Gotham's SJW Is Wearing Thin

One of the few shows I watch is Gotham. I happen to think it's reasonably well done. The villains in particular play their roles with exceptional ability.

The one part that, if not kept in check will get me to stop watching, is overplaying the 'girl power' or 'girl's can kick anyone's ass' trope. Barbara Kane is nuts. Fine. And Tabitha is a hit woman with fearsome skill. Sorta kinda can digest that. Selina is the budding Cat Woman (which they've ignored this season for some reason) and has certain physical features. With her we're reminded it's based on a comic but even then, let's keep her beating up men at a minimal.

But the episode 'One of my three soups' (aired March 29, 2018), pushed it a little for me. 
Looks like ‘Gotham’ is gonna try and push this SJW angle - or at least, they're comfortable with it. Having the women in the League of Shadows knock off the men 'because they fear change' and are 'weak' was retarded. And this is a red flag for me.
I’ve invested time in this show and don’t like that stunt they pulled. Girl power my ass.
That was bush league.

I'm watching you Gotham

Don't get smart with me.

Or else. I'll make like the Bat-Man and disappear. 

Good Friday


Expos, Mets Legend Staud Dies

Rip Le Grand Orange.

Staub played an indispensable role in establishing major league baseball in Montreal. A titanic fan favourite wherever he was - notably the Mets and Expos - Staub left an unforgettable mark on the Montreal sports landscape; heck, across Canada.

The day they traded him to the Mets was really one of the saddest days in Montreal sports history. I felt the same way when they traded Andre Dawson to the Cubs.

Never a day goes by where true Montreal sports fans don't lament the loss of the Expos and its legends.

Wanna know what the Expos meant to the city? The feeling they brought?

Here's what it fucken felt like:

Now our summers are just blah.


A couple of weeks back comedian Mike MacDonald died. I'd be remiss as a fan of comedy to not mention him and his contribution to Canadian comedy.


Just How Cynical And Incompetent Is Trudeau?

He's now talking about gun control.


Has there been an uptick in murders in Canada? It only goes to show gun control is all bull shit.

Why in the world would the Liberals bring this issue up? There's literally no reason for it.

Aside, of course, from the fact he's an a) autocratic incompetent and b) to distract from his abysmal leadership or lack thereof. 


Gun Control: Mark These Words

As people take to the streets demanding more gun control (why Canadians are marching is baffling given we already have strict gun control), it's probably appropriate to mention a cautionary tale of how slippery slopes can become realities.

Back in the 1980s (when Sting was asking if the Russians loved their children and when spoke of Reagan much like they do Trump), the anti-smoking campaign was reaching its over-zelaous stride.

When people asked and wondered if it would eventually expand into the private sphere, the nannies assured us it would not be the case and to think this was to be paranoid. and that we should all shut up and trust them.

As Otter once told Flounder after wrecking his brother's car, 'You fucked up you trusted us!'

It was only natural once the rates of smoking went down (never mind it wasn't really an epidemic and if anyone cared to fricken notice, the cool kids weren't really into it garnering much respect among their peers. But you can't build a moral panic on such nuanced facts of reality) they would have to keep the pressure up because now they had jobs to protect. Too much had been invested so it was time to do exactly what people worried about: Ban smoking from public spheres. First up were the restaurants and entertainment venues. Once that was conquered, it was time to find open public spaces like parks. Darn it! Winning is too easy! We can't call it a day, we have mortgages to pay!

Now the inevitable, the slippery slope has reached its end as it were, as legislators go after private spaces such as cars...where children are present. Because if there's one thing bureaucrats care about is you and your children. Children are the single most effective tool and pawn of a scoundrel. A perfect emotional ploy to play on your guilt. 'Listen, we don't care what you do in your spare time in your private property. It's just that there are kids involved and, well, we can't have that. It takes a village after all..."

We could outright ban smoking but the government is, erm, addictive to the taxes and so that's a no-go. Heck, the nanny-state and anti-tobacco lobby could reach .01 usage and they'd still probably look to burn tobacco road 'just in case'.

And so it is with gun control. It's not that hard to see the shtick at play. Has anyone noticed how fast they mobilized? My guess is they waiting for these incidences to happen and then attack. The Church attack in Texas was useless to them because it was thwarted by an NRA member. The massacre in Vegas was also not useful because there was no 'face' to exploit plus it remains enshrouded in mystery for the most part. But Parkland. Bingo. It has the one ingredient necessary to tug at the emotions: Children.

Never mind Parkland was a text book example of law enforcement spectacularly failing at multiple levels that could have seen the perpetuator apprehended long before his heinous and deprived act.


The goal is ostensibly to get 'gun control'. Of the 'common sense' variety of course. I mean, who more to dictate terms of common sense than....teenagers, right? We all know how stable they're undeveloped minds are, right? So let's throw billions of dollars at them, stick a camera in the faces, as they shout emotional slogans (because teaching them proper critical thinking works against the narrative and doesn't serve the adults exploiting them) astroturfing their poor souls.

'Common sense' is a term the left loves to use as if they're the only rational people in the room. It's a cheap play off another term I learned to hate and accept as evil 'changing habits'. As in, 'a carbon tax is merely to encourage people to change their habits.' Despite the overwhelming fact taxes are inefficient and rarely achieve the 'changing habits' objective.'

Mostly because it's unrealistic and serves the 'elitist class' who tend to look down on the average citizen. They just won't shut up and listen to their betters, always voting against their interests'.

If you haven't noticed this reality has become all to apparent, you're not paying close enough attention.

