Blackface Getting Crazier By The Day; World Noticing

This country is being ripped apart by Justin Trudeau (and Quebec).

Yapping with Covid in hiding, Justin only comes out to Tweet and address the corporate media with inane, violent invective unsubstantiated rhetoric completely unhinged, detached from reality. 

Justin is so out of control, whatever he says makes instant international headlines. All eyes are on this maniac. A mentally ill bully of the highest order.

What in the hell is going on in Canada?

Since 2020 the enemies of Canada according to this country are: Small business, children, nurses and truckers.

Only a population living in a bubble of comfort like government bureaucrats and corporate employees could think things are fine and probably even now have new found scorn for truckers who feed their sorry, lazy, scared asses.

Always remember. You had a chance to remove a malignant figure. This country should be moving in the direction of several other countries in shifting the narrative away from Covid fear mongering and attacking the unvaccinated.

Instead, Canadians chose to put this disaster back in power.

No real man votes Justin.

Unfortunately, unless there's some covert investigation linking Justin to corruption - as several journalists and books have linked him o - that could sink him, the only real option is for the NDP to signal they're ready to end this insanity for the health of Canada.

If we had a Parliament with integrity, maybe it could happen.

As it stands, we have gutless lunatics hooked on failed vaccines.

We're stuck.


Blackface Lacks Self Awareness

Or he does and he just doesn't care because he's an arrogant narcissistic twit.

He recently dismissed the trucker's convoy as a 'fringe minority'.

This coming from a guy he has managed two minority governments while losing the popular vote in the last two elections to the Conservatives (who, in turn, are too gutless to take advantage of Justin's obscene unpopularity. He was there for the taking but both Scheer and O' Toole thought it a great idea to play Liberal light and act like CINO's - conservatives in name only).

Need we remind he has been accused of sexual harassment and caught in Blackface on a number of occasions? Pot kettle black. This coward engages in projection and piss-gaslights all over Canada.

No Justin.

It is YOU and whoever voted for you that is the fringe minority. 

They Lie To You Because They Hate You

No, really. They HATE you.

In a society that has descended in into a medical totalitarian mindset, the ability to reason and see truth is non-existent. All they see is fear - and even rage.

If the idea of indefinite boosters (producing endless antibodies for its sake regardless of the vaccines match the strain makes perfect scientific sense, tight? Right) hasn't woken you up to this criminal and shameless charade and fiasco, how about the CBC trying to blame the truckers convoy on, get this, Russia?

This is how it goes. They gaslight the gaslighting to the point they will no longer be able to control the narrative. 

There are some concerns there will be a false flag even like on January 6 in D.C.. 

Just be aware.

From the footage I've seen and first hand account from friends who are present, the crowd is splendidly diverse from Sheik truckers, to First Nations to black, white, Asians, women and kids. It was festive and therapeutic for many.

For two years the government has traumatized and abused (Justin, Tam and Legault are the three biggest culprits) people. The human mind, body and soul can only take so much. It's clear to many now they have cowardly, malignant and incompetent leadership in place. We still see politicians giving interviews from their damn offices. We haven't had a functioning Parliament in two years. This 'state of exception' - or medical emergency - has likely done permanent damage to both our system of governance and the civil order.

It went on too long.

There will be consequences.

We WILL ALL suffer from whatever they may be. At the end of the line, people regardless of medical status will feel it.

It's inevitable.

Have you noticed that every major best selling book is all about the destruction by government through this narrative? 

No one is writing about how great we've handled it.

So history is already recording this as a great human and scientific tragedy. 

But the media and CBC keep finding the low-grade academic hacks to continue pumping and pimping mandates.

My advice is STOP WATCHING THE NEWS. It's literal lies and poison.

The way they're ignoring or misleading the truckers convoy (did you know the person who headed the GoFundMe campaign is a Metis woman? It blows a gigantic hole in Justin's nauseating claim these are all 'misogynist' and 'racist' people who hold 'unacceptable views'. What will take for Justin voters to comprehend this is the rhetoric of a broken man? A totalitarian to the core.) is a continuation of the disheartening, demoralizing, dehumanization of Canadians.

Never forget.


Quick word on Quebec. By far, one of the worst performing jurisdictions and most unscientific and restrictive on the continent. It is under siege from a lunatic petty tyrant in Legault. It's second-rate intellectual class and public health system have condemned this place to a backwater of medical tyranny and fear. 

