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"Do not blame Caesar, blame the people of Rome who have so enthusiastically acclaimed and adored him and rejoiced in their loss of freedom and danced in his path and gave him triumphal processions. Blame the people who hail him when he speaks in the Forum of the 'new, wonderful, good society' which shall now be Rome's, interpreted to mean: more money, more ease, more security, more living fatly at the expense of the industrious." --

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Alberta's Human Rights Commission Is Run By Crazy Tyrants

"...The Law Society of Alberta has issued citations against lawyer and media personality Ezra Levant relating to remarks he made about the province's human rights commission.

CBC News has obtained a copy of the citations which allege Levant's comments were "inappropriate and unbecoming" of a lawyer."

Unbecoming? UNFUCKENBECOMING? Are these losers for real?

Yes. Yes, they are. And you think your free. So naive. So, so naive.

Arman Chak (whoever this guy is) and his ilk are a bunch of parasitical and dangerous sleaze buckets who contribute absolutely fuck all to Canada.

See my hand? Absolute fuck all except to be a giant douche bag with nothing to do but harass citizens with their bull shit.

People who attack people on the grounds of muzzling free speech are extremists and should be chastised for it.

This is what Levant wrote:

"But with human rights commissions, when you think you've hit rock bottom, you haven't," wrote Levant in his article. "The crazy keeps going down. You gotta get out your shovel and dig to get to the crazy that's underneath the crazy."

Now the full force of a lousy and useless commission will go after him. While the free speech witch hunting commission lacks any real teeth, process, of course, will be the punishment likely to Levant money, time and stress.

It's what these (unelected but appointed) thin-skinned assholes do. For Canada. For the children.

/quietly turns woodchipper on while licking ice-cream cone.


Daily Derp: Extra Derpextra!

RCMP motto: Strong, proud, free.

I don't get the free part.

How are they free?

I ask the hard questions.


Source Guy Benson.

Biden orders staff to look tirelessly for speech to plagiarize.


Instead of triggering a 'national conversation' (after all, progs love to defend their controversial positions under the guise of 'national conversation' because they're presumptuous that way) the Planned Parenthood fiasco has made lefties angry.

Kamala Harris puts her cape on.


Just who are the nut-crazies?

Digging up Confederate Generals graves is incredibly disgusting not to mention illegal. Hope these people are brought to justice.

It's funny just how illiterate and ignorant people can be. They're acting like the same 'red neck hicks' they so loathe. Prior to Dylan Roof few gave a shit about the Confederate flag. Then this one nut goes off and everyone loses their fricken minds.

This is exactly how mob rules functions and it's not good.

They're entering the stage of posthumously looking to execute people they don't like. Think Oliver Cromwell's Head.

Bunch of degenerate derelicts.


Let's not talk about the crisis illegal aliens are committing in the United States.


Let's just conflate the issue by accusing those who dare attempt to discuss it as 'anti-immigration' while shouting 'we're all immigrants'! And if you're even more dilapidated in your thoughts, white privilege something, something.

"...The murder of Kathryn Steinle on the Embarcadero in San Francisco by an illegal alien is the most familiar example of a crime committed by an alien.  But an unreleased internal report by the Texas Department of Public Safety reveals that aliens have been involved in thousands of crimes in Texas alone, including nearly 3,000 homicides.
PJ Media obtained a never-before-released copy of a Texas DPS report on human smuggling containing the numbers of crimes committed by aliens in Texas.   According to the analysis conducted by the Texas Department of Public Safety, foreign aliens committed 611,234 unique crimes in Texas from 2008 to 2014, including thousands of homicides and sexual assaults.

The Texas DPS report says well over 100,000 individual criminal aliens have been booked into Texas jails:

From October 2008 to April 2014, Texas identified a total 177,588 unique criminal alien defendants booked into Texas county jails. These individuals have been identified through the Secure Communities initiative, in which Texas has participated since October 2008."
This, I think, strikes me as a serious issue.

But hey. Look over there, there's Jeannie with her new boyfriend and his Confederate flag!


Coke, Ford and Xerox ask their names be removed as donors of Planned Parenthood.



Well, what people defending PP may be overlooking is the overall tone of what was revealed in the videos. Not to mention the references to wanting a Lamborghini, obliviously chomping down on salads and sipping wine, and discussing less crunchy methods of removing tissue and organs.

Just bad optics and I can see why even sober and sensible people are taken aback if not astonished and still others mortified.

