, as we gave 100 per cent in the second half and were excellent.

“We must introduce VAR in the Champions League, because it’s fundamental. I don’t know why UEFA don’t want it. I really think it’s necessary, because fans might joke that the final with VAR would be Bayern Munich-Roma, but it’s actually true.”

He's right. Some of these refs wouldn't even get a gig in Serie C let along A. Yet here we are watching this rubbish on soccer's biggest stage.

It was bush league what I saw in the 2nd leg of the Roma-Liverpool tie. Roma could have actually won this game if not for some really poor ref decisions.

Don't get me going on Juventus against Real.

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