Trophies For 9th Place Undermine The Value And Beauty Of Effort

When I was in elementary school in the 80s the school would have us compete in various exercise activities. The top three would get the standard gold, silver, and bronze patches for their successes while everyone else would get a participation patch of some kind. No one took those seriously.

It was almost embarrassing to get one.

And there's a simple explanation as to why few of us, if any, kept those patches and likely threw them in the garbage. There's no inherent value in pumping people up with empty self-esteem.

We were honest with ourselves when measured against others. Sore losers like me would take a little longer to accept not winning but even competitive people eventually come around to accepting their results and place among competitors.

There's no reason to patronize kids with ribbons for merely participating.

Here's why in my view.

Participation trophies undermine effort and talent.

That is, the success is the effort you put in. If you don't win that's okay. The fact you completed a specific activity while giving it your all is priceless. It's an inherently personal thing. You may not get a gold medal but the satisfaction in trying is gold.

Satisfaction is derived from the effort you put in to achieve a result. It may not be top three, but the victory is in the process of adhering to discipline and self-belief.

Handing over a ribbon for that seems to miss the point of the whole endeavour.

If you want a trophy you size up your result and measure it against the top performers. Then, you work towards to achieving their results. Even then, the desired result may not happen because talent comes into play.

These days though the thinking is if you don't give a ribbon you're hurting someone's feelings. Nothing can be further from the truth. First off, most kids who aren't into sports don't give a hoot about that stuff. Second, kids can be resilient and aren't such soft snowflakes. And finally, it only inflates someone's actually worth artificially. That they got some measure of recognition may compel them to believe they're better than they actually are.

They'll be in for a rude awakening in the real world. So it's better to not coddle kids in this manner in my opinion.

There are no safe spaces out there.

No One To Cheer For Between Canada, Facebook And The International Community; Except For Free Speech

"A panel of international politicians vented anger at Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg on Tuesday after the Facebook executives snubbed their summons to appear at the international grand committee on big data, privacy and democracy in Ottawa."

"The committee's chair, Conservative MP Bob Zimmer, called it "abhorrent" the two did not appear, and he closed a marathon session of testimony by telling the two Facebook employees who were sent in their place that it was "shameful" their bosses didn't show up.

Tyrants going after punks.

Gee, who to root for here?

"Jim Balsillie, the former chief executive of Research In Motion, which invented the BlackBerry smartphone, testified earlier Tuesday that a "toxic" social media business model is a threat to democracy."

No, it isn't. I must have missed the part where Balsillie is an expert on 'democracy' and history. Know what's a threat to freedom - panels and people like Jim who look to silence speech. 

The calculus is simple. If someone is claiming curbing speech to save democracy, they're the tyrant and treat them as such. 

It's a clown word out there. Let's get one thing straight, this 'panel' can straight off fuck off. Zuckerberg is right to ignore these petty tyrants who are looking to censor and restrict speech.

And screw them some more for making me defend Zuckerberg.

Once again, this bull shit can't happen in the USA because of the First Amendment.

Other than that, this government - filled with gaffe after scandals and arrogance - is going to 'defend democracy?

I don't think so Jack.


Speaking of illiberal minds....

There is no ‘right or wrong people’ just like there’s no ‘hate or love speech; there’s just speech.

The government has no way to know what’s in people’s hearts and minds. Even if they convince people they can ‘catch’ or prevent some ‘wrong’ people from getting a gun.

And specificy who qualifies and would be classified as ‘wrong’ people. Anyone with mental illness? I don’t like these blanket terms. OCD is considered a mental illness. Would they be considered ‘wrong’?


Burn It All Down: The Modern Illiberal Mindset

Before I get into my spiel, a quick comment about the view up here about Trump.

The way I see it, Canada - and specifically Quebec - has no business criticizing Trump. Here's why, and let's keep it simple.

On our books, we have Bill 22, Bill 101, Bill 69, Bill C-16, Islamophobic speech laws and the dreaded notwithstanding clause (seen as a wonderful example of Canadian 'compromise'. Yeh, at the expense of your individual civil liberties).

As far as I know, Trump has not introduced a single law or act that tramples on civil liberties. In fact, Trump never invoked Executive Privilege during the entire Mueller investigation.

The United States of America does not have a single law along the lines of those mentioned above.

These are laws that prevent choice and punish freedom of speech and expression.

How we celebrate this is beyond me.


Onto other matters focusing on the U.S..

Mueller has resigned.

But not before his own contribution to the illiberalism pushed by the modern Democrat party.

At this point, I'm not even sure I can describe them as progressive. Have you listened to Kmala Harris's platform? It's straight off authoritarianism. It has no hallmarks of liberalism or conservatism. It's just an unseemly and incoherent of 'ideas' designed to further consolidate power into the state.

The word progressive suggests something positive; as moving forward.

Where I sit, the rhetoric employed by the Democrats - and Liberals here - is nothing but. It's regressive. It's premised on one thing and one thing only: Hate of our collective Western heritage.

And it's hated because of their abject ignorance of our history and heritage.

All must be erased, laws protecting victims must be enacted, language must be change, statues destroyed and so on.

