Gun Control Sophistry Isn't Rational

This is the gist of the left's argumentative strategy:  Make an emotional plea. Claim it to be 'common-sense' (self-evident) logic and rational. Take guns: 'Kids are dying'. It only makes sense for the good of the children and society to ban guns.  The premise puts you in a corner. How can you argue against that? You can 'data' and 'statistic' your way out of it but it's almost impossible with this kind of rock solid sophistry in place. You'll just look bad; especially if you falter.

And it's effective regardless of the fact there isn't really much of an argument in restricting gun rights over outlier incidences.

When you do manage to make them understand a reasoned point of view, they just revert back 'yeh but children are dying'. Circular logic they call this.

But this is clear to those invested in such debates as part of the 'culture war's. However, many people don't connect these things until pointed out. They, naturally, go on with their lives exhibiting little interest, time or patience for it.

They consume and assume. That is, they read a story and just assume 'reason' will prevail.

This is where I think things go off track a little. The 'rebels without the consequences' can use the above strategy with every passing tragic event. It's the ultimate 'copy and paste' world view.

I like to think this is a failed tactic before it even began.

After all....

The Greeks invented logic to combat sophistry.

Here's Sowell on gun control.

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