They don't plan to end ALL measures. 

Because they are lunatic cowards.

We will have to fight. 


The Truckers Make Me Proud To Be Canadian Again

My emotions are high.

The truckers have restored some hope for me and respect for Canada. 

Canadians like this kick ass and have inspired the world.

THIS is how Canadians need to be. ALL Canadians need to stand by our truckers.


First Nations has showed up. The head of the fundraising for the truckers convoy is a METIS woman.

It blows a giant gaping hole in that lying coward Justin's claim of the convoy made up of 'misogynists' and 'racists'. Even weasel douche bags like Dean Blundell - another gutless 'shock jock'  who has been manipulated like the low IQ misinformed coward like Justin.


Quebec is next.

Note to Francois Legault: END ALL MEASURES. This plan to keep 'measures' in place for the future' will NOT BE ACCEPTED AND TOLERATED.

Do you understand Francois and Christian?


We will fight.

Will you Francois? 



Shove that vaccine up your ass and then you can shove one up Legault's ass. 


The Appalling Miseducation Of Francois Legault

Quebec Premier Legault has managed to put this place on the map for all the wrong reasons. Since 2020 it's been a series of Orwellian and ignorant statements and proclamations.  Since August of 2021 when he returned from summer vacation it's been an endless and relentless stream of psychological harassment of the population (in tandem with the mentally ill coward Justin Trudeau) through press conferences held as many as three times a week. This trauma inflicted on the people culminated on one of the most disgusting decrees when he 'canceled' New Years ever on DECEMBER 30.

Only psychopaths could enjoy repeating beatings to improve morale.

And Legault and his bum pal Dube are psychopaths. 

What they have done is unforgivable.

Legault's knack for cognitive dissonance is actually troubling.

Today, he spoke about the Holocaust and babbled about how we should never forget.

This from a man who has done nothing but sow the seeds of discord and division by pitting people against one another along medical status.

His unethical passport system - which he says he's 'proud' of - is his piece de resistance.

Legault IS acting more like a Nazi than he cares to comprehend. Clearly, Legault isn't that informed about how Nazi Germany functioned and not up to date on Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four.

So tired of his ignorance and hick talk. 

Quebec has made its bed.

It must now lie in it as long as this failed and morally bankrupted man is still in charge. 


What Sacrifice?

The man-boy posing as Prime Minister keeps saying people who took the highly dubious experimental vaccine did their part by 'sacrificing' for the country.

This is a strange word to use.

Sacrificed what exactly? Their immune systems?

If the vaccines are 'safe and effective' then what are they sacrificing? 

If they did their duty, then that's a reward onto itself if the vaccines do what they were promised to do, no?

Did people 'sacrifice' for nothing?

It's looking that way.

How the general population is not realizing the endless stream of banal and puerile propaganda being flung in their faces only points to mass psychosis in play and complete irrational belief in low quality medicines that have been a spectacular scientific failure.

Canadians did sacrifice something.

Their bodily autonomy and self-dignity. 

A Permanent Stain Quebec Will Have To Accept

A good barometer to judge a society's maturity is it possesses self-awareness.

During the pandemic, Canada has emerged as one of the most cruel and restrictive countries in the world wallowing in an absurd vaccine obsessed vortex. Among its most zealous provinces, Quebec stands out as a purveyor of pandemic pandemonium. 

By far.

Already, prior to the pandemic the CAQ under Legault were making cultural and societal waves on the continent with laws like Bill 21. It didn't stop there. Legault has a malicious totalitarian streak in him and since 2018 the province has had to beat back his authoritarian tendencies. It seems like every other month, a piece of legislation more draconian than the last gets tabled by him.

He so badly wants to be a petty tyrant of a tin pot banana republic.

Of which Quebec is.

Since December 30, Quebec has taken foul Covid measures to new heights that can only be matched by a select few Western countries who have all but eradicated any modicum of democratic civil liberties. Second-rate countries like Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Belgium and Italy for example.

They not only failed to handle the pandemic with any thought to ethics and morality but they simply failed their nations; their people.

Canada is in this group. And as mentioned, Quebec holds a special black spot.