If these are just a 'collection of cells' then why are the organs so important?


Comments from the internet:

"Recently I read that in some US city abortions outpaced births. This makes abortion services a huge industry. If the demand for fetal tissue is significant, PP could make several hundred dollars--maybe even a thousand--in revenue per abortion. It's beginning to look like there is a business reason for late-term abortions and that Planned Parenthood's business model depends on it."

"Further proof that Proggies come from the Bizarro World. Rachel Carson is directly responsible for millions of deaths (mostly in impoverished countries) and she's a hero. But Norman Borlaug literally saved millions (mostly in impoverished countries) from starvation and he's a monster. Facts don't matter with them; it's all knee-jerk reactions based on what they've been told."


When protectionism, subsidies and supply-side management becomes 'shrewd' economic theory.


Age of Ignorance:

"...Two years ago, Waterloo-based high-tech entrepreneur Dave Caputo and retired local high school principal Jim Rodger sought a way to bring greater attention to Canada’s past in Southwestern Ontario. Using privately raised funds, they planned life-sized statues for each of Canada’s 22 prime ministers along the meandering paths of downtown Kitchener’s sprawling Victoria Park.

But when the city solicited public input, it met a blisteringly negative response. Nearly 80 per cent of the more 2,400 respondents opposed the idea, with the bulk of the comments expressing revulsion at celebrating the “corrupt dead white men” who (mostly) comprise our country’s past leadership. Kitchener city council meekly abandoned the concept. When the project’s first statue – Sir John A. Macdonald, naturally enough – was completed as scheduled earlier this year, it had to be unveiled at a local hockey game..."

To me, if you're incapable of not imposing contemporary views on history then you're an unfit student. You will forever wallow in your own smug ignorance. 

Sadly it's a trend that will continue. 

Wonder if the NAACP will drop the Democrat party. You know, because...never mind.

Also. I wonder, given how Democrats have been pretty much the party of slavery and racists, can escape keeping their name. Historical genocide.

Next up, George Washington. Because slaves.

What these degenerates fail to understand or deliberately overlook is the Founding Fathers had a nuanced view on slavery and did not approve of it.

But for an ideological group that tends to move in a group think flock, that would be too hard. You can't build narratives around human complexity.


Put. The. Stats. Down. You're liable to get hurt.

As of 2013, there are 1,141 licensed gun dealers in Louisiana, 2.3 times the number of post offices"

Oooo. Scary.

Notice the way they compare two completely different issues. It's a non-starting non-sequitir designed to appeal to emotions.

Obama weeps.

Hey. Why not do the same for say, smokers or drug dealers and compare them to how many museums there are?


10 facts about Montreal.


Lobster fight in Machias Sea Island!

"Canadians are like Vikings. They’ll rape and pillage and not give a s–t, because they can still go home [after their short season],” says Drouin."

Oh my this is getting nasty. 

Sometimes big wars start with the most innocuous of things. 

Now why am I reminded of Kramer lobster fishing?


Quote of the fucken week. No, decade:

"The kids who always talk about being fair and sharing,’ I recall him saying, ‘mostly just want you to be fair to them and share with them.’"

Read to see who said it.

Cheeseburger Ethics:

"...To my surprise, few professional ethicists seem to have given the question much thought. They’ll toss out responses that strike me as flip or are easily rebutted, and then they’ll have little to add when asked to clarify. They’ll say that academic ethics is all about abstract problems and bizarre puzzle cases, with no bearing on day-to-day life – a claim easily shown to be false by a few examples: 

Aristotle on virtue, Kant on lying, Singer on charitable donation. They’ll say: ‘What, do you expect epistemologists to have more knowledge? Do you expect doctors to be less likely to smoke?’ I’ll reply that the empirical evidence does suggest that doctors are less likely to smoke than non-doctors of similar social and economic background. Maybe epistemologists don’t have more knowledge, but I’d hope that specialists in feminism would exhibit less sexist behaviour – and if they didn’t, that would be an interesting finding. I’ll suggest that relationships between professional specialisation and personal life might play out differently for different cases."

Aaaaand, I may add. Wealthy politicians that act like populist parasites who want to raise taxes using bull shit, vapid terms like 'fair share' who then turn around and find every damn loop hole in the book to avoid paying said taxes.