The sheer amount of illiberal proposals made in the last three years has been dizzying as it's been depressingly preposterous. From the diminishing of due process, to giving free education and health to illegal citizens, to refusing to secure the border, to wanting to eradicate the Electoral College, to looking to ban speech or curb the Second Amendment to proven failed economic policies to the rise of socialism etc. Heck, let me get to the point, the entire Bill of Rights is problematic for the modern left.

Settle on any idea from Ocasio-Cortez or Sanders for an example. The frightening part is all these ideas are retreads from a time passed. In some cases, they were even put into practice and failed spectacularly bringing mass death and starvation to humanity.

We're at a point where 'taxes' are seen as better than 'charity' as some lawyer on Twitter - the social media scourge - asserted. Which makes perfect sense to an illiberal collectivist. Such beliefs are natural to them. Happy, successful people give more - and they tend to be conservative or libertarian. Angry, envious people prefer taxes because it's a passive-aggressive approach to stealing to pay for their schemes they would not pay out of their own pockets. Just look at the entire 'victimhood' narrative currently being played out before our eyes. All created from an illiberal mind set.

They're all over the place on TV and in film. Pick your poison.

So here we are. Bowing before the glorification of the state asking for more taxes to enslave us.

Truly astonishing.

The Mueller investigation was pure evil because it was a direct attack on our most cherished and celebrated concepts of due process and innocent until proven guilty to which we all benefit from.

An investigation that ruined reputations and lives for deeds that were the rule rather than the exception in politics. One can wonder were these people that much worse than what we now know about what Hilary and Obama (and Holder and Rice and a host of other swamp creatures) were up to?

Can we say with a straight face that their actions were worse than, say, drone killing American citizens without due process? Submitting American power to international treaties? To destabilizing Libya helps to foster a migrant crisis to which Europe is still reeling from? From passing sensitive information on an unsecured private email server? Gun running through Fast & Furious in Mexico? Cynically and without a shred of proof pinning the Benghazi attack on a video to which its creator was put in jail? By using the bureaucratic agency apparatus to squash dissenting views (ie the IRS) or NSA to spy on Americans who committed no crime as well as the Trump campaign? But to name a precious incredible few examples.

Since this banana republic, partisan side-show, the average person probably now believes 'yeh well just because they couldn't prove Trump (colluded or whatever direction the investigation was spinning) doesn't mean he didn't do it'.

Here's a perfect explanation why this 'investigation' was poison to American institutions and by extension our Western concepts of legal wisdom established since the days of Rome.

Mueller: “Because we determined not to make a traditional prosecutorial judgment . . . . this report does not exonerate the President.”

Wow. Sounds like Mueller cheered for the Inquisitors back in the day. 

“If we had had confidence that the president had clearly not committed a crime we would have said so.” Mueller
— David M. Drucker (@DavidMDrucker) May 29, 2019

That’s not how it works in America. Investigators are supposed to look for evidence that a crime was committed, and, if they don’t find enough to contend that a crime was a committed, they are supposed to say “We didn’t find enough to contend that a crime was committed.” They are not supposed to look for evidence that a crime was not committed and then say, “We couldn’t find evidence of innocence.”

I understand that Mueller was in an odd position. I understand, too, that this wasn’t a criminal trial. But I don’t think those norms are rendered any less important by those facts. By asking the executive to investigate itself, it was guaranteed — yes, guaranteed — that we’d have a fight over “obstruction of justice.” For the architect of that investigation to keep saying “We aren’t exonerating our target” is extraordinary. Innocence is the default position in this country. If a person doesn’t have enough evidence that someone committed a crime to contend that a crime was committed, he is obliged to presume his innocence. “Not exonerated” is not a standard in our system, and it shouldn’t be one in our culture, either.

And that's how you erode trust in institutions. 

It would be interesting to see if an investigation will be launched into who exactly okayed this mess to begin with if Americans are serious about restoring some dignity and sanity to the legal process. This is not a defence of Trump. This is a defense of the system. 

But the left - Democrats and Liberals here - have taken to attacking established and time honored concepts such as 'innocent until proven guilty' as well as functional rules of governance never before questioned - like the electoral college - for political expediency. Moreover, they went ballistic when they said Trump wouldn't 'abide by the results' (when he said he'd have to look at it at that point. He never said he would ignore it outright) but all they've done is not accept the results of 2016 for 2 1/2 years now and Mueller was just a part of that 'we don't abide' hysterical backlash.

The more they squawk about 'end of democracy' the more they hasten its fall by their own behaviour and action.

There's no question in my mind the modern left are the root of all this disingenuous angst and stupidity. All of it.

So much so, moderates have been forced into picking a side be it on the so-called populist right or the far left as we see across Europe. Is this on the horizon in North America? We already see the flair in the air with the establishment of the People's Party under Maxime Bernier in Canada. 

These people don't care about the Republic in the USA anymore they care about democracy here in Canada.

They want a soft dictatorship ruled by elites. 

It's a big power grab for its own sake and we ain't invited.

Don't be made a fool.

Reject them. 


Behold the buffoons in all their unprincipled, inglorious lamentations:

Democrats (after loss): We must switch to popular vote because democracy and slavery!
Also Democrats (after win): We must keep the electoral college because Republic! People who want pop. vote are sore losers!

All because they lost to....Trump.