On that day, it was announced by The Grinch New Years was canceled (the only jurisdiction to do so in North America) and a curfew imposed as well as a lockdown. For those keeping score, that was Quebec's third lockdown and second curfew.

Then it was announced they were going to potentially introduce a vax tax and expand the passports.

All unique in Canada - and with NO epidemiological or scientific merit. Just manipulated data and good old fashioned scapegoating for a segment of the population who dared not obey. All punitive political nonsense.

Except, they pushed so hard (including irresponsibly pushing boosters on people who don't need it including those who recovered from reinfection and inexplicably attempting to get people to take a first dose! Which, again, makes no sense given the experimental vaccines are designed with a specific spike protein for the original strain long since extinct and had some modest effect on Delta. But Omicron may be displacing Delta and the antibodies produced by the boosters simply don't recognize it. Long story short, Quebec and Canada are going down a very dangerous path where infections will shoot back up, the vaccines may create a more virulent strain, and ADE can become real) that the rest of the continent noticed.

What do we have to show for all this? Along with wasted money and a fractured civil order, we're the worst performer in Canada, while Florida and Sweden free and open both, have better epidemiological outcomes.

Good job Francois Legault and media. You deserve a boatload of accolades for such success. An envy for the world. How no one copies us is a mystery. You should take your act on the road Francois to teach the world how to deal with a pandemic in a civilized and scientific manner.

Bah. Quebec has a special talent for making the rounds. 

So far we've been featured or mentioned on More, Rubin, Jones, Rogan, Tucker, and Russel Brand (who covered some Quebec star named Julie Snyder and her disgusting Nazi-esque propaganda using kids as props to spew hate on unvaccinated people) . These aren't small channels, shows or podcasts. These media groups and shows have tens of millions of viewers. 

Quebec needs to learn to get out of its own parochial bubble. Language doesn't shield them from their stupidity. If you act stupid, you will be mocked.

Naturally, Quebecers will fall back on the thin-skinned excuse of 'anti-Quebec' sentiment. 

But it's not.

It's anti-stupid sentiment.

And Quebec at the moment is acting stupidly. 

This province will not be able to overcome the reputation it has earned during this crisis. But look for the silver lining. There is one thing Quebec offers the world. It's teaching the West on NOT what to do during a challenging over blown crisis.

They wanted to politicize the pandemic, now they will have to pay whatever consequences that come of it.

Indeed, there will be consequences.

One may be an exodus. 


Quick word on corporate Canada.

You have proven yourselves to be enemy of the people.

The scenes I'm seeing from Costco and Wal-Mart aren't just shocking and disgusting as idiotic people show passports.

They're heartbreaking.

Now there are rumors Tim Hortons are denying services to truckers but I have to verify this.


Look Away!

Axiom of experimental vaccines: The higher the vaccination rates, the higher the infection rates.

Don't expect places like Quebec and Canada suffering from Vaccine Derangement Syndrome (chapeau to Theo Fleury) to see the connection.

It will all be 'wha happened?' and 'wHY ComE wE aVE HiGH rATeS? KiLL All deH uNVax?'

Dumbasses run Canada and clowns sit at the desks of academic hospitals. 


Exodus Quebec?

The amount of people planning to leave Quebec in my circle is growing.

My cousin is the latest to announce to leave for Ottawa. Not that things are that much better in Ontario but it is a better option than Quebec.

I see no future in Quebec and its continued absurd behavior with this over blown health crisis after two years (and still holding people hostage extorting them to take a low grade experimental vaccine with pedestrian efficacy and untenable and noxious passports is not only unacceptable it's now points to the general malaise of this place and its rotting soul. Not to mention their continued assault on children).

Our situation is a little more challenging, We just bought a house. My wife has a pension coming to her. We own a business. Have a 16 year-old that still has to go to CEGEP (Quebec's CEGEP system is a silly one). And manage an estate for an inheritance. 

We have set up a five year plan with an eye on Ottawa. Ultimately, the plan is to spend most of our time in the United States.

Done with Quebec.

It's simply not worth the head ache. 

I can't be the only one thinking this way. If you're smart and have something to offer a society, you ain't gonna squander your talents here.

I tell anyone that has no reason to be here, to LEAVE.