It's not about 'common sense' nor is it ever about 'changing habits' or caring for your kids. Nor do they have statistics on their side.

It's about power and control.

To put the masses in their place.

Rich, progressive, urbanites want a gun ban. What do they care anyway? It won't impact them one way or another (try banning wine and Starbucks though) because they generally don't own guns or even understand why anyone would want to own one. I just read an article where the author mocks people who in his words 'brag about shooting for sport' (like I do with skeet). At this point, this is where you hear 'it's not true. I own a gun' or 'we just want to ban assault weapons'.

This is where you have to call out the bull shit full stop.

I'm hardly a gun nut (I own a couple of hunting 12 gauge shot guns, but I understand what's at stake here. One is liberty and the other is truth.

Both I argue gun-control advocates don't have on their side. Nor do they have integrity. They're willing to sacrifice millions of Americans with mental illness at the alter of big government to satisfy their irrational craving for blood.

Let's call this now for what the end game is. In the end this is about full gun confiscation. The rhetoric has already shifted towards that. We see articles about the example of Australia and that 'it's time to abolish the 2A'.

Don't believe a single word their selling.

If the 2A falls, the 1A will follow.

Mark these words.


Communism Is Anti-Human

The hammer and the sickle is every bit as offensive and murderous as the swastika.


How communism works.

Great Britain IS A Totalitarian Regime Now

England has fallen.

It's no longer a question of when but now.

When a country imprisons comedians or people acting in a humorous manner as is the case with Count Dankula, you know it's game over for freedom of speech. I didn't see what was funny but he certainly didn't deserve fucking imprisonment.

The troubling part of the article was the judge stating, 'count and intent are irrelevant'. Ladies and gentleman, this is what we call an 'Anarchy-Tyranny' state. Don't bother with the criminals. Too hard and politically explosive. Let's focus on the law-abiding. Hence, why we see criminal rape gangs flourishing in England or the letting back into the country of ISIS fighters - much like Trudeau is doing here.

The prosecution and judge in this case can go straight to fuck themselves in this case.

What happened at Rotherham is a crime against humanity and all politicians and police who turned a blind eye against it for the 'good of social cohesion' if they had a shred of honour...well, let's just say their inner-soul will decide.

The British are proud of the fact their county was never successfully invaded since 1066. Unfortunately, that's no longer true. It has been invaded. By the tyrannical virus and its insistence on not cleaning up their room.

First Southern, now this.

A chilling curtain has covered Great Britain.

Oh, if you think this won't happen if Trudeau's 'vision' gains traction, think bloody twice.

That's precisely what will happen here in Canada and already has on a couple of occasions.

We need to nip this in the bud.



I fail to see how criminalizing free and law abiding people won't end well.

You may think online you are anonymous, you can create fake profiles and no-one can trace you. That’s wrong! The messages you type and send can be traced back to you. The same laws apply to online messages, images and videos. What you post now can affect you later in life.

We're in serious trouble. 


This is what it looks like.

How To Jump A Shark: David Hogg

“David Hogg

Verified account
Follow Follow @davidhogg111
Can we please not debate this as Democrats and Republicans but discuss this as Americans? In the comments if you see someone you dissagree with do not attack each other talk to one another, this applies to me too. WE MUST WORK TOGETHER TO SAVE OUR FUTURE.”
“It’s like when your old-a** parents are like, ‘I don’t know how to send an iMessage,’ and you’re just like, ‘Give me the f**king phone’ and you take it and you’re like, ‘OK, let me handle it,’ and you get it done in one second,” Hogg said. “Sadly, that’s what we have to do with our government because our parents don’t know how to use a f**king democracy, so we have to.” — David Hogg, Spokeschild, 2nd Amendment Expert, and person who was vaguely in the vicinity when something bad happened to people he didn’t know”
Get a load of Alex de Tocqueville and John Stuart Mill there. Send him to Athens! 

You already lost the plot kid and you’re not even 20. You're not even drinking age.

Kids today. All emotions and no wit or wisdom. Pft and tsk.

How this guy became the face of the gun-control hysteria is beyond me. He probably has some opportunistic adults backing him. You don't get to 489k followers on the message alone I reckon.  I read somewhere his mother works for CNN but I don't care enough to verify that.

And that's how you jump the shark.


On Hillary And Russia


If you're gonna read a story about Russian collusion, make sure this is one of them from National Review Online.

How the DNC still functions and Hillary and others (perhaps even Obama) are not standing trial over this pack of deception, conceit, and outright flouting of the law is beyond me.

It's enough to make a cynic of even eternal optimists.


Anyone with a healthy skeptical eye knew the screaming the DNC and the progressive ranks was likely projection, and this article only cements this perception.

One has to ask why are they pushing this story so hard to the point of agitating for war? It can't be because of wanting to protect 'democracy' because the U.S. (and other countries to be frank) interferes in foreign elections all the time. Even less believable at this point, the notion Trump is a threat to liberty and democracy. Two simple reasons why this isn't cutting the cheese. One, because his predecessor wasn't exactly a captain of democracy and liberty. Obama (and Bush) laid the main tracks for whatever Trump is accused of doing. Two, look at the bios of the people doing all the attacking. Their profiles aren't exactly pristine; profiles in character and integrity they ain't.

So a bunch of corrupted players continue to push against a sitting President from within based on what or why is anyone's guess. I fall in the camp of projection. They have their own skeletons to hide. Trump completely derailed whatever plan they had in place and now he must pay.

Cui bono?


Stephen King's Demons

With every passing day, Trump acts more like the tinpot military dictator of a Central or South American country in 1955. All he needs is the costume shop uniform and a chestful of fake medals and ribbons.