In other words, they're assholes. Spade a spade man. If you're gonna demand the guy next to you do something shouldn't you lead by example? So when Elizabeth Warren scream she wants you to pay more taxes she's free to pay more herself. Ah, but there's the Memphis rub! She ain't gonna do it anymore George Soros or Warren Buffett will. Liberals love being generous with someone's shirt.

Same with fricken climate change. If Al Gore is so damn concerned, why does he fly everywhere when he can conference call? Same with David Suzuki.

At some point you just have to come to the realization they do it to make a buck off your fears.

Simple as that.

But the article goes on to explain this better:

"...In a series of empirical studies – mostly in collaboration with the philosopher Joshua Rust of Stetson University – I have empirically explored the moral behaviour of ethics professors. As far as I’m aware, Josh and I are the only people ever to have done so in a systematic way.
Here are the measures we looked at: voting in public elections, calling one’s mother, eating the meat of mammals, donating to charity, littering, disruptive chatting and door-slamming during philosophy presentations, responding to student emails, attending conferences without paying registration fees, organ donation, blood donation, theft of library books, overall moral evaluation by one’s departmental peers based on personal impressions, honesty in responding to survey questions, and joining the Nazi party in 1930s Germany."

"...An ethics professor teaches Peter Singer’s arguments for vegetarianism to her undergraduates. She says she finds those arguments sound and that in her view it is morally wrong to eat meat. Class ends, and she goes to the cafeteria for a cheeseburger. A student approaches her and expresses surprise at her eating meat. (If you don’t like vegetarianism as an issue, another example could serve: marital fidelity, charitable donation, fiscal honesty, courage in defence of the weak.)
‘Why are you surprised?’ asks our ethicist. ‘Yes, it is morally wrong for me to enjoy this delicious cheeseburger. However, I don’t aspire to be a saint. I aspire only to be about as morally good as others around me. Look around this cafeteria. Almost everyone else is eating meat. Why should I sacrifice this pleasure, wrong though it is, while others do not? Indeed, it would be unfair to hold me to higher standards just because I’m an ethicist. I am paid to teach, research and write, like every other professor. I am paid to apply my scholarly talents to evaluating intellectual arguments about the good and bad, the right and wrong. If you want me also to live as a role model, you ought to pay me extra!
‘Furthermore,’ she continues, ‘if we demand that ethicists live according to the norms they espouse, that will put major distortive pressures on the field. An ethicist who feels obligated to live as she teaches will be motivated to avoid highly self-sacrificial conclusions, such as that the wealthy should give most of their money to charity or that we should eat only a restricted subset of foods. Disconnecting professional ethicists’ academic enquiries from their personal choices allows them to consider the arguments in a more even-handed way. If no one expects us to act in accord with our scholarly opinions, we are more likely to arrive at the moral truth.’
‘In that case,’ replies the student, ‘is it morally okay for me to order a cheeseburger too?’

That in a nutshell is how you determine who is full of shit and who is not. To T.C., preachy people be it Al Gore or ethicists, can go fuck themselves because they're good at telling what we ought to do while constructing bull shit arguments shielding them from behaving in similar fashion. They take me for an idiot. T.C. doesn't like being made a fool of.

In Gore's case, he took it a step further he figured out a way to make a bundle of dough off it - to which I don't begrudge him. If people are stupid enough to follow him, then why shouldn't he make money off their ignorance, no?

It's not entirely unlike the rationalization about athlete or celebrities making millions. If someone is offering it, why wouldn't or shouldn't they take it, right? If the market is willing to give a baseball player $2 million a year then he'd be insane to refuse it saying something like 'Sorry. I don't deserve it. Not with all those teachers struggling and fast food workers not earning a living wage. I only hit .239 last year'! His agent would slap him, justifiably, off the side of the head.

"...‘No! Weren’t you listening? It would be wrong. It’s wrong for me, also, as I just admitted. I recommend the avocado and sprouts. I hope that Singer’s and my arguments help create a culture permanently free of the harms to animals and the environment that are caused by meat-eating.’
‘This reminds me of Thomas Jefferson’s attitude toward slave ownership,’ I imagine the student replying. Maybe the student is black.
‘Perhaps so. Jefferson was a great man. He had the courage to recognise that his own lifestyle was morally odious. He acknowledged his mediocrity and resisted the temptation to try to paper over things with shoddy arguments. Here, have a fry.’

Let’s call this view cheeseburger ethics."

Oh dear. Doesn't the author know Jefferson is public left-wing enemy #1 because slavery?