Quote Of The Day

"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience."
-- C. S. Lewis


JP Chase CEO Jamie Dimon: Fascist

There's nothing I loathe more than faux-righteous corporate CEOs embarking on a foolish and arrogant political SJW crusade against customers.

Keep quiet and DO YOUR DAMN JOBS.

Enter JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.

Dimon doesn't come off looking good 'debunking' conservative voices. He comes off looking like a fascist fool. Doesn't he notice the definition of 'extremist' is loose and encompasses even moderates? That people get in trouble for merely linking to a conservative personality? You think this shit is going to stop here? Are you people not paying attention to HUMAN HISTORY?

What is it with the companies who think they need to censor and ban people for merely having a different opinion? Conservatives aren't racist or dangerous.

The left and entrenched interests like Dimon are though their anti-freedom actions and rhetoric. How deluded are they to not realize they're the ones acting like the fascists?

The ultimate irony here is the left, if given a chance, would destroy the banking system as we know it. You have two popular socialist morons in Congress who want the U.S. Post Office to take over banking. So I don't know why Dimon would want to be a useful idiot to the left.

Dunkin' Donuts gets it.

Chase doesn't.


Quote Of The Day

"Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God."

Dunkin' Donuts Speaks Truth


A company that understands its mandate.

Dunkin' Donuts thus spoke on the eighth day:

"Martin further specified politically provocative designs on cups was something Dunkin’ would not partake in: “We don’t want to engage you in political conversation, we want to get you in and out of our store in a matter of seconds.”


And they didn't need to hire fancy consultants to say what's painfully obvious to people not paralyzed by political virtue-signalling.

We need more corporations to stick to their mandates. Less Pantagonia, Burger King, Gillette, Nike, Starbucks and other faux-'woke' companies and more like New Balance, DD and McDonald's.

If only DD didn't cede the market to Tim Hortons here. But I'll be sure to keep being a customer whenever I'm around one.

Speaking of consultants, I still remember one praising the Gillette ads. Yeh, an ad that uses frickin Ana Kasparian of all people in their puerile SJW scolding and he thought it was good.


Honk honk.


71% Of Americans 'Feel Good' About The Economy

And they should. 

Moreover, they credit Trump (sorry Barry) for it.

That's the key.

It gets better. 60% of Democrats agree.

2020 is a fait accompli.

Trump is going to win in 2020 for two reasons. One, if the economy is indeed indisputably strong and likely to maintain its strength despite some 'clouds' on the horizon. Two, the Democrat field is filled with clowns, socialists and disingenuous ideologues. In other words, it's a crowded field of losers.

Another aspect is he's actually fulfilling what he promised.

Trump now will likely focus on swaying independent voters to further solidify his chances.

Don't be surprised to see a landslide (including a popular vote for those who care about such irrelevant figures) in 2020.

Hopefully, that's when Hilary and Obama will have to finally account for their actions.

All this despite the vast majority of reporting on Trump is trumped up negativity.

Think about that.


There Is No Truth-Truth In Democrat World

In The Maltese Falcon the bitchy Brigid O'Shaughnessy played by Mary Astor says to Sam Spade (Humphrey Bogart), 'I'm tired of making up lies. Of not knowing what's the truth."

Sums up the modern Democrat party nicely. Even the Liberals up here.

This is the danger the DNC was warned about pushing a political agenda like the Russia narrative which they insist must go on as well as impeachment.

All based on lies to the point they don't know what the truth is or will be. So cynical they've become they probably wouldn't recognize the truth if it hit them.

The truth seems closer to Trump not colluding and their party having engaged in illegal activities.

That goes for the media and people who peddle the '10 000 lies' allegedly said by Trump. Suddenly, routine flubs politicians going back decades are considered lies in the age of Trump. Like the low and loose standards that qualifies someone as a racist or misogynist, the threshold of lies is razor thin under Trump. For example, if he claims GDP is 4.2% the media will fact check him and find it's really 3.9%. This goes under lie. Never mind 3.9% is still a strong figure. Or, more famously, when the media fact checked Trump saying Hillary 'acid washed' her emails. Everyone with a steady and sober mind knew what he meant, but they took him literally and declared she - duh - did no such thing. Lie. That she scrubbed her emails, naturally, was conveniently overlooked.

In any event, now you see how they arrive at such a preposterously ridiculous figure.

If you're around people and someone takes it seriously, my advice is you can safely ignore them.

Most recently, Pelosi (who is clearly not up to the task of taking on the McMarxist rebellion in her party through AOC and Sanders - who recently unveiled their plan to hand over banking to the Post Office all the while misrepresenting how credit card interests rates actually work. Yeh, just what consumers need: Financial illiterate progressives and socialist running the banking system and unionized bank tellers) as well as dealing with Trump) claimed Trump was being petulant and acting aggressively in a private meeting to discuss infrastructure policy (if memory serves me right). Responsible reporting discovered through interviewing people present that Trump was calm and acting appropriately.

Pelosi and the Democrats for some reason still feel the need to engage in hyperbole and I'm guessing they will only get more shrill now that Trump is allowing Barr to declassify documents pertaining to investigation conducted by the Democrats as well as whatever they were up to using agencies to illegally spy on Trump and American citizens. This is not something Democrats want to be revealed to the public.

