Polls Have Closed In Italy: So-Called Right Wing Parties Do Well

Italy has voted and the right did indeed have a good showing. Something in the neighbourhood of 35% which represent the largest block.

The left not so much. While Five Star Movement (though swings left in my view do hold anti-EU sentiment) had the best single party showing, it's hard to see how this wasn't a success for conservatism (despite Free and Equal gaining entrance into Parliament) and anti-EU leanings.

Other than that, Italy does what it does best: Confuse. 

  1. No one has a majority.
  2. The centre-right is the strongest bloc.
  3. The Five Star Movement is the strongest single party.
  4. The Democratic Party is the second single party.
  5. But as a whole, the Democrats’ centre-left bloc is in third place.
  6. The League may be the largest party on the centre-right.
  7. The new Free and Equal (LeU) left-wing party has won enough to enter parliament.
  8. The pro-Europe +Europa list may have missed out.
The result may just signal a warning shot to the EU.

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