Gotham's SJW Is Wearing Thin

One of the few shows I watch is Gotham. I happen to think it's reasonably well done. The villains in particular play their roles with exceptional ability.

The one part that, if not kept in check will get me to stop watching, is overplaying the 'girl power' or 'girl's can kick anyone's ass' trope. Barbara Kane is nuts. Fine. And Tabitha is a hit woman with fearsome skill. Sorta kinda can digest that. Selina is the budding Cat Woman (which they've ignored this season for some reason) and has certain physical features. With her we're reminded it's based on a comic but even then, let's keep her beating up men at a minimal.

But the episode 'One of my three soups' (aired March 29, 2018), pushed it a little for me. 
Looks like ‘Gotham’ is gonna try and push this SJW angle - or at least, they're comfortable with it. Having the women in the League of Shadows knock off the men 'because they fear change' and are 'weak' was retarded. And this is a red flag for me.
I’ve invested time in this show and don’t like that stunt they pulled. Girl power my ass.
That was bush league.

I'm watching you Gotham

Don't get smart with me.

Or else. I'll make like the Bat-Man and disappear. 

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