And yet you're still free.

Has anyone come to knock on your door and take you away, Stevie boy? Has anyone told you to keep quiet or else?

"Hi! I'm Stephen King and despite being imaginative - sorta - I don't actually possess a single original thought! That's why I have Ben Affleck and Seth Meyers to keep me informed!" I'm gonna have to go ahead and think, given the left's track record on this sort of hyperbole, he's projecting. We all know progressives LOVE power and control for its own sake.

I always find it hilarious and depressing at the same time whenever lefty celebrities say stupid shit like this. They compare GOP politicians to tinpot dictators, yet always seem to love them abroad. Castro, Chavez....etc.

And of course, in the past they adored people like Hitler and Che.


California Is Lawless

Lizbeth Mateo, a 33-year-old attorney and immigrant rights activist, will serve on the California Student Opportunity and Access Program Project Grant Advisory Committee. The committee advises the California Student Aid Commission on efforts to increase college access for California students from low-income or underserved communities.
"While Donald Trump fixates on walls, California will continue to concentrate on opportunities," de León said in a news release. "Ms. Mateo is a courageous, determined and intelligent young woman who at great personal risk has dedicated herself to fight for those seeking their rightful place in this country."
In a statement, Mateo said she welcomed the opportunity. “While undocumented students have become more visible in our state, they remain underrepresented in places where decisions that affect them are being made," she said."
What a fucken mess.
California is mental. It's officially lawless.
How can Californians and Americans accept this crap? 

This is banana republic stuff. When you have elected officials ignoring the law, you're in trouble.

And it's all progressive doing this. From sanctuary cities to rigged elections to campus madness....

All from the left.

Hillary rigged the primaries and progressive shrugged their shoulders. When the GOP were being told to 'deal' with Trump, they were basically saying to 'rig' it like Hillary did. To their credit, they let the process rule.

So remember, when they scream it's the *fault* of the GOP for whatever issue, it's projection. 

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article205249624.html#storylink=cpy


More On Southern Detained By UK Authorities

Here's a perfect example of how the media helps to legitimize a totalitarian state.

This from The Independent in the UK:

Lauren Southern: Far-right Canadian activist detained in Calais and banned from entering UK

The former is a ploy to distract from the abhorrent action of the latter for Southern is hardly 'far right'.

Attempting to equate people like her to actual, violent Islamic terrorism that seeks to murder and destroy Westeners, is morally and intellectually incorrect and reprehensible.

I wonder. Would they deny, say, Linda Sarsour or any other progressive with despicable views into the country as a 'fundamental threat to the interests of the United Kingdom' as Southern absurdly was? Something tells me she'd sail right on through. 

Alas, we're all far right now if you don't fall into line. And to be perfectly honest at this point, I don't even know what that 'line' is anymore. I don't see anything remotely problematic with what Southern says. I may not necessarily always agree or consider her more than anything she displays intellectually, but are we not free in the West? It's just her damn opinion and that we feel threatened by it says more about us and how fragile we've become in preserving freedom of speech and expression. All in an effort to not offend Islam no less.

The way I'm interpreting this is classical liberalism (ie true liberalism) is now considered an existential threat to the West.

Which begs the question, what's left? Progressivism and its reactionary hatred for the West? 

Looks like not in the United Kingdom. I don't know who is worse between them, Germany, France, Belgium and Sweden in their commitment to being foolish useful idiots.

The Canadian government should not be silent on this. One of our own was detained under the fricken Terrorism Act!

I would further add that journalists (and I use the term loosely) like Maya Oppenheim are contributing to the state of chaos and tyranny that has overtaken Great Britain. I don't know if it's by order or plain cynical laziness, but that's not journalism. That's pure propaganda. No wonder they're dying and people seek news (ie the truth) elsewhere. People like Ms. Oppenheim have abdicated their role. 

The free press is crucial to maintaining a free society and yet they flippantly are flipping the finger at it.

Worse than all this is the gutless behaviour of the UK with sex rings operating inside the country.

What is everyone thinking? How is persecuting people (I will repeat citizens of the Commonwealth who shed blood for Britain) thought to be a good idea in the defense of the UK? Let them speak and the people will determine if it's 'too extreme' or dangerous. By doing this all you're doing is galvanizing more people.

All this is beyond creepy and troubling. One in which we all need to pay closer attention to. Are we going to see the imprisonment of people like Southern soon? One can't say this is paranoia anymore. People are being detained for their views. It's not an illogical stretch to think one of these days they will throw one in prison. We're inching our way towards it. We need to speak out against it.

When I see the Union Jack I don't see a cool, kickass flag anymore.

I see totalitarianism. 

I was planning a trip to England down the road. Not sure anymore. 

See more details about her chilling ordeal here:

Thoughts On Billy Graham And Stephen Hawing And The Loss Of Basic Decency

Two giants in their respective fields died in 2018. Evangelist Billy Graham and physicist Stephen Hawking. 

While the more sober and thoughtful among us reflected on their body of work and contributions to human progress, unfortunately the same can't be said of others.

It's interesting to note this reveals how classless (and even nasty) both progressives and conservatives can be when they let politics dictate their sense of common decency.

To a progressive, organized religion is the root of all evil rarely taking a moment to consider the entire body of work of how religion has been a force of good and even rationalism (see the Catholic church and science). We get much of our values and tales of how to treat one another via religion. The Judaeo-Christian religious heritage is rich in theology and intellectualism as well as music and the arts as a whole. 

