What's Wrong With Bill Morneau?

Does he not possess a brain? If so, can he not exercise it so we can see if it's a functional one? I get that he should tread carefully around this obvious political land mine they're laying here, but he has to do better than this. It's a nice play though to claim the carbon tax is 'gender bias' on the theory it impacts women more disproportionately. After all, Trudeau claims the liberals are a feminist party so they should be able to give details. 

I also understand the Liberals have a script and narrative they have to stick by, but this is getting comical and cynical at this point.

Morneau just sat there like a chump repeating the same thing over and over as if he had a lobotomy. 

In other words, they know jack shit if their measures are going to work. 'Trust us' Otter style is not an answer. 

Help Canadians understand.

Oh, notice his passive-aggressive look of disgust. How dare she?

My inner-cynicism tells me they know this about him and were trying to poke the Finance Minister. 

She's not the only one:

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