Trudeau here has taken to smearing anyone who challenges his petty and ideological shtick as well as shameless avoiding answering questions turning these tactics into a feature not a bug of his government.

Lie and deflect they say is Trump's strategy.

I say it's projection.


Speaking of disingenuous left-wing liberals, an op-ed in the NYT takes dead aim at Democrat run California and other places that have made their states and cities unliveable.

Surprise. Filled with NIMBYISM and cronyism, liberal policies have made places like California a failed state. When you have a Bubonic plague outbreak, pay people 184k to pick up shit in San Francisco, give free education and health care to illegal aliens, and enact every possible stupidly specious environmental crack pot law like banning plastic straws, you know there are issues.

If you're a state welcoming Californians fleeing their state, be careful because they won't follow what made your state successful. They will repeat the same bad habits they had in California.

One of those being turning it into a one party state. I find it fascinating despite California being run by Democrats and its EC predictably going to Democrats they still manage to claim Republicans are at fault somehow for their failures.

Look at cities run by Democrat dynasties and see how they do on issues like, for example, crime and poverty.

Wealthy democrats treat people like 'pet minorities' and won't dare allow them to choose according to their needs and conscience. Just look at the whole charter school thing. Entrenched Democrat interests in the unions are fighting against it - for the children....and make sure poor people don't vote against their own interests.

Be wary of Californians (and others from hard core blue states) coming into your state.

They'll import the same shitty myopic mentality into your state.

Here's hoping Texas doesn't get swamped.

Alberta has to be careful with people from B.C. and Ontario pouring in.

Canada's Stock Liabilities Are High

Corporate debt has ballooned under the liberals.

They're putting this country in a precarious situation.

CBC Asks If We're Losing Our Identity - Yawn

Last week I was at a restaurant (rant forthcoming) equipped with TVs fixed on the CBC channel.

Some of the topics I noticed through the headlines since the volume wasn't on was an Inuit film (continuing the CBC's obsession with Native issues) as well as a three person panel  (I forget the names as I've never heard of them) asking - what else? - 'Our we losing our identity'? with an added obvious statement "Canadians consuming more U.S. content."


As in, BORING. 

This is what we get (along with some Neil MacDonald vapidity) for a billion dollar tax payer funded entity? Tiresome navel-gazing from a fresh crop of nouveau-cultural 'experts?

No shit Canadians consume U.S. content. It's where all the action is. In the last 20-25 years American programming brought iconic shows like The Sopranos, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones among many others. Even specialty channels from Velocity (where else can you get the Barrett-Jackson auction? On CTV?) to Discovery are filled with shows people enjoy to watch. I personally love Deadliest Catch.

No one cares about CanCon except for nationalists, the CRTC and the CBC. Moreover, the notion that the CBC 'connects people from coast to coast' is as irrelevant as it is antiquated in today's information age. What the CBC *thinks* binds Canadians, isn't necessarily accurate as anyone who digests modern media can attest. 

I don't know to what detail they got into but I'm surmising it's no different than what I've heard for the last, oh I don't know, 35 fricken  years.

There's nothing more childish and insufferable than having to listen to Canadians wonder about their 'national identity.'

Where the CBC pearl clutches about how Canadians choose to entertain themselves, they could perhaps ask, 'Are Canadians actually upset about Trudeau unilaterally changing the lyrics to our anthem without consent of the people?' 

Among other things. If we're losing our values and identity, the Liberals have played their part in that game. 

That worries me more than what we watch.

Back in university - when it wasn't over run by ideologues - I took a Canadian history class focusing on the 1920-30 period.

It was the defining navel gazing decade as the nation was seeking to shape its identity. It was stuck, as it were, between its British heritage and the cultural hegemony of American might. This manifested itself in our magazine industry. When all was said and done, our elites and capital took the easy (and most rational) rout and simply kneeled before Zod. That is, Canadians weren't interested in Canadian content. They liked reading American stuff.

It's a key feature of our paper nationalism. When push comes to shove, we don't support Canadiana as much as we could or should. We will choose Wal-Mart over Canadian Tire in a jiffy if we had too. 

For me, the CFL is a prime example of our thinking. Canadians talk about having pride in the CFL, but they don't support it as much as they could (except for Saskatchewan). If the NFL came knocking to annex us we'd ask 'where do we sign?'

A nation, I might add, that never maintained its military in any serious manner since the end of WWII choosing instead to - wink - off load this responsibility to the United States. Our army is under sized, under equipped and behind technologically for a huge land space such as ours.

So just accept it and spare me these 'what for no watch more Beach Combers? segments. 

Defund the CBC. 


America Is Doing Well

Despite all the insane gibberish oozing out of the mouths of Democrats (past and present) and celebrities engaging in divisive talk as if America is about to fall apart, the country is actually doing really well.

The talk about America and its President being 'racist' is just that: Talk. Bull shit really. America remains just about as open and tolerant a society on the planet (Canada being another).

In addition to the unproven racist charge comes his alleged misogyny. All of it is based on stuff he did in the past and as a private citizen. What people should focus on is what he does while in office as a public servant. Has he behaved inappropriately while in office? No. Unlike, say, Bill Clinton.