One last thing about ethicists. They seemingly like to find ways to justify murder.


Speaking of ethics, heard the President of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards repeat the video that put her organization on the defensive is 'highly edited' from a group of activists.

What's interesting about that strategy is she herself is an activist. Aren't all these types of organizations a form of activism? Lord, the United States is run by an activist President - and he acts like it.

Yeah. Not sure about that since, you know, they did say what they said. But it's funny how no one seemed to mind that disingenuous loud mouth'd shnook Michael Moore's 'highly edited' films passing off as documentaries.


He was speaking 'truth to power.'

Anyway. That PP apologized for the tone of the doctors in the video, it should be fair to argue, is not an admission of guilt.

PP has nothing to worry about. The mainstream press will protect it.


Countries that fly the Confederate flag.


Interesting how history spins and is interpreted. They can try and scrub it but they'll lose in the long-run.

At least I hope so.


I noticed the Starbucks in the Jean-Talon market in Montreal was pretty full the other day.

Remember how that organization tried stop them from opening? Yeah, the free market is a bitch ain't it?

Meanwhile, Presse Cafe (a cafe chain they didn't seem to have a problem with for some reason) was not as busy.


Just when you thought Venezuela couldn't get any shittier they manage to out do themselves. 

Farmers have to hand over their produce to the government.


It works.

You just need the right people.


"Presidential contender Hillary Clinton announced a proposal Friday afternoon to raise capital gains taxes for assets that are held for less than six years by top-bracket payers as a way to try and encourage long-term investing, and grow the economy. (Tweet This)

The irony here is just how short-sighted this idea is.

They can't even tell you what constitutes a 'fair' short-term investment anyway. That's how vacuous such a thought is.

If you invest, say, in stocks in companies that are growing rapidly or happen to catch fire because of a new technology or whatever, aggressive investors (including day traders) tend to flip those stocks around collecting 'short term' profits a bit at a time until they amass the amounts they're looking for. Over taxing or demonizing this is retarded. It's just another way for the parasitical class to claim money that does not remotely belong to them; especially since most of us invest with after-tax dollars. Taxing investors on the risk they took is just another form of mob tactic racketeering.

Over the long term, that can only be good, no? How is that bad in any way? Never mind that short-term tax rates are already at the level of regular income (around 30-40% in the USA). All she's trying to do is take a larger cut by inventing a whole new category of 'short' or 'medium' term. Sorta like how the mobster increases his protection rates on some phony excuse.

The idea that 'driving capital gains taxes up in the short-term to encourage long-term activity' is nonsense and will not lead to desired outcomes. She can't possibly purport to know 'the entropy of economics.'

People have their own conceptualization of what 'short, medium or long-term' are. Sure, investment specialists generally break it along the lines where short-term is under 1 year, medium 2 to 5 and long-term 6 and above, that may not necessarily fit every single investor.

But hey, it's the government. One. Size. Fits. ALL.

And why are they discriminating against 'medium term' investing, eh?

At what about fund managers who manage the mutual funds of millions of working Americans the Democrats claim to help?

They spend decades trying to manage a complex array of assets for an optimal tax-adjusted return. Because of Hillary's garbage idea, they suddenly are going to have every single assumption eradicated because there's no longer any clear definition of "long/short" cap-gains, but rather some muddy sliding scale over a number of years between 1-and-6.  Have fund figuring out the tax liability in this new 'paradigm of nuttiness'.

You're an idiot if you think this is a good idea.

 In any event, like a conniving, dishonest wench like Hillary looks to pay her 'fair share' anyway. They'll find every loop hole in the book to avoid paying.


The result of socialist economic policy is....fly burgers!

Who needs meat burgers when you can have flies because it's not fair you get meat, right?


Oldie but a goodie from Al Gore: Polar ice may disappear in five years.

Posted: Updated:


Ezra Levant is right about one thing. The defense of free speech has not ideology. If you support the suppression of speech for one person, you may be find yourself in a similar predicament. Especially when the idea of 'rights' extends to 'right to not be offended' by idiots. If so be, then everyone is pretty much fair game.

You have but ONE choice. Either you support and defend speech for all or you don't. There's no such thing as 'balance'. Stop deluding yourself with such horse shit. It all leads to unelected kangaroo courts in the hands of people who are (often I reckon) neither judges or lawyers but appointed activists. Like, I don't know, provincial Human Rights Commissions?

I feel safe already.

