Boy Scouts Of America's Legacy Ends

The feminists who did nothing for Girl Scouts have managed to infiltrate the Boy Scouts of America.

This may seem like nothing, especially given people are mostly now numb to these sorts of stories, but it is.

For two simple, straightforward reasons.

Boy Scouts was a sacred place where boys and men could bond and do things together. There was absolutely nothing wrong with this. On any level. Social, biological, political, ideological - whatever. Same with the idea of all-girl organizations. Sometimes we just need...space.

The idea that everything must be non-gendered is problematic and will come with consequences. It's a nice idea to think we can just group boys and girls and sing songs but it just isn't so. Looking to politicize on the specious grounds of 'fairness' to eradicate cherished organizations who don't comply with the feminist agenda for its own sake is not process, it's a form of benign tyranny.

What's next? Compelled mixed baseball and hockey teams?

The simple facts remains, on average, guys prefer to camp, hike and play with weapons. Feminists think that imposing this - because it's a social construct therefore can be tampered and interfered with - science! - sort of nonsense will increase interest among girls. I'm pretty sure it won't.

Which brings me to my next point. It seems the complaints made were rather fixable. If GSA wanted to do what the boys did, why not just integrate into their own program? Why come in and bust up the boys? It seems to me that would have been the more rational and truly fair solution.

Instead, what' likely going to happen is the feminists and SJW who will undoubtedly start to take up vocal space in the ranks will call for the ceasing of certain activities girls can't keep up with.

The standards will be lowered in other words. Just like we see in the police force, fire departments and military.

What a shame for such a proud organization with a wonderful legacy for it to fall prey to the narratives that drive the zeitgeist.

One can only hope we start anew elsewhere.

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