Yet, this is all ignored when a man like Billy Graham dies. It matters less about the man and his accomplishments, what matters is the 'tribe' he belonged to and how it's perceived. In this case, for the left, religion is bad ergo Graham must be bad and the comments follow this misplaced and disappointing line of logic.

They deliberately or otherwise dismiss the positive nuances of the role of Evangelicalism in North American society choosing instead to focus on the more extreme elements of it.

To the other side and in a similar vain, Hawking in recent times good be a jerk and tended to hold an opinion on climate change the right (myself included) didn't agree with.

To the former, we're all flawed and he was no different despite his condition. For the latter, this should not rule over his body of work in physics which was enormous. Here's a man who was supposed to have died long ago because of his condition and managed to live a long and productive life.

It's something to be celebrated. Not mocked or made light of.

In both cases, these gentlemen deserve much better than the petty, partisan and foolish rants I've been reading. 


Hawking's case present us another interesting angle.

Specifically, about abortion.

Over the years, my opinion on abortion has swung. I still think it shouldn't be outlawed however our justification for it in some cases has grown to macabre and even inhumane. 

We focus too much on the 'rational' and not the spiritual side of what we're advocating. The more bio-ethicists come up with 'reasons' to terminate a legal organism attempting to define what is 'human', the more I feel we're crossing the Rubicon into something we may regret. 

I've learned to complete dismiss ethicists. To me, their cold calculations are anything but ethical. They remind me of Nurse Ratchet. I just see evil masking as reason.

We see where this can go as we discovered with Planned Parenthood and its 'side job' of selling baby parts. What's the big deal, right? Ethicists have said a fetus is not human! Conscience clear!

Not to me it is. The least you can do if you engage in such an activity (it's for science!), is show some damn respect for the living organism you terminated.

Alas, we've lost that sense of basic decency.

Since the progressive left tends to believe in 'pro-choice' even if it may lead one to fall off a moral cliff, the should ponder the case of Hawking whom I presume they laud given his stance on climate change and being a scientist.

Hawking suffered from a terrible disease that condemned him to a life that burdened others. It was supposed to have killed him early in his life but didn't. 

Now imagine you being the parent with the decision to have aborted him if you found out through an ultra-sound. What would you do? If you abort, the world is deprived of Stephen Hawking.

Lately, we've been hearing discussions about whether it's justified to abort a baby discovered to possibly have Down Syndrome. This is the decision of the parents (both parents if they claim to be in a healthy relationship built and maintained on trust and respect.  I do not accept it's the choice of one person 100% when it takes TWO people to make a life. Either you're in it together, or you're not....until death do us part...) to make. However, do not say it's for compassion and in the interest of the child. Be honest and say it's about you and the possible unwillingness to accept God's will and deal with such a difficult undertaking. 

Especially considering what we have come to learn about people with DS and the sheer joy they bring into people's lives. 

It's a tough choice indeed and I can but imagine the anguish this must come with for some. It's not something we can judge as it's, in the end, an intensely personal matter. I know there's disagreement on this so I will stop here.

Suffice to conclude, God works in mysterious ways.

United's Inhumane Act Of The Highest Order

Gee, I got two Derp posts going but i felt this story needed its own post. It made me sick to my stomach.

Basically, a flight attendant forced a passenger to stuff their puppy in the over head bin where it eventually died.

I see this as a depraved crime and United must face serious consequences. Particularly that flight attendant.

This is where we're at. Policy over common sense; over compassion.

If the facts come in and they confirm what we perceive.....but still the passenger didn't think to check in on the dog for crying out loud? It's very hard to like anyone in this story.

It's so sickening I vow to never fly United. Ever.

Is it me or is this for American Airlines CEO Bob Crandall's tone just...off?

I understand people can be insufferable and rude but who are the professionals in the end and so I'm not sure I appreciate his hyper rational reaction. Yes, get the facts in but it doesn't look good.

In any other circumstance, his bluntness would be appreciated. Not sure here. I could be wrong.

*Warning I consider the picture disclosed as graphic. It's the puppy lying motionless with its tongue sticking out in a small bag. Horrific and sad.


Is The UK Dead Inside?

I read a lot of troubling stories from the UK. From crackdowns on free speech, to NHS killing babies.   It's a country that turns a blind eye on child sex rings and other despicable depraved sexual acts by Muslim gangs but charges people bringing this up with 'hate crime'.

And for good measure, prevent Canadian guerrilla journalists from entering their country merely because of their political views.

The UK, Germany, Belgium and Sweden.

Four countries that have lost their soul.

Their balls. 


Southern Detained in the UK - Welcome To The Dystopia

I truly hope this is a misunderstanding.

If it isn't, this is majestically troubling and the Canadian government needs to stand up for its citizens.


But I won't hold my breath. This is where we're at folks. A once proud nation has succumbed to tyranny stopping conservatives from entering their country but allows for terrorists to continue to roam their streets under the guise of 'compassion', and another country led by a limp bunch of ideological SJW who I have no faith in to do the right thing.

It sounds like she's not gaining entry because she's being treated as a 'racist' (which in the UK is apparently considered terrorist) connected to people like Tommy Robinson.

Meanwhile, I'm sure England is doing all it can do get rid of violent Imams, right?

England should ask itself: Do they really want to go down this road?

Or do they want to be a shithole?

What the heck is going on in the UK? How stupid are they to do this?

This is nothing to snicker at. The UK prevented a Canadian - part of the damn COMMONWEALTH THAT SHED BLOOD LIBERATING A WAR THAT WASN'T OUR FIGHT - from entering their country.


This should enrage ALL Canadians and Americans. ALL OF US.