They can financially ruin you for committing the horrible crimes of being 'disrespectful' and 'discourteous.'

I have but one thing to say.

/pulls pants down and moons the HRC.


Alex Rocco (aka Moe Greene in The Godfather) died on July 18.


Boston's finest wants to 'blow a head' into a person's head.

He was having a bad (off) day!

In any event, check out the slide show. That's an awful lot of Democrats (actually they're all Democrats) who have been in trouble with the law.

It's okay. Just toe the climate change, fair wage, gun-control (and whatever left-wing cause du jour) line and you'll do fine.


Still more climatology. This time with Steyn.

Say, just who are the loons here?


On a transgender attacking and threatening Ben Shapiro. 

I fucken love Adam Carolla. In a, you know, straight white guy sorta way. Which is why I kicked in a few dollars on his Kickstarter campaign for his movie 'Road Hard'.

"...Hold on a second Drew, I want to make this point clear. Jews, like Ben Shapiro, used to be on the endangered species list. Now, they’re doing so well, even though they’re a minority, and even though they’re routinely killed across the world, they’re not on the endangered species list anymore. So a transgendered person can put their hands on a Jewish person and there are no big repercussions in terms of society, in terms of working in Los Angeles. But if a straight Jewish guy put his hands on a transgendered person and said some words that could have been threatening, that person would be unemployable in this town. That’s not a two-way street, that’s a one-way street."

Dr. Drew. Hello. Earth to Drew! I can't believe there are people out there who actually think there isn't a double (heck triple) standard. Had it been the other way around...well let's just say Oh. My. God. Fin du monde! The media would have already lynched Shapiro; and extra hummus because he's a Jew.

Carolla nails it.


This falls under 'highly edited video by activists' right?


Ha, ha. Kidding. Of course not! Now I'm just being a teabagging, bitter clingin', climate denier extremist.

Scrubbing Rather's little 'Memogate' scam on CBS.

It's what the left loves to do when they're not murdering, or creating toilet paper shortages or dressing poory or building gulags. They like to scrub.

A lot.


Most transparently arrogant and narcissistic President evah!

“I actually think I’m a pretty good president,” he said. “I think if I ran, I could win. I can’t.”

I guess it's all perception. To me, Obama is more like Potsie from Happy Days but what's important is how he perceives himself.


Will American Jews turn on the Israeli flag?

If they do, it would be a most unfortunate turn of events.


Responding to progressive tropes is difficult but someone has to do it as this professor has in a book.

One snippet:

“A minimum wage of $15 an hour says to workers ‘If you can’t find a job that pays at least $15 an hour, you are not allowed to work.’ It is a direct assault on freedom of contract and for opportunities for people with low skills and those just starting out in the job market.”

The sad thing is Lawrence W. Reed is seen as a heretic for these basic thoughts.

The times we live in...


Shirley Steinberg University of Calgary discusses 'white privilege' and the film 'White Reign' on Montreal radio.
Couple of things that caught my ear.

One was her assertion that every man like basketball and football. No they don't. My brother in law probably wouldn't know the difference between the 76ers and Eagles.

Okay, moving on.

She came off sounding a tad elitist when she replied to a text questioning her position by charging rhe person wasn't 'culturated'. Whatever that meant.

I'm pretty damn 'culturated' and not buying much of this 'white privilege' angle.

I didn't understand why she was surprised by the angry texts coming in. I'm not sure if she was autistic or just didn't get the idea that some people take offense to being made the bad guy. In this case, white men. Like me I guess?

And she finally dropped her mask when she said something along the lines of  'most of the world's problems is 'white'. John Cameron wants to blow up the middle east with the Americans.'

Wow. She just spent a whole segment carefully laying out her case as academics do and when challenged she just said, 'Fuck it. Of course white privilege is about white people fucking up everything!'

Sure. Let's take ONE tiny example from one small country about blowing up the middle-east as an example of whites being the problem.

Never mind that the Middle-East has been bashing its brains out well before the arrival of 20th century Western imperialism.

It's the 'Indian people were peaceful before the white people' thought process.


More quotes. I'm not sure where I grabbed these. I really need to stop furiously copy/pasting and waiting so long to post. I lose track and my memory ain't what it used to be. So if you spot (I highly doubt it) your own quote feel free to raise your hand:

"Nobody, and I mean nobody, raped the environment like the Soviets did...except perhaps the Chinese under Mao. You think mountaintop removal mining and Glen Canyon Dam are bad? Take a look at photos of Norilsk sometime, or the denuded hillsides that choked the reservoirs behind Yangtze-basin dams meant to prevent flooding that instead just pushed the problem further upstream, with bigger body counts."

