An Act Of Civil Disobedience For Canada

The Liberal party is opening up all sorts of can of worms that are, to me, breaking the morale of our nation.

Its leader, Justin Trudeau, seems to think his values or belief system is to be imposed on a nation. And where the nation resists, it's to be condemned. And where they express their disapproval on social media, he seeks the companies providing those platforms to crackdown on 'fake news'.

There's a disturbing dictatorial under current to his brand of governance. I don't want to say leadership because he doesn't possess the skills to be a true leader as shown by scandals after controversies after gaffes have shown on a fairly regular basis. Not to mention his childish and tiresome antics of constantly mentioning Harper as a tactic for deflection.

It's so transparent in its cynical shtick, it's embarrassing.

Once upon a time the backbenchers served as the conscience of a party and clearly the Liberals have lost that mechanism to help maintain dignity and a sense of honesty to their actions.

From preposterously forcing religious organizations to kow-tow to reproduction rights to the gender pronoun law (in which I'm total agreement with Professor Jordan Peterson to the extent it's a direct assault on free speech and I too will refuse to have the government use force to compel me to speak in a manner they deem appropriate) to his ISIS reintegration policy (in which I have little or no confidence the Liberals can ensure national security won't be compromised. Does Justin Trudeau speak as though he can be trusted on this issue? He doesn't to me.), we find ourselves creating a society that is anything but enlightened.

Totalitarian sure, but hardly progressive (in the non-political sense).

Another act undertaken by the Liberals that has angered me was their unilateral changing of the lyrics of our national anthem. Earlier this evening I watched the Royal Canadian Navy sing it prior to the game between the Washington Capitals and Toronto Maple Leafs and it left me with knots in my stomach.

Nor was the fact it took place on the proud grounds of Annapolis Naval Academy in the United States was lost on me.

Could you imagine a mighty nation like the United States changing the lyrics of their anthem for such trivial reasons?

It's not just that the changing the lyrics without true consent is infuriating enough but that it was done for ideological reasons. This had nothing to do with Canadian pride and everything to do with pushing an agenda.

A national anthem is the song of a people. While I'm not exactly the most nationalistic of people (political collectivism via identity politics or tribalism is where we tend to get violent and begin to set up gulags and camps), I have to admit listening to the song be sung by our servicemen felt like we failed our nation.

If words are going to be a problem - and believe you me this won't be the end of it - best we just use an instrumental version of O Canada.

Personally, I will refuse to sing the version pushed by the Liberals whom I've come to stand in complete opposition to morally and intellectually.

OUR ANTHEM  should continue on with the line 'all thy sons command'.

It's an act of defiance in defense of Canada.

Consider this blog on 'guard for thee'.

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