They Lie To You Because They Hate You

No, really. They HATE you.

In a society that has descended in into a medical totalitarian mindset, the ability to reason and see truth is non-existent. All they see is fear - and even rage.

If the idea of indefinite boosters (producing endless antibodies for its sake regardless of the vaccines match the strain makes perfect scientific sense, tight? Right) hasn't woken you up to this criminal and shameless charade and fiasco, how about the CBC trying to blame the truckers convoy on, get this, Russia?

This is how it goes. They gaslight the gaslighting to the point they will no longer be able to control the narrative. 

There are some concerns there will be a false flag even like on January 6 in D.C.. 

Just be aware.

From the footage I've seen and first hand account from friends who are present, the crowd is splendidly diverse from Sheik truckers, to First Nations to black, white, Asians, women and kids. It was festive and therapeutic for many.

For two years the government has traumatized and abused (Justin, Tam and Legault are the three biggest culprits) people. The human mind, body and soul can only take so much. It's clear to many now they have cowardly, malignant and incompetent leadership in place. We still see politicians giving interviews from their damn offices. We haven't had a functioning Parliament in two years. This 'state of exception' - or medical emergency - has likely done permanent damage to both our system of governance and the civil order.

It went on too long.

There will be consequences.

We WILL ALL suffer from whatever they may be. At the end of the line, people regardless of medical status will feel it.

It's inevitable.

Have you noticed that every major best selling book is all about the destruction by government through this narrative? 

No one is writing about how great we've handled it.

So history is already recording this as a great human and scientific tragedy. 

But the media and CBC keep finding the low-grade academic hacks to continue pumping and pimping mandates.

My advice is STOP WATCHING THE NEWS. It's literal lies and poison.

The way they're ignoring or misleading the truckers convoy (did you know the person who headed the GoFundMe campaign is a Metis woman? It blows a gigantic hole in Justin's nauseating claim these are all 'misogynist' and 'racist' people who hold 'unacceptable views'. What will take for Justin voters to comprehend this is the rhetoric of a broken man? A totalitarian to the core.) is a continuation of the disheartening, demoralizing, dehumanization of Canadians.

Never forget.


Quick word on Quebec. By far, one of the worst performing jurisdictions and most unscientific and restrictive on the continent. It is under siege from a lunatic petty tyrant in Legault. It's second-rate intellectual class and public health system have condemned this place to a backwater of medical tyranny and fear. 

They don't plan to end ALL measures. 

Because they are lunatic cowards.

We will have to fight. 


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