"White supremacy played zip, zero, zilch role in the Communist superpowers’ industrialization, unless you’re going to try to argue that they were doing so to protect themselves against imperialist Western and Western-influenced states—never mind that imperialism existed thousands of years before the invention of whiteness, and will exist for thousands of years thereafter."


About Obama's misguided interference in the housing market.

It's funny how the most racist places tend to be, you know, the most liberal ones.

"Based on this, the most racist major (more than a million people) urban area in America is San Francisco-Oakland. Though that region’s population grew by 285,000 people between 2000 and 2010, or 9.5 percent, the region’s black population actually shrank by nearly 49,000, or 14.2 percent, for a difference in growth rates of minus 23.7 percent.

That decline was entirely due to strict land-use policies that prevent development outside of the 17 percent of the region that has already been urbanized, making the Bay Area one of the least affordable housing markets in the nation. Moreover, a recent planto improve affordability by following HUD’s prescription of building more high-density housing was found to actually reduce affordability."


The Age of Intolerance.


Valcartier Cadets: 40 Years Of Canadian Shame

40 years.

40 long, ridiculous years it took for the Federal government of Canada - the over seers of all that is good and protectors of people - to be told they should have compensated cadets who were victims of an explosion.


Mostly because, I reckon, the Feds actually ignored or even fought this in court.

A complete farce and national disgrace.

When a worker gets a little boo-boo labour groups like worker's compensation rush in to give them money.

Yet, when it comes to soldiers we treat them, well, inhumanely not just in Canada but the United States as well. They can go kill for the flag for national prestige but when they come back there's no glory but for the politicians.


You know.

Even when the government wants to save money or cut spending, they fuck that up. If you ask Canadians, I don't think this is how they want their government to behave to save a few pennies. Especially considering how irresponsible we are with the coin from bail outs to green programs that go nowhere.

Alas, his has pretty much been the theme in the post-war era, with both parties playing their part. Here's a nice Harper v. Pierre Trudeau summation.

Harper in particular, despite his military rhetoric, has done precious little to help our soldiers.



While Israel Thrives The Arab World Regresses

Nice article from Israel Hayom:

"...In addition, we Arabs have given our dictators carte blanche to impoverish, terrorize, oppress and ‎destroy us all in the name of "the great Arab struggle to end the Zionist entity." The outcome of this has ‎been clear: While Israel made 10 new breakthroughs in cancer and cardiac treatments in the last two years ‎alone, we Arabs developed new execution methods. The latest is death by drowning in a cage, as ‎shown in an Islamic State group video two weeks ago.‎

"...We Arabs have wasted seven decades of our existence awaiting Israel's demise. It is time to think of the future, and whether Israel's "disappearance" should be our ‎ultimate wish.‎

"It is not only Arabs who want Israel gone. There are others who seek the same, for ‎example anti-Semites in the West. Just last week, neo-Nazis marched in London with swastikas and the Palestinian flag. The organizer of the march claimed it was a protest "by all of those ‎who have suffered because of Israel." There are groups calling for a boycott of Israel "for ‎the sake of the Palestinian people." There are countries whose entire foreign policy seems to revolve around opposition to Israel. We ‎Palestinians might have believed that these groups and countries actually care about us, but they take no interest in the fate of the ‎‎150,000 Palestinians being starved to death in Syria's Yarmouk refugee camp, nor in an estimated ‎‎5.8 million Palestinians in Jordan (as indicated by a U.S. Embassy cable) who live as second-‎class citizens and are banned from government jobs and any form of state benefits while paying full taxes.‎"

"If these Israel-haters got their wish to see Israel disappear, what would ‎happen?‎

First, Israel is the only reason Iran does not yet have nuclear weapons. Iran could buy the ‎technology to produce them, or could learn it quickly the way Pakistan did. Why has Iran been slow in ‎doing so? Because it learned a lesson from the experience of Saddam's Osirak reactor, which Israeli jets reduced to rubble in 1981.‎

Further, Iran already controls at least a third of Iraq and its resources through a pro-Iranian ‎regime. If Israel were to disappear, Iran would extend its influence into Jordan, Kuwait and Bahrain ‎the next day, as it would not have to fear an Israeli reaction. Iran could then bring the world to its knees by reducing oil ‎production.