The United States and Canada must respond.

I'm not holding my breath. We're run by cowards now. Pathetic, weak, cowards. And it starts with Trudeau and the limp press who won't go to bat for Southern in the name of FUCKEN LIBERTY.


The Clash had a landmark album called London Calling.

Now it's London Falling. 

I swear, we're on a collision course to go and save their sorry asses again.

When Moral Bankruptcy Passes Off As Reason

This is not something to celebrate, Ken Dilanian. Nor is it something one should publicly be saying.

It's not 'courageous'.

I would spin it otherwise. More and more people are finding this kind of arrogance to be repugnant. Fine, you want to abort, that's your business. Don't broadcast it. It should a private affair because in the end, no matter how you rationalize it, a living organism is terminated.

This is just eugenics by other means. And it's cowardice.

Courageous column, “I would’ve aborted a fetus with Down syndome. Women need that right.

Now go up to a person with down syndrome and show them this story.


Rex Murphy Lays It Down Like Only He Knows How

Great piece by Murphy in The National Post - that conservative white man's paper. Grrr.

I hadn't heard of Ceasar-Charannes before but she's precisely the problem ailing and dividing the country.

She sounds exactly like the anti-intellectual progressive settling in on the Liberal party (and DNC in the U.S.) like rust. Brining neither peace nor prosperity to our communities.

And it all begins at the top with Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau

Verified account
Mar 9
Justin Trudeau Retweeted G7 Canada
During Canada’s G7 Presidency, we’re going to make sure gender equality is integrated in all our activities & the decisions we make. Meet the outstanding people who are going to help us do that

Italy is reeling, France is facing an identity crisis, the UK is embroiled in yet another child scandal, Germany is facing backlash for its immigration policies and together the entire EU is under severe stress. While Japan is located in a part of the world where these sorts of things don't resonate.

But Justin is going to 'integrate it' and with it he's going to come home with a big bag of nothing.

If his India escapade showed, he's not up to the task this 'white privilege' millionaire.


Canadians Need To Stop Looking At Trump And Focus More On Trudeau: The Buzzkill PM

We're at a point Trudeau can't go a week without bringing into question his leadership abilities.

So unacceptable it's become, I don't recognize this country anymore.

Canada is not a major player on the world stage which is why it's crucial our leaders present themselves in a manner that projects Canada in a strong and positive light.

Under Trudeau I can't possibly believe anyone would think we're getting this.

It's that bad.

It upsets me personally now and I'm hardly nationalistic in my posture. I want so much more for this country and we're simply not getting it with this bunch in Ottawa. Keystone Kops is what they are.

Go watch them in Parliament. Try and tell me they know how to project a proper vision for this country. They clumsily and cynically refuse to answer questions during Question Period like Ive never seen.

If you're wondering why I'm being so hard, you're not paying any attention. And if you are and see no problem, then I can't but disagree.

With Trudeau, all we have is an ideologically driven buffoon tying to pass his decisions off as 'progressive Canadian values'.

No, they're not.

He's become an international meme onto himself and with it, has lost credibility.

It's a shame because I can't help but be cynical. For example, he just named a woman as Commissioner of the RCMP. I have no idea what her credentials are but given the way he thinks, is it a stretch to think it came at the expense of more experience or deserving candidate who were male? How is this fair to her?

I don' think it is because trust in his decisions is non-existent.

And just in case you haven't seen enough of his muppet shenanigans and faux-SJW meowing, just watch him here in action as a female cadet officer collapsed behind him.

I ask. Is this how a leader should respond?

Of course not. The first thing he should have done - and really, most would do - is go and check on her. Just like a coach does for his athlete.

He displayed an awkward lack of compassionate judgment.

Instead, he gave a strange grin as if he was thrown off and went on giving his lame speech. At the very least, he should have shown some class and waited until she was led off before continuing.

To me, this showed a lot about his character. It's exactly at these most unscripted moments we see the real worth of people (not always I admit since circumstances can impact certain decisions). Who could forget Trump retrieving a peaked cap for a Marine that had been pulled off his head because of hight winds? That was instinct at that moment.

In one move, I saw more from Trump than I ever saw from Obama.

No wonder the military adores him while they were at best lukewarm with Obama.

No wonder. If it walks and quacks like a duck....and Obama made it a habit of hanging out with creeps and miscreants like Farrakhan, Ayers and Wright just like Trudeau with his love for Castro and the Atwal scandal.

These people are not patriots. Simple as that. And for his questionable behaviour, Obama keeps getting rewarded from rich book deals to now Netflix interested in doing a show with the Obamas. I may seriously cancel my Netflix.

Canadians have no business calling Trump a 'nut' or making fun of him. That guy is putting his country first and the results are speaking for themselves. Even CNN - noted Trump antagonizer - have to report the fact his administration created a stunning 313 000 new jobs in February. Meanwhile, black unemployment keeps dropping while Americans are getting money deposited in their accounts because of the tax breaks. You know this is real when a) the NYT attempted to lie about it and had to retract and b) the best they can respond is 'yeh well it's only crumbs'. Still more crumbs than the community organizer could ever offer Americans regardless of race or creed.

The sense of smug superiority is completely misplaced.

I'm not particularly impressed with Canada at the moment. It's very hard to feel pride with such an arrogant bunch of do-littles.

I can't be alone in this.

2019. Please. Do the right thing. Vote the bums out and put an end to this vapid charade.


Business And Virtue Signalling Is A Terrible Mix

Just a note to CEO's who are insidiously involving themselves in this irrational witch hunt of gun owners, the NRA and the Second Amendment in the USA.

