Canada's Parochial Multicultural Obsession Hurting The Country

Canada is probably one of the most insular of all Western nations. We like to poke fun at America for its perceived inward looking arrogance but in fact, I think, it's just projection on our part.

Some of the biggest scams and fraud rings operate right here in Canada with Montreal and Vancouver as its hub. Canada may be big in land surface, but it's really tiny in its mentality. It's an old boys network and you're not part of it.

It's open and vulnerable to all sorts of dubious action often with the blessing of our own government.

America is too big, diverse, dynamic, proud, innovative a nation to mess around with; not to mention properly armed as it ought to be. Canada is basically ONE financial centre with two beta male cities. It's Northern Minnesota.

This is the reality.

Which is why scandals like Sidewinder happen so easily in Canada Inc. This story dating back to the 1990s is all you need to know about how Canada 'does shit.'

We never stood on guard for thee and unless Canadians wake up and for once stand up to defend it, never will.

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