Iran is not the only evil power in the Middle East: We also have Islamic State, which has now spread across ‎Iraq, Syria, Sinai and Libya, with clear ambitions to enter Jordan. Islamic State has not entered Jordan yet, and this is not ‎because of any fear of the Jordanian army. After all, the Global Firepower website ranks Jordan's army at ‎the same level as the Iraqi army, which Islamic State has defeated many times. Islamic State does not dare enter Jordan for one reason only -- its fear that Israeli jets would catch up with it 15 minutes later.‎

If Israel were to disappear and be replaced by a Palestinian state, the Palestinians would most likely end up ‎with another Arab dictatorship that oppresses them and reduces them to poverty. We have partially ‎seen that with the Palestinian Authority and the "liberated" areas it rules. I regularly visit the West ‎Bank and have interviewed scores of Palestinians there. I can confirm that, as much as they hate ‎Israel, they still openly yearn for the days when it administered the West Bank. As one Palestinian told me, ‎‎"We prayed to God to give us mercy and rid us of Israel; later, we found out that God had ‎given us mercy when Israel was here."‎




Andrew Cuomo Is Populist Bull Shitter

The latest state engaging in a progressive act of economic suicide, New York has decided phasing in $15/hr minimum (approved by the uber-useless unelected Fast Food Wage Board - which is another way of saying parasites) is a good idea.

Of course not it's not and we'll all see it miserably fail in Seattle.

Once again from the top. One size fits all rammed through by a coercive government in economic matters will generally not lead to desired outcomes.

When will we learn that 'economics' is one of the most misunderstood art forms out there and it's next to impossible to plan it. Sure we have and people will point to all sorts studies that point to the contrary but to me it's all horse shit. Besides, there's a body of evidence and research that support it's all horse shit.

Government officials are usually people who never held a job let alone ran a business, are cronies and corrupt or just plain too dumb to make sound economic policies. To quote a long time friend, 'da fuck do they know?'

The state of New York is in the hands of one Andrew Cuomo (while NYC is run by a socialist bonehead in De Blasio) and he's gonna make sure everyone gets their fucken share of fair justice if it's the last thing he does.

To quote:

"You cannot live and support a family on $18,000 a year in the state of New York — period....This is just the beginning. We will not stop until we reach true economic justice."

You hear that? NO TOILET PAPER FOR EVERYONE. Nice piece of demagoguery write there. Neil Young is preparing a song as we speak as he bites into his Arby's roast beef sammich.

The little girl in birkenstocks approves.

Never mind about the nonsense about minimum wage as a way to provide a 'living wage' (whatever the fuck that means). The reality is - the cold hard facts. I mean, liberals are always smugly telling the rest of us how rational and evidence based they (which they aren't. People who fuck unicorns aren't rational) - a tiny percentage of the work force works for a minimum wage.

Now the reasons for this, I reckon, are long, deep and varied because humans are complex economic organisms not easily fit into stupid empty slogans the left like to chant at Black Potsie's Yoga Seance sessions held by his cultists, but one I bet on is because people aren't lazy retarded idiots the left seems to believe. They understand they're entry level wages; a means to gain experience and skills to get more money.

A person earning $10 /hr at the age of 40 while supporting three kids is a precious rare example in the North American economy. Besides, one has to question such a person's life choices if they're mired in such a scenario. Keep taking advice from Vox and Salon and that's exactly where you'll end up.

That is, Nowhere City but quite capable at whining and blaming others about it while sporting a nicely trimmed beard or ruby red lipstick.

Rather than let what's left of a tenuous free market sputter on and with it a capable workforce  progressives have found another way to showcase their utter ignorance by way of social economic engineering by dipping into the pockets of restaurants like the parasites they are.

It's all bull shit and you're a fool to support such voo-doo crap.


Feeling Germany

Berlin in 1900:

Early 20th century German films like Nosferatu and Metropolis are thoroughly interesting if not plain bizarre:

The works of Italian Futurist artists like Antonia Sant'Elia influenced this most engaging work of German cinema.

A Racially Obsessed President

"A key part of President Obama’s legacy will be the fed’s unprecedented collection of sensitive data on Americans by race. The government is prying into our most personal information at the most local levels, all for the purpose of “racial and economic justice.”

