Stephen King's Demons

With every passing day, Trump acts more like the tinpot military dictator of a Central or South American country in 1955. All he needs is the costume shop uniform and a chestful of fake medals and ribbons.

And yet you're still free.

Has anyone come to knock on your door and take you away, Stevie boy? Has anyone told you to keep quiet or else?

"Hi! I'm Stephen King and despite being imaginative - sorta - I don't actually possess a single original thought! That's why I have Ben Affleck and Seth Meyers to keep me informed!" I'm gonna have to go ahead and think, given the left's track record on this sort of hyperbole, he's projecting. We all know progressives LOVE power and control for its own sake.

I always find it hilarious and depressing at the same time whenever lefty celebrities say stupid shit like this. They compare GOP politicians to tinpot dictators, yet always seem to love them abroad. Castro, Chavez....etc.

And of course, in the past they adored people like Hitler and Che.

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