Another hyped-up issue are his '10 000 lies'. I've read such articles and what qualifies as a 'lie' is quite loose to the point we all pretty much would have '10 000 lies' attached to our names. Stuff like 'he said GDP is 4% but it's really 3.8%!

It's, ironically enough, the lie lies with the ones making such outlandish claims.

One may say well it's just politics. But it's a little more than that. We just witnessed an attempted soft coup while discovering a systematic and deliberate policy of spying on Trump and Americans alike. Never mind that there never was a Russian collusion story with him as the main driver of such a conspiracy.

It's dangerous because there are states now, driven by an irresponsible partisan hysteria against Trump, moving unilaterally to side step the electoral college towards one in favour of popular vote.

People do understand America is not a direct democracy but a constitutional republic right? How is this stuff not illegal? It's rooted in a faulty and cynical premise so it is bound to back fire and unleash unintended consequences against immature Democrats.

In short, they want L.A., Chicago and New York to decide elections. Never mind that Trump won over 2400 counties to that loser who managed only just over 400.

So with all this clearly unsubstantiated hysterics from the liberal media and Democrats, it's worth taking a look at what is actually happening.

Trump is actually fulfilling what he was elected to do. He said what he wanted to do and he's delivering.

For example, tax and criminal reform have been enacted. He has avoided wars which is a huge success. He has established America as the main super power again. This is what the trade spat with China is all about. His contention, and he's not alone in this, is that America subsidizes China's prosperity (as well as Europe) and wants to equalize trade negotiations that benefited China and hurt America. Say what you want, but this is what Americans wants and he's getting new deals with trade partners that so far haven't led to an economic calamity.

His foreign policy was supposed to bring a nuclear holocaust. Or that pulling out of a fluffy Paris Accord was going to 'drown people because of oceans' or something. Instead, things are rather stable at the moment. Who can forget Krugman's shrill 'economic holocaust' is a-coming and liberals advising people to 'sell their stocks'. If you did so on such emotionally charged rhetoric, you're probably regretting it and should be upset for being made a fool because the American economy has never been healthier and stronger by many metrics.

Trump also takes the First Amendment to heart. He believes in free speech clearly. He hasn't muzzled the press. He just chastises them for their apparent laziness and partisanship.

There are people who agree with him.

America is doing well. There are problems sure but not to the extent being claimed.

Americans have little to complain about and should be glad their President isn't a puppet of Russia, has the economy rolling, genuinely seems to care about the country and has restored America confidence.

That's why Democrats are falling all over themselves trying to 'out radicalize' each other with stupendously silly if not bizarre ideas and programs.

Trump may be uncouth and blunt (with some personality disorders - then again par for the course with politicians) but he's turning out to be the right 'asshole' the country needs. He took the country and gave it the good shake it needed to wake it from its slumber. If anything, he knew exactly what ailed the county and when in for the kill to attempt to fix it.

That's leadership. He's not my cup of tea but no one can dispute the results and good effect it's having on the country.

Canada can only hope it finds its moxy and does the same in booting out the Liberals and their obscenely ideological left-wing agenda that's not serving this country well in my opinion.


Burger King Advocates Violence

An interesting observation, I think, can be discussed here.

The progressive left asserts that the 'alt-right' is 'extremist' and thus dangerous to society largely based on speech. Their contention is what they perceive to be 'hate speech' is already manifesting itself, dubiously, into violence. There have been scattered incidences of such violence but nowhere on the level being claimed.

Conversely, the left actually routinely engages in violence to various degrees. They accord themselves, of course, the right to define what constitutes violence. Like they do with speech, they do so with violence. It's a 'goal post' moving tactic where they can simultaneously be the aggressor and victim. From censorship to punching people on campuses, the provable cases are easy to find on different news services.

For example, if they attack a peaceful protestor but the person defends themselves (as is their right when in danger), they will claim to be the victim even though their plot was to make a victim of the protestor.

It's a thoughtless, obscene and valueless mode of behaviour totally void of dignity and honour.

Here's another example.

Notice she doesn't understand the notion of theft and how it applies to private property. She seems to think that because she feels she's in the absolute right, this permits her to cause violence or theft against someone or an idea she disagrees with.

Another example is Burger King. Like Gillette (and other companies engaging in baffling 'woke ads'), they've garnered all sorts of attention for the wrong reasons with their recent '#feelyourway sad meals'; which really is misguidedly peddling hamburgers to people with mental illness or straight sensitive malcontents.

Now they're actively engaging in political violence. In the UK, people are attacking conservative politicians by pouring milk shakes on them (like that punk kid who broke an egg on the Aussie politician who justifiably clocked him one). In their undeveloped and immature minds, it's not a brick or some other dangerous object so what's the big deal?

Except it's still violence.

I highly doubt the CEO of Burger King would appreciate having milk shake thrown all over their designer clothes, right? How would he or she like if someone, say, pelted a BK outlet with eggs and milkshakes? I'm guessing they'd press charges.

This is what we mean by faux-virtue and virtue-signalling. It has no deep or profound purpose because it's just emoting for its own sake.

So why would they advocate for this stupidity?

From BK twitter:

Dear people of Scotland.  

We’re selling milkshakes all weekend. 

Have fun.  

Love BK 

Violence is wrong regardless of what the object or motive is.

Do onto others....