Of Gullible Canadians And Trucker Mandates

Remember Canada. If your shelves are empty it was because of two reasons: One, your complicity for the duration of the Covid hysteria that laid the foundation to these decisions and two, entirely a political decision by this weak man Justin Trudeau. 

It's not because of 10% of the unvaccinated truckers or 12% of unvaccinated Canadians or any other scapegoats your scared little minds care to conjure up and prey upon. 

It's strictly a political choice as well as the perception that Canadians rather enjoy being enslaved for their own good.

In other words, ultimately, it's YOUR fault. If you're still parading around in a mask wondering when the 4th shot will be available, YOU'RE the direct threat to this country.

None of these measures - including vaccination - have worked.

And you blind obedience to them is creating a toxic atmosphere fraying the civil order.

I repeat.

YOU are the ones at fault and Justin is just too stupid and a coward to understand and do right by a country.

Stubborn are you? Let me reframe it. You can 'genejab' 100% of the population and they will STILL demand you take boosters because vaccinations can't eradicate a respiratory illness. So what you're left with is mandatory booster of low quality products that "might" protect you and a second rate, corroded and corrupted public health system.

Feel stupid? You should. 

And embarrassed for being such gullible fools. 

A Message To Two Old Scared Men Neil Young And Howard Stern

Shut the fuck you sanctimonious, ignorant, arrogant, obedient, asswipes terrified of a respiratory illness with a 99.985% survival rate.

The self-righteous blathering of these awful baby boomers is nauseating.

A pair of insufferable douche bags.

As Lynyrd Skynyrd once sang, 'Well, I hope Neil Young remembers, a Southern man don't need him around anyhow.'


Who needs Neil Young? 

Question Neil: You profess to know more about Dr. Malone? If so, then debate him instead of issuing ultimatums on the Internet against Spotify. Better yet, Neil, go on Joe Rogan.

He's just about the more open and transparent interviewer out there. 

Show some real balls Neil.

Instead of sounding like a coward.


USA Superior To Canada In Two Key Areas

The courts and health care.

It's a no contest.

On the courts front, several state Supreme Court rulings have been rendered while the Supreme Court of the United States has issued also weighed in at least four or five rulings I'm aware of. Not to mention various Federal Court decisions. The vaccine and mask mandate rulings have more often than not come down on the side of the people and Constitution. 

Canada? One could only wish. We've yet to have a single ruling (other than winning an injunction on the travel bans in early 2021) in our favour. 

I don't think we've gotten out of the lower courts. Canadian judges are slaves to the narrative it would appear. In fact, all they want to hear in filings is the law and not evidence. Apparently, the government is allowed to abridge our constitutional rights. Which only confirms my long suspicion that our Charter really isn't worth much. One wrong person on power and we're in trouble.

Well, we have two very abusive charlatans. Both from Quebec. No surprise there. Trudeau and Legault. A pair of petty dictatorial tyrants who have just about broken the civil order in Canada. 

Very sobering to realize our democracy is mostly a sham at the moment.

The other area is health.

American hospitals clearly can handle the load. No more talk of 'overwhelming the system' like we do here. All our civil liberties have been eradicated because of a corrupted and mismanaged second rate public health system. We have quack epidemiologists and other scientific 'experts' calling for passports for, well, no one is sure why given there is NO justification for them.

Apparently, the Canadian social contract involves preserving a public health system while scapegoating a segment of the population who bravely exercised their right to not consent to an experimental (and largely failed) vaccine program. 

True, the U.S. hospital system seems to be frighteningly corrupted and inhumane but so is Canada's. None are offering treatments or protocols so they have both failed spectacularly to criminal levels here. 

The political system, could be a third but this is a little more complex. Suffice to say, though, again edge to the U.S. since we see far more vigorous debate and opposition to the official narrative. Here, Canadians still think March 2020 is the only viable option we're so closed off within our parochial bubbles. Only a handful of Canadian politicians have had the guts to stand up and fight for Canada. O'Toole is not one of them by the way.


Canada 0.

And oh. The United States have also surpassed Canada when it comes to hockey.


Message To Truckers: Get The Bastard!

To all the truckers of Canada and America taking a stand.

Give the sons of bitches hell! Truckers will save this country where lousy and cowardly "constitutional" lawyers and cops couldn't.  Go fuck yourselves along with the asshole media, quack doctors and politicians. 