I'm keeping tabs of who you are and will not do business with you.

I want nothing to do with businesses who align themselves with people like this.

Or with immoral celebrities and their fake #metoo concerns who celebrated a womanizer like Kobe Bryant on Oscar night.

So if you're MEC or rental car companies pulling this shit, buh-bye.

How bad has it gotten? Notice what Quantas is doing. 

If you're smart, and you see your competitors acting out like this, stay quiet and you'll see sales spike.

The gall and arrogance of these people. It's remarkable really.

Celebrities, academics, politicians, journalists, activists etc. calling for this, best to remember, will find a way to exempt themselves from laws they impose on you. 

Keep this in mind.

They don't give a single rat's ass about liberty, principles and most of all you're damn kids and family.

They care about their own images and control. That's it.

Good run down here at Reason.


Speaking of which, as linked above, the same people who emote and exhibit an animus. This from some irrational gun-control activist on Twitter named Shannon:

"The problem with America right now is that people are making gun laws based on emotion, not data."

Up is down. Down is up. We've reached a Kafkaesque level of absurdity. That's the entire MO of the progressive position on guns. It's not rooted in a shred of rational thought. Have you noticed some of those signs? GOP + NRA = Murder. Are you kidding me?  Or like using kids like pawns for a political agenda? What more evidence of 'emotions' than you want than that?

Riiiight. This from a side who argues it doesn't matter they make mistakes misidentifying guns and its characteristics (the same person on top posted a picture of a .22 caliber bolt action rifle claiming 18 year-olds can buy one. Big shit. A .22 bolt action is nothing and can easily be handled by a teenager. It's a small caliber used for small game hunting. 18 year-olds use far more dangerous weapons in the military but they apparently can't use a .22 to these buffoons which has never been used in any of the recent murders sprees) I own a 12 gauge shot gun which is far more lethal) and stats (as some writer has done in the WaPo this past week. I've grown tired of pasting, saving and linking them because the disingenuous tackiness of their positions are impossible to keep up with in order to debunk them) because of the 'big picture' they feel they're they see better than anyone.

Seems to me getting the characteristics of guns right is VERY IMPORTANT.

NYT Embarrassing Retraction


Either they're incompetent or negligent or they're full of shit. Or maybe just both?

I've seen quite a few retractions from legacy papers in recent times but this is among the most embarrassing and notorious if you ask me. I thought the whole point and premise of the argument favouring newspapers is they're rigorous in their fact checking and have editors and big kabooms.

Correction: March 2, 2018 
An earlier version of this article incorrectly described the probable effect of the new tax law on a hypothetical couple’s 2018 tax bill. The TurboTax “What-If Worksheet” that generated the projection for their 2018 taxes failed to indicate that the couple would probably be entitled to claim a sizable deduction for income earned from consulting. As a result of that deduction, the amount they would likely owe on taxes would decline by $43, not rise by $3,896.


Canada's Parochial Multicultural Obsession Hurting The Country

Canada is probably one of the most insular of all Western nations. We like to poke fun at America for its perceived inward looking arrogance but in fact, I think, it's just projection on our part.

Some of the biggest scams and fraud rings operate right here in Canada with Montreal and Vancouver as its hub. Canada may be big in land surface, but it's really tiny in its mentality. It's an old boys network and you're not part of it.

It's open and vulnerable to all sorts of dubious action often with the blessing of our own government.

America is too big, diverse, dynamic, proud, innovative a nation to mess around with; not to mention properly armed as it ought to be. Canada is basically ONE financial centre with two beta male cities. It's Northern Minnesota.

This is the reality.

Which is why scandals like Sidewinder happen so easily in Canada Inc. This story dating back to the 1990s is all you need to know about how Canada 'does shit.'

We never stood on guard for thee and unless Canadians wake up and for once stand up to defend it, never will.

More On Italy Result

Once again, Italy finds itself in the middle of European affairs as it often has during its long, glorious, tumultuous and sometimes inglorious history.

As mentioned, the right basically won with almost 70% of the vote while the left were, erm, left to eat dust.

It's quite an incredible turn of events. It wasn't that hard to see: Persistent low growth and runaway migration forced by the EU = kinder box.

It even allowed for Russia to forge loose alliances with the right. However, this is by no means what swung the vote as this has been stewing in Italy as far as back as the 1990s. Russia's entrance is just a consequence of EU heavy handiness particularly backed by Germany.

They over played their card with the refugee migrants issue.

Italy, in short, had the balls to stand up to the EU; something the French and Germans have yet to do as well as Swedes.

Less so with the Austrians, Dutch, British and slowly even the Irish. Not to mention Central Europe.

It Could Happen Here

I was reading this story about a Swedish woman who is facing two years in prison for making a joke about Muslims. 

Canadians will read this and think this can't happen here.

I wonder.

We have the speech laws and the Liberals (in their quest to turn this country into a SJW shithole) ramped up restricting free speech with the abhorrent Motion 103. Of course, the government is claiming 'fake news' is misrepresenting their motion but it doesn't take a genius to understand how problematic this ill-thoguth out and confusing motion can be. It's open to all sorts of interpretation about what constitutes' Islamophobia'. All it takes is a certain interpretation and subsequent application of it by a prosecutor.

For example, here's a quote from the link above:

"In December 2017, four imams -- at mosques in North Carolina, New Jersey and Texas -- called for killing Jews. Two of the imams quoted from a hadith that says:
"The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him".

It's in the realm of probability and possibility I could get in trouble for merely posting this. In America, no, because of the 1A. In Canada, it gets dicier. And much more so with Motion 103.

