Canada Has An Adventure Gap Apparently; Evergreen Madness

Canada has an 'adventure gap'! Who knew!?

Why in the world The National Post is publishing racist SJW nonsensical gibberish?

I believe there is no such thing as 'peak derp' because - well, read the article - the amount of things to complain, bitch and moan about is endless among faux intellectuals and the youth they ruin with their retarded pollution. My nephew's colleague at work said to him, 'she's a triggered millennial and doesn't watch comedies made before 2000 because they would anger her'.

Such an immoral and cruel joke they've played on this mostly lost generation.

The outdoors is a 'white heterosexual white space'?

Nature is racist folks.

Now, you may think the 'adventure gap' is poppycock. And you're right. So keep this in mind whenever they talk about the gender and pay/income gap. The same kind of irrational musing we see here by the 'professor' goes into the other gaps.

Life is but a gap.

I won't bother dissecting this article because a) it's tiresome and boring b) they're very sad, superficial people who lead sad and superficial lives obsessed with race. They can't possibly be happy and fulfilled and c) there are no shortage of people who already have. For example....


In the same light, London thinks its bike paths are in need of some 'diversity.' 

You know, I'm starting to take this personally. 

As for bike paths, I avoid them like the plague. No serious cyclist uses them because of the inconsiderate jerk offs who inhabit them. Way too dangerous for me...especially if you ride at a decent clip.


It's almost impossible to keep up with all this insanity. We're seeing what Marxism is like, eh?


And on the back of these two stories comes the woke story of Starbucks and its 'be color brave, not color blind' hilarity.

I gave up on Starbucks. No way I can give money to such a company.

The best way to deal with absurdity is through humour.


There are, interestingly, writers like Robby Soave at Reason who have taken the strange position that while what the left does on campus is bad, conservatives can be just as bad.

It's a sort of variation of Islamic terrorism is no worse than 'right-wing extremism'.

It's a false dichotomy.

There's no question the vast majority of assaults - both on speech and physical - comes by way of the SJW left. It would have to take a special kind of leap of logic to try and suggest that the odd conservative incident remotely measures up.

And just like the fact that the majority of terrorist acts are committed by Muslims, the majority of anti-liberty behaviour is mostly a progressive phenomena.

Can you name me the conservative equivalent to Evergreen in North America?

I can't.

My advice? Don't allow progressives into the blood stream. Lucasfilm and Marvel Comics will come to see this I reckon.

Don't pander to the SJW movement. It has no real substance. It's hallow.

They just emote a hostility rooted in a misguided world view.

And never apologize.

Stand your ground. Believe in your own sense of honour and decency.

That's your garlic to the vampire.

Then, watch them whither.

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