Derp: It's A Wonderful Derp Life

I've got a backlog of topics I want to discuss including Parkland and the scandalous mess that has followed this tragedy. Once again, suffice to say, gun control advocates are basing their demands on an outlier event made possible by government ineptitude and cowardice by Broward police. 

Onto the Derp of the day. Oh, before I continue, there's a Derp I haven't gotten around to. It's as long as a Russian novel. That will be up shortly.

These are just more recent links taking up my tab space.


Tapper provides valuable information when he's not on that fake news channel.


 Rod Dreher penned a very good article in The American Conservative titled Enemies of the People.


Heck, some even posit the left have already lost the plot.

Who runs its Twitter account anyway? A 12 year-old SJW? 

Glad to see the people voicing their displeasure. I've been reading and watched videos on what youtube has been up in their discriminatory hiring practices and demonetizing (and general bullying) of conservative - or at least what they arbitrarily determine to be 'wrong think - channels.

Not impressed.

As for Facebook teaming up with Snopes and Politifact teaming up on stamping out fake news. I would love to know how that's going. I'm sure there's no abuse there. I hope my sarcasm is misplaced.


In progressive San Francisco no less.

When will people learn? It's not guns or the NRA. Thinking this is to purposely blind oneself to other factors - and the truth.


File under: Ironic.


No Whites Allowed magazine to be published at the University of Texas.

They say *payback* is a bitch.

I say they're condemned to an existence of moral and intellectual misery.

This stuff will hurt them more than do good.


Why in the world does anyone defend ISIS? Worse, go after its own citizens for telling the truth about the evil that is ISIS.

It's shameful and derelict.

France is a shithole when it comes to nonsense like this.



A state with an impossibly intrusive government run exclusively by Democrats gets what it deserves for being so blue.

Worst quality of life according to a study.

No wonder there's an exodus.

California will now be a top exporter of 'progressive derp to other states'.


Progressives aren't interested in the eternal search for universal truths. They just want their narratives.

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