Fuck Trudeau.



Arruda Resigns; He Can Save Quebec

 Maybe I'll adjust my hiatus to will post from time to time.

Big news.

Quebec's top doctor has resigned. Of course, Quebec leads the way in mayhem.

What does that mean?

It means the narrative is crumbling.

It means, despite my being hard on him, he has a conscience.

I had predicted last year if anyone resigns, it would be him.

You can tell he was no happy or comfortable with any of this for a while now. He probably understands the utter damage to the civil order these two psychopaths Legault and Dube are doing the civil order. They're unhinged.

Arruda is now free from the grips of two tyrannical and cynical buffoons trying to manage the narrative way from being scrutiny; from being seen as the two men who have ruined Quebec's economy and psyche.

It is unbelievable Legault is planning to further restrictions in a last gasp attempt to seize back full control. The new man - Luc Boileau - is a pharma shill and a yes man. 

I expect things to get worse but perhaps this is the beginning of the end.

NOW WE GO IN FOR THE KILL. DO NOT TAKE THE BOOSTER. Omicron is burning through with fury. Many of the cases and hospitalizations are probably flu. It's pure chaos. Quebec's public health system is in shambles. That's why we're in this mess.

These vaccines have been mostly useless from the onset and Pfizer knows it. Bourla is now on record as saying the protection has been 'limited',  Funny how he changes his tune now that a judge has ordered Pfizer and the FDA release 55 000 pages of documents. One can just surmise their product is junk The CDC is slowly walking back from their official narrative too. Bourla says a 'new' vaccine for Omicron will be ready by March? Why? By then there may be another variant (unless we can stop this vaccine madness) and Omicron will likely be long gone. What will be the point of that? Literally NO REASON to take that crap. Pharma and government will be chasing tails and WE'RE gonna pay the price.  

If you can't see this for what it is by now you need a helmet to go through life. What I'm saying to you - and have been saying since March of 2020 - is THEY HAVE BEEN LYING TO US EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. Go back. Trace the steps. Look at what skeptics and conspiracy theorists had been saying. Match it with news reports. Think about all the people of prominence who warned this was overblown. 

Truth was bound to finally prevail. Maybe we have arrived at this point. 

If we all together stand firm, this ends. NO CONSENT.

As for Arruda. He's free now. He must speak out. He must join our ranks.

His reputation was tarnished. His conscience withered. 

But he can now make amends.


My usual disclaimer: Greatest medical hysteria (and scam) in world history.


On Hiatus

After the announcement here in Quebec, I've come to accept things will not get better here. They're getting worse. My life has been thrown upside down.

It's a nightmare and never thought I'd be in this position.

I now have to focus on my family and plot my next move. And literally move.

I started this blog in late 2004. Over 12 000 posts (drafts) have been written. My traffic was never great but I poured my heart - every ounce of it - into it. I gave my best to whoever read it.

If you enjoyed it, I'm glad.

Hopefully I'll come back. I enjoyed doing this. But we're no longer living in a free society.

It's a full on dictatorship. And Quebecers are embracing it without much thought.

It's shocking. I bought a new house in a lovely town. We had hoped this was going to be our base to finish off our careers in the next few years.

This has been take away.

Time to seek our future elsewhere.

Ideally the United States. Things aren't much better in Canada. There aren't any heroes here to fight the good fight. It's a vaccine Covid gulag. You're in or you're out. Maybe there's an outside chance Ontario doesn't go this far so that could be an option. Other provinces? We'll see. But Canada isn't a first choice. 

The United States has huge issues as well but I'd rather take my chances there. The odds are against me given my options are thin and the risks high. My daughter is a teenager entering prime years. I don't want to disrupt her life unnecessarily. She's a beautiful soul I love too much. 

When they said we 'have to learn to live with the virus' they meant with QR codes and the eradication of medical autonomy and civil liberties.

I can't live this way. I can't accept this dark, cold place. It offers nothing of value - and love. 

I have to fight for my family.

You know. In the 1980s I used to rad stories about people defecting from the Soviet Union and feeling sorry for them. How hard it must have been to do that.

Now I know how it feels on some level. 

Canada has ripped from us our right to live in peace. 

And Canadians slept.

It's been a pleasure. Perhaps we'll meet further long down the road. I do so with great emotion.