And let's just say I'm off in the way I'm reading this (is my linking to this story 'Islamophobic'? , I just consider the source of who authored it and the party who supports it. The sophomoric behaviour of the Liberal party under Trudeau should make people pause about the necessity and validity of such a questionable motion.

I don't trust this government because they have not earned my trust. On the contrary, they've eroded it.

I love how the report claims we're under the sway of Rebel Media.

In ant event, what's happening in Sweden is horrific from the perspective of liberty in my view. And they want us to copy them? I think not.

Then they wonder nationalist populist parties are on the rise and getting elected in Europe.

People will not give up their rights to protect the feelings of Muslims. They should not be given victim status of any kind (and that goes for any group). They're not persecuted and live in peace alongside free citizens and as such have the full protection of Canadian law as it exists.

I just don't see the purpose of Motion 103 nor do I trust the government's intentions.


Polls Have Closed In Italy: So-Called Right Wing Parties Do Well

Italy has voted and the right did indeed have a good showing. Something in the neighbourhood of 35% which represent the largest block.

The left not so much. While Five Star Movement (though swings left in my view do hold anti-EU sentiment) had the best single party showing, it's hard to see how this wasn't a success for conservatism (despite Free and Equal gaining entrance into Parliament) and anti-EU leanings.

Other than that, Italy does what it does best: Confuse. 

  1. No one has a majority.
  2. The centre-right is the strongest bloc.
  3. The Five Star Movement is the strongest single party.
  4. The Democratic Party is the second single party.
  5. But as a whole, the Democrats’ centre-left bloc is in third place.
  6. The League may be the largest party on the centre-right.
  7. The new Free and Equal (LeU) left-wing party has won enough to enter parliament.
  8. The pro-Europe +Europa list may have missed out.
The result may just signal a warning shot to the EU.

Arrogance And Hypocrisy Defines Youtube

In one simple Twitter reply youtube - already under severe criticism for its purging of channels that seem to be targeting conservative - revealed its breathtaking arrogance.

So woke.

It's the answer you expect from a know-nothing, smart-alec who thinks themselves smarter and better than the rest.

Youtube is a young company in a new industry. As such, it lacks the maturity we see from long-established companies who have learned over time through trial and error how to engage and eventually respect its customers.

What I've been hearing and reading about youtube aggressively shutting channels is troubling indeed and makes me wonder what they're up to. The popular one of course is to censor any dissenting views or opinions from the overall left-wing progressive narratives pimped out by news organizations that have long since abandoned by choice professional journalism. By now, it would take a special kind of naif to not know CNN/MSNBC/NBC/DNC/youtube/Facebook/Google are aligned.

It's not 'fake news'. It's a reality people observing and reporting on it have become aware of. The reason it's called 'fake news' is because the people behind these organizations can't fathom differing options outside their stale, regressive bubbles exist. On top of that, when told they just engage in labeling citizens 'deplorable', 'alt-right' and other tactics of deflection. 'How can anyone disagree with us? They must be bad! We must teach them a lesson'.

And lessons by way of slamming rulers on people's knuckles they give.

They're seemingly out to use their power and muscle to silence people who helped make them into powerhouses.

At this point, it's worth mentioning, both conservatives and progressive channels have been complaining claiming they've been shutdown and/or demonetized. Jimmy Dore, for example, has been targeted. But here's the thing, it's not the right doing it. It's other left-wing entities. Motherjones has no problem calling for silencing anyone who don't toe the line and it extends to left-wingers who feel people should be jailed if deemed to be 'climate deniers'.

It's all so strange. There has to be a better way.

It's a kind of technological tyranny. The theory behind the second amendment is to keep an armed citizenry in the eternal vigilance against government tyranny. It's an indisputable timeless axiom of human nature that tyranny is the natural default position of humanity. Hence, the American Founding Fathers, in their infinite genius and astute wisdom, gave the 1st and 2nd amendments (as well as the 4th and 5th) to help stem the flow of that inevitable aggression. These are weapons not meant to be used against each other but merely to guard in the event of creeping tyranny.

It's really not that complicated people.

But progressives don't seem to heed this reality - which is why they're hostile to the Constitution (well at least, the parts that protect liberty) - not to mention religion. Indeed, they live in their own alt-reality where gender is fluid, white are supremacists, patriarchy and social constructs.

They want to social engineer - by force and bullying if necessary - a false narrative of what constitutes progress.

What better way to accomplish this than by stifling and censoring free speech? Just look at Justin Trudeau - rather than adjust his own sophomoric behaviour that gets him into one pickle after another, he looks to Facebook to help combat 'fake news'. Presumably to neuter any criticisms of his questionable decisions and ethics. Just my guess. It's the natural position of a dictatorial, SJW reactionary of what I consider Trudeau.

This is why all rhetoric - all of it - that calls for the abolishment or abridgement of the 1A and 2A come strictly from the progressive ranks. If you can find me a single conservative or libertarian that has done so, please forward me a link or information.

If youtube was true to its core principles they claim about 'equality' and other empty platitudes they spew, they would not be shutting down channels, they would be protecting them.

That's the only honourable thing to do.

Alas, it's not about doing to the right thing is it now. It never was and never will be.

It's about control.

Youtube posted on its Twitter page something about the pay gap. An issue so thoroughly debunked, again only a naif and uncurious mind would cling to it as described by progressives.