Unbeknown to most Americans, Obama’s racial bean counters are furiously mining data on their health, home loans, credit cards, places of work, neighborhoods, even how their kids are disciplined in school — all to document “inequalities” between minorities and whites."

My, my the left are obsessed with race.

Post-racial harmony my foot.

Oh, this will not end well. This is what we in the business call social engineering.

Welcome to 1984.

And it's only fitting that a book written about left-wing totalitarianism was made real by left-wing totalitarians.


Videos Of The Day: Progressive SJW Special

Some quick videos as I prepare another Daily Derp.

Permits are a racket. Nothing more, nothing less. You can delude yourself into believing it's all for society's benefit somehow but that's a false sense of progressive comfort.

What Gavin explains here I go through the exact same crap only it's daycare.

They are parasites. The takers rape the productive.

It hits home:


Rest assured the people who play the outraged SJW are not very bright people.

But they've managed to scare a whole lotta people with their hysterics.

Sane and sober people with a modicum of common sense know this to be true.



Quote Of The Day

Valerie Jarrett ✔@vj44
"I feel that after twenty years in these prisons, the good Lord brought us Barack Obama to set things right." http://bit.ly/1I6ghMB

Not a cult.


No way.


Anti-Confederate Flag Hysteria Reaches Bluesfest In Canada.

".RJ Pate, one of the founders of Black Lives Matter Ottawa chapter, said he was shocked that someone was allowed to enter the festival’s premises wearing the flag, which has sparked controversy following the Charleston church shooting last month.
“We want a public apology because it’s not OK,” said Pate. “We want an acknowledgement to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”
He also said Rusaw should have been asked to leave the premises or change his clothes by the organizers on scene.
Lowe, who first noticed the shorts on her way to start her shift after a break, said she “felt unsafe” at that moment.
She then tweeted a photo to show her friends, which generated strong reaction. Some of her friends even decided to skip the festival, Lowe said.
“It’s really disappointing ... everyone should feel safe,” she said."

But a Che t-shirt is fine I'm sure to this drama queen.

Jesus, people are idiots. It's like they go straight to outrage and fear without considering any proper context or keeping a healthy perspective.


He doesn't owe anyone, let alone you two dipshits, an apology.


G.Lacroix @Antipartisan14
you'd better refuse entry to any hatred laced individuals from this day forth or i will boycott all your future events ,


The United States Begins To Scrub Its History

A very sad and disturbing paranoia in the name of justice is gripping the United States.

In the wake of the shootings in Charleston a hysterical reaction of banning flags, name changes and removing statues is currently blinding councils and organizations.

It's hard to understand the such mindsets.

Erasing history doesn't make it go away. You just leave yourself open to deeper ignorance. Hiding the reality of The Civil War and its figures makes dummies of your population softening their curiosity and weakening their critical thinking abilities.

That you take down a statue or ban a piece of cloth - even for symbolic reasons - is an affront to a nation's history.

And it's not surprising it's coming from Democrats, progressives and the perpetual outraged. I am surprised more aren't defending history.


Memphis voted to remove statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Activists want to do the same for General Robert E. Lee - one of the greatest military leaders in American history as well as possibly world history. 

Yale will remove Calhoun while the Connecticut Democratic party looks to erase Jefferson's name. 

It's worth noting Jefferson did consider slavery to be a blithe on human nature while liberals bend over backwards trying to claim him in the intellectual heritage.

The latter is meaningless given the left has little regard for rigorous intellectual left in the tank.

Naturally, Andrew Jackson is safe for his role in the 'Trail of Tears'. That's, erm, different.

Same with black celebrities who beat their wives, deal in drugs and other bad and criminal activities. Why, some of them have awards bestowed upon them.

Right. 'Different.'

Apple bans Civil War games. Nazis need not worry.

Police officer in North Charleston fired for wearing Confederate under wear.

TV Land pulls 'Dukes of Hazard' from its roster because of the General Lee.

Stores like Wal-Mart and Amazon will not sell the Confederate flag.

I understand emotions get people riled up and the first thing they look to do is pull an 'out of sight, out of mind'.

However, to me, strictly from a history perspective, this is not good.

Not good at all and is indicative at how far off the intellectual path we have strayed in the West.


Where's Mark Twain when you need him?

Reason article worth rereading when anti-racists adopted the Confederate flag.

Above all, reading Frederick Douglass - a man who lived through slavery unlike people of today who are about as disconnected from it as their neighbor - provides a sober, moral and brilliant account on slavery.

More here.