More On McMarxist aka AOC

World nominal GDP in USD: $78 trillion.
Green New Deal est. cost: $93 trillion.

Any questions?

Let me help. The entire world economy - of which the USA generates $20 trillion of the $78 trillion - doesn't generate enough money to cover the cost of this idiocy. In case you missed it, that's a $15 trillion difference on top of that. That's how irrational and impractical the plan is. 

Oh, wanna see more ignorance from McMarxist and Grandpa Gulag?

An intriguing part of the progressive mindset is where they hold in contempt for the extreme parts of Christianity and its adherence to preaching about God and The Gospel, they do the exact same thing. Except swap God for the state. In this manner they break a couple of the Commandments:

Thou shalt have no other Gods before my face and Thou shalt not make any idol with thy hands...

But they're godless commies, right? So what do they care!?

Alas, 51% of Democrats think socialism is swell! 

Though, I wonder if they would think this once they realize exactly how it would impact them.

As Churchill once said, “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.”

Anyway. About economics and how it plays into the immeasurably silly Green New Deal.

My image of them giving talks on the subject includes the use of stick people, sock puppets, flailing arms, dire grimaces and grabbing of the face and pearl clutching, broken pointers and elaborately incomprehensible charts, lab coats, swirling pics of David Suzuki, AOC, De Gayson Grosse (whatever his name his) and Nye the Cuck, catastrophic phonetic sounds, interpretive dancers, seances….you get the picture.

Durka, Durka, Durka: Manhattan's Wokeness; All My Children's Subtle Anti-Trump Messaging

Was walking the streets of Manhattan this past week-end and came across an ad where the Statue of Liberty had a burka with a captain alluding the magic of 'diversity'.

The use of this word grates because it's meaningless. We're already a diverse continent. The idea we should strive for it for its own sake is wrongheaded nonsense. If you have nothing to bind - ie values - the diversity you just have a hodge-podge of different people. Diversity is a quota system by other means basically.

In any event, I saw this on the heels of having just returned from the 9/11 memorial which I found poignant. It struck me as somewhat unfortunate NYC would place a burka on one of the world's great symbols to score a cheap political and vapid social-signal point; especially considering it was Islamic terrorists who killed 3000 innocent Americans in their own city.

But hey. That's me.

Then again, this is a city that turned the One World Trade Center pink when it introduced an infanticide law. I literally don't understand what was the point of that.

Pink for who? The system that permits a mother to kill a new born? Pink for woman's choice? Pink for the daughters that will never be?

Quite a ghoulish set of values New York has.

I read Cuomo is annoyed about all the people throwing their names on the Democratic presidential ticket (and what a ticket of characters it is!), might a suggestion where he personally places a burka on Lady Liberty?

Woke harder!


Speaking of 'diversity' this time on the immigration front. Once again, another day another conflation of illegal immigration with lawful immigration. This time from the show All My Children.

Now, it's worth mentioning I only happened to catch this scene because my wife watches it on PVR while eating dinner sometimes.

This past week I was doing some work at the table (unlike some of you) while my legal squeeze watched ‘All my Children’ on PVR. There’s a plot in the show where a couple are running for some town office and are anti-immigrant (note, not anti illegal but just plain irrational anti-immigrant). Naturally, they’re portrayed as evil and their stance leads to an Asian girl being threatened with deportation. Along the way, her boyfriend is angry and says, ‘my idiot father and his idiot voters’ (hmmmm) while her mother whips out a pistol (don’t they all?) threatening to kill the Mayor elected. Gee, now that’s passive aggressive if you ask me on the part of the writers, no? And I find it hilarious that in this obvious shot at Trump they arm a distraught mother ready to murder an elected official given they’re probably for gun control.

A variation of those 'deplorables' voting 'against their interests' and plotting to kill an elected official.

In prog talk, this means 'why don't these inferiors vote as we say or else."

Gee, what message are the writers trying to send with that, eh?

But here's the thing. Trump is right. The border needs to be secure. Immigration reform is needed. And the courts have supported three times already - never mind his policies are nothing out of the ordinary and have been actual proposals going back decades by both parties.

As for Canadians who lazily just assume he's an anti-immigrant President, his merit based idea is modelled on the Canadian system. Canadians should think twice and more critically before they criticize Trump on illegal immigration.

As CNN Falters Attacks On Fox Increase

Losing teams that blame everyone except themselves prove why they lose. Particularly against dominant and successful teams and organizations. 

It's an age old axiom in sports.

So it is in news media. As mainstream broadcasters continue to see their ratings free fall, they've taken an all too predictable tactic in hopes to maybe get some viewers back.

Attack the #1 dog on the block.  As in Fox News.

In case you haven't noticed, there's been an all out war by the liberal media establishment to 'unperson' Fox. It's been relentless and it will fail.

Fail it will because it's a pack of lies. 

CNN is leading this charge and the strategy is simple. Like they 'dehumanize' individuals to get them to submit to the collective, they will seek to de-legitimatize Fox in hopes it gets the Alex Jones treatment (even though they and MSNBC engage in their own conspiratorial spins like the Russia narrative).

They succeed against Jones (for now) and maybe they think, with brimming pride and arrogance natural to them, they can take down the Fox News universe.

Can't be, you know, Fox offers better programming and news services. 


