Expos, Mets Legend Staud Dies

Rip Le Grand Orange.

Staub played an indispensable role in establishing major league baseball in Montreal. A titanic fan favourite wherever he was - notably the Mets and Expos - Staub left an unforgettable mark on the Montreal sports landscape; heck, across Canada.

The day they traded him to the Mets was really one of the saddest days in Montreal sports history. I felt the same way when they traded Andre Dawson to the Cubs.

Never a day goes by where true Montreal sports fans don't lament the loss of the Expos and its legends.

Wanna know what the Expos meant to the city? The feeling they brought?

Here's what it fucken felt like:

Now our summers are just blah.


A couple of weeks back comedian Mike MacDonald died. I'd be remiss as a fan of comedy to not mention him and his contribution to Canadian comedy.

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