Therein lies a bit of hypocrisy. While they speak truth to justice and equality, youtube like Brown and Black shirts (or just plain mobsters) have been bussing heads with baseball bats shutting down channels without explanation or notice. Channels people worked on (in many cases) for years painstakingly building support via subscribers. Some of whom generated an income to live on - money they apparently don't pay out. Money that doesn't belong to them. Money earned by people who helped make youtube what it is.

In effect, youtube (under the guise of their terms violation no one seems to comprehend anymore) has committed a cardinal sin of the American dream by cutting people off their right to 'life, liberty in the pursuit of happiness'.

The undo stress and anger they're creating has a much more greater impact than their virtue signalling posts about pay gaps and promoting SJW videos.

Worse than that, there is no recourse. No accountability. What is, to put more spotlight on the lie that is the pay gap, Susan Wojcicki and her estimated $410 million net worth good for? Are you worth $410 million? How is a woman with this kind of financial wealth allowing for this injustice to happen?

I repeat. A company who believes in pay gaps has a woman CEO worth $410 million.

The they wonder why there's a growing backlash against youtube.

Wait. It gets worst still. Much worse. This video glorifying Jihad is still up though. And merely mentioning this fact lands not the producer of the video in trouble but US - as in the people who find this troubling. We're the ones who run afoul of 'hate speech laws' somehow in the twisted progressive narrative. Read the comments and then march on to Vimeo for the version with captions. I'm not going to link it because it's that bad.

Youtube in effect and in short, considers conservative channels worse than this.

People - as a whole - do have a sense of perspective and when they see things begin to go off the rails they react. They react, well, by setting up a youtube channel - or expressing their displeasure on comments threads. What's next for youtube? Ban and block people there too?

Do they not know the word eventually spreads even to neutral observers like me?

See, the funny thing about double standards laced with complacency and arrogance is that eventually people will expect explanations for certain actions undertaken by a company.

It's well, quite frankly, unconscionable behaviour.

How is this any kind of justice in their distorted world view?

Youtube is chaos. It's pointless virtue signalling for its own sake. It has no real principled ethos backing it up.

It's run by immature minds that seem to have convinced themselves they're fighting the good fight.

In reality, they're shadow boxing with their own conscience.

And customers and the people will have the last say.

They always do.


I expect more from Google. Hopefully, they will heed the pleas of people to take it down a notch.

Stay tuned.

Italian Election Could Impact Future Of The EU

On March 4, Italians take to the polls in the general election. It's also seen as a referendum on the European Union that could see the continent's fourth largest economy (and seventh or eight largest in the world depending on which source) and G8 member join Britain in the country's version of Brexit dubbed Italexit.

It will be interesting to see how Lega Nord (and its leader Salvani) and Fratelli d'Italia (led by Giorgia Meloni) and other so-called 'right-wing' groups do in this election. They seem to have touched a nerve and do have substantial support but it will be up against established parties like The Five Star Movement (a party that was founded by a socialist comedian that seems to be rudderless) as well as Renzi's centre-left Democratic Party and the return of Silvio Berlusconi with Forza Italia. 

An Act Of Civil Disobedience For Canada

The Liberal party is opening up all sorts of can of worms that are, to me, breaking the morale of our nation.

Its leader, Justin Trudeau, seems to think his values or belief system is to be imposed on a nation. And where the nation resists, it's to be condemned. And where they express their disapproval on social media, he seeks the companies providing those platforms to crackdown on 'fake news'.

There's a disturbing dictatorial under current to his brand of governance. I don't want to say leadership because he doesn't possess the skills to be a true leader as shown by scandals after controversies after gaffes have shown on a fairly regular basis. Not to mention his childish and tiresome antics of constantly mentioning Harper as a tactic for deflection.

It's so transparent in its cynical shtick, it's embarrassing.

Once upon a time the backbenchers served as the conscience of a party and clearly the Liberals have lost that mechanism to help maintain dignity and a sense of honesty to their actions.

From preposterously forcing religious organizations to kow-tow to reproduction rights to the gender pronoun law (in which I'm total agreement with Professor Jordan Peterson to the extent it's a direct assault on free speech and I too will refuse to have the government use force to compel me to speak in a manner they deem appropriate) to his ISIS reintegration policy (in which I have little or no confidence the Liberals can ensure national security won't be compromised. Does Justin Trudeau speak as though he can be trusted on this issue? He doesn't to me.), we find ourselves creating a society that is anything but enlightened.

Totalitarian sure, but hardly progressive (in the non-political sense).

Another act undertaken by the Liberals that has angered me was their unilateral changing of the lyrics of our national anthem. Earlier this evening I watched the Royal Canadian Navy sing it prior to the game between the Washington Capitals and Toronto Maple Leafs and it left me with knots in my stomach.

Nor was the fact it took place on the proud grounds of Annapolis Naval Academy in the United States was lost on me.

Could you imagine a mighty nation like the United States changing the lyrics of their anthem for such trivial reasons?

It's not just that the changing the lyrics without true consent is infuriating enough but that it was done for ideological reasons. This had nothing to do with Canadian pride and everything to do with pushing an agenda.

A national anthem is the song of a people. While I'm not exactly the most nationalistic of people (political collectivism via identity politics or tribalism is where we tend to get violent and begin to set up gulags and camps), I have to admit listening to the song be sung by our servicemen felt like we failed our nation.

If words are going to be a problem - and believe you me this won't be the end of it - best we just use an instrumental version of O Canada.

Personally, I will refuse to sing the version pushed by the Liberals whom I've come to stand in complete opposition to morally and intellectually.

OUR ANTHEM  should continue on with the line 'all thy sons command'.

It's an act of defiance in defense of Canada.

Consider this blog on 'guard for thee'.