And that's why they're losers.

I stopped watching CNN a few years back because it was insufferably retarded and they're unhinged anti-Trump escapades only cemented my view they're just a bunch of partisan shills. Cowards too because they still pretend to hide behind being 'objective'.

Here's hoping CNN and MSNBC hasten their downfall so we can all enjoy us some Fox.


McMarxist AOC Is An Unprincipled Idiot

This is a technique of the GOP, to take dry humor + sarcasm literally and “fact check” it.

Like the “world ending in 12 years” thing, you’d have to have the social intelligence of a sea sponge to think it’s literal.

But the GOP is basically Dwight from The Office so who knows.

You're a fear mongering, unprincipled liar.

Love how she tries to spin what literally the left - and left leaning organizations like Politifact and Factcheck for example - does with fact checking conservative views and make it look like she's the victim. This is a perfect example. Use hyperbole to pimp an agenda - cross fingers- and hope no one calls you out. People did. And she now spins it into saying, 'I was only joking!'

No, you tiresome, illiberal ignoramus. People are fact checking you because what you say is often stupid and wrong. Left unchallenged it's poisonous. This is par for course for the climate change cult who have been making outrageous claims that never panned out since the 1970s.

Want to know the effect you have? My daughter was telling how her friends are scared the world was going to end in 12 years. So, aside from me taking her aside and explaining what kind of an idiot you are (as well as Ilhan and Rashida - hey, kill three birds with one pebble, no?), I had to assuage and assure her nothing of the sort would happen teaching her that's what arrogant, opportunistic (and soon to be corrupted) wannabe-socialist hacks like yourself do.

You manipulate children on purpose because this is what hardcore leftists do. Recall the kids who ambushed Feinstein demanding climate action and Greta. Alas, I have to admit, as shameless this tactic is, it works. Even conservative politicians are forced to play along lest they be attacked publicly. Andrew Scheer unveiled his own 'climate change' platform recently. It's called pandering to useful idiots.

Listen. It's simple. Her 'ideas' will end up in a race to the bottom. They're not unique or even necessary. They've been tried in different ways throughout the 20th century and beyond and failed spectacularly. Follow her blindly and she'll lead you down a path to failure - or worse.

I realize my last two titles are blunt but Justin and AOC deserve it.


Trudeau: You're Not An Honourable Man

As you take your act abroad talking about justice babbling about whatever bull shit ideological values you're pimping, your actions against Admiral Norman and subsequent refusal to at least be in Parliament when the nation offered an apology - as it should - you are absent.

Your actions always speak volumes about the sort of man you are.

Just SNC-Lavalin alone points to your arrogance and willingness to shut down any legitimate investigations in search of the truth.

Canada is without doubt worse off with you and this edition of the Liberal party.

I hope and trust Canadians will do the right thing and fire your asses in October and restore some semblance of dignity to this country.

On Free Speech America Stands Alone - Again

As the 'civilized' world over reacts to Christchurch (would be nice if they'd show some outrage whenever 'Easter Worshippers' are massacred) they prove that their countries - including Canada - are not bastions of freedom and liberty - and never were.

The calls for 'digital charters' (without popular consent of course) and the stifling of speech is nothing but calculated censorship. If you think you're safe because you have 'nothing to hide' think again.

The United States aren't buying it. Mostly because their Constitution prohibits them to stomp of free speech because of the First Amendment. In this way, Trump is being criticized for upholding the constitution. Alas, that doesn't stop asshat progressives claiming he's a racist extremist for refusing to join free speech luminaries like Germany, New Zealand (whose leader wore a burka or something to show her solidarity with Muslims), France and the UK (the country that bans knives and confiscates spoons). Sadly, Canada - our once proud country - is now lumped in with these tired, stagnant, tyrannical countries thanks to the SJW ideologues in power.

It's not America the nut case. It's the Western world.

If you support curbing of speech on any level, you deserve what you get.

The Liberals Are Extremists And Ideologues

Social engineering by other means and with a smile (or in the case of Justin - a smirk):

"Evidence clearly shows that increasing equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in research environments enhances excellence, innovation and creativity. EDI policies and practices strengthen the research community, as well as the quality, social relevance, outcomes and impacts of research. That’s why Canada is taking action to transform the research culture by removing systemic barriers in the academic research community. "

Critical theory research. In other words, pure bull shit being pimped by a government now in full ideological propaganda mode.

I'll be damned if I send my daughter to a university system indoctrinated by Justin's activism. 

Diversity for its own sake is meaningless. It's just a bunch of different people.

Values is what matters.

And the Liberals have none.

Scary stuff.

Fall of the West reason 499660000.

More here.


The Daily Derp: What The Derp Is Going On?

Is Chase debanking?

Wouldn't surprise me.


Why is it whenever there's a sleazy story reported, the Clinton name lurks about?

Clare Bronfman plead guilty to the NXIVM sex slave racket which involved actress Allison Mack. The Clintons have been linked to it as well. Let's not forget Bill's alleged connection to the Lolita Express.


Court orders watchdog reopen case of Trudeau's trip to the Aga Khan's private island in the Bahamas. This time, it's been uncovered one John Kerry was present. 

What is this guy Justin up to exactly?

