Exodus Quebec?

The amount of people planning to leave Quebec in my circle is growing.

My cousin is the latest to announce to leave for Ottawa. Not that things are that much better in Ontario but it is a better option than Quebec.

I see no future in Quebec and its continued absurd behavior with this over blown health crisis after two years (and still holding people hostage extorting them to take a low grade experimental vaccine with pedestrian efficacy and untenable and noxious passports is not only unacceptable it's now points to the general malaise of this place and its rotting soul. Not to mention their continued assault on children).

Our situation is a little more challenging, We just bought a house. My wife has a pension coming to her. We own a business. Have a 16 year-old that still has to go to CEGEP (Quebec's CEGEP system is a silly one). And manage an estate for an inheritance. 

We have set up a five year plan with an eye on Ottawa. Ultimately, the plan is to spend most of our time in the United States.

Done with Quebec.

It's simply not worth the head ache. 

I can't be the only one thinking this way. If you're smart and have something to offer a society, you ain't gonna squander your talents here.

I tell anyone that has no reason to be here, to LEAVE.

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