The Truckers Make Me Proud To Be Canadian Again

My emotions are high.

The truckers have restored some hope for me and respect for Canada. 

Canadians like this kick ass and have inspired the world.

THIS is how Canadians need to be. ALL Canadians need to stand by our truckers.


First Nations has showed up. The head of the fundraising for the truckers convoy is a METIS woman.

It blows a giant gaping hole in that lying coward Justin's claim of the convoy made up of 'misogynists' and 'racists'. Even weasel douche bags like Dean Blundell - another gutless 'shock jock'  who has been manipulated like the low IQ misinformed coward like Justin.


Quebec is next.

Note to Francois Legault: END ALL MEASURES. This plan to keep 'measures' in place for the future' will NOT BE ACCEPTED AND TOLERATED.

Do you understand Francois and Christian?


We will fight.

Will you Francois? 


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