Recall he was found guilty of four ethics violation in the matter. And is embroiled in the SNC-Lavalin scandal. How he's still standing is enough to make a cynical of even the most idealist Canadian.

Justin, John and Aga. Sounds boring as hell.

More here.


Finnish political leader red pilled about migrants.

Recall, if memory serves me right, the former leader said something along the lines of he'd take refuges into his home and later admitted this would be a dangerous proposition.


They want statues removed. They want murals taken down. They want to sanitize literature.

When you lose the librarians, we lose more than we think.

The left are the epitome of 1984 and Fahrenheit 451.

You think I'm nuts?

Ok. Read this.


Do they ever look in a fucken mirror?




This is not surprising. Western civilization is actually the most tolerant and progressive of all civilizations.


Trudeau. Do as I say....but tell him to fuck off. 


To recap. She's a refugee from shit hole Somalia and she shits all over the country that took her in. And has the gall to call Trump an 'occupant to boot. 



Trump's America.


More stupidity from academics who get paid:


I feel terrible for those victims. Imagine having to watch a system go after Tommy Robinson or people for voicing their opinions on Twitter but ignore actual heinous crimes committed against them. The mind boggles.

What shame and dishonour in the UK. 




Remember when universities were about pursuing truth and excellence in higher learning?

Now it's a cult.

Troubling stuff.


Financial censorship.

It's dangerous and companies need to show a pair and avoid it.


On the balance, I'm ok with Snowden and Assange. But in this case, he did skip bail so he has to face the music. Wikileaks is an enourmous counter-balance to the all-mighty power of the state who do things we don't agree with in our names. Wikileaks sheds light on the truth and gives citizens a chance to hold their leaders accountable.


They're certifiable.


USA Today database of police misconduct.


Meanwhile in Winnipeg....a hoax.

Taking their cue from Jussie Smollet. Didn't they notice it failed?


When you lose Taibbi and Friedman.


Eventually, the whole 'woke' thing is gonna come to a grinding, screeching halt.


Birth of a Nation poster offends.

Censorship in an arts school.

Those kids are gonna make shitty films.


That didn't take long.

Candace Clark, 21, is facing one felony count of making a false report. Prosecutors accused her of giving a friend access to her bank account and then telling authorities the money had been stolen. She denies the charges and claims she's the victim of Foxx's double standard -- something the judge weighed in on.
“Well, Ms. Clark is not a movie star, she doesn’t have a high-price lawyer, although, her lawyer’s very good. And this smells, big time," Martin said to prosecutors during a recent hearing, Fox 32 reported. "I didn't create this mess, your office created this mess. And your explanation is unsatisfactory to this court. She's being treated differently."
The judge continued, “There’s no publicity on this case. She doesn’t have Mark Geragos as her lawyer or Ron Safer or Judge Brown. It’s not right. And (if) I proceed in this matter, you’re just digging yourselves further in a hole. (If the) press gets a hold of this, it’ll be in a newspaper. Why is Ms. Clark being treated differently than Mr. Smollett?”
That's why people are upset. 
Very unwise and unscrupulous people run Chicago it seems. Just a broken place
Gee, Paul. Even I give and I'm a 'far-alt-right-extremist-Nazi-Trumpista-Exxon-Mobil-troll without a heart'. Give a little bit you cheap bastard.




I swear. They have to make a movie about this whole Russian collusion/investigation lie. It's bigger than Watergate. I've lost track of the twists and plots usually pointing to Democrat malfeasance. The characters are sleaze that make for a great movie.


The Obama administration were nothing but a bunch of hoodlums. 

Projection coming from him.


Sad story.


And to think they laughed at Trump when he said it happened.

Oh shoot. Still more.


I like to ignore 'the study suggests' repots.

Suggesting is not fact.


It was never going to stop at 'Confederate figures'.

Give them an inch, they'll erase history.




They hide behind the 'Israel occupier' thing but it rings hollow. 


She's evil personified.

Probably a progressive or Democrat voter too.

Too bad the bitch never faced justice. Hopefully, she's getting it in hell.



Notice how the NYT rolls.

When Christians beat Muslims up, we become Christians. 
When Muslims kill Christians, we become 'insert holiday worshipper' as if we're a cult, while the word Muslim is eliminated or suddenly becomes 'extremist group'.



Kmala Harris is a terrible person.

“Harris admits in the CNN interview that she had a homeless mother of three who was working two jobs arrested when her kids missed school—but she insisted that this was for the woman’s own good.”

Imagine this opportunistic (ahem), authoritarian twit with real power.


Speaking of faux-righteous knuckleheads.

The progressive are the new puritans who don't know how to mind their fucken business and out to ruin lives.


There's a rumour going around there's a secret plan by Justin the buffoon-clown-jester to  ban guns.

I already told my wife I will no comply. Sometimes you just have to take a stand. 

I have no respect for Justin as a politician and a man. 

Civil disobedience is appropriate here. I inherited my shot gun and it's a classic French design piece of art. I like to skeet shoot with it from time to time.

In a country  that constantly brags about its peacefulness there is literally no justification for this. So in effect, Justin is looking to make people like me a criminal if I don't comply with his dictatorial edict emasculating the population.

I really hope this is a rumour. 

And Bill Blair should grow a pair.