Parkland Marches, Bezos, And Trudeau Liberals: The Triumph Of Emotion Over Reason

You can describe, rationalized and intellectualize many ways the marches (organized with remarkable efficiency) push for gun control but I submit reason and rationalism isn't among them.

If there's one thing an astute mind concerned about liberty and reason will have noticed is the tried and tested tactic of progressive thought in full action. That is, they hurl logical fallacies at a dizzying speed at the same time so as to destabilize any hope of rational discussion into a subject.

In this case, via two teenagers Hogg and Gonzalez we get the following:

-Ad hominen: Hogg calling the NRA murderers. Even though an NRA member never murdered anyone. Calling out Rubio and assessing a dollar figure in an attempt to equivocate it to murder.
-Cognitive dissonance (and hypocrisy) - As they engage in fiery rhetoric questioning people's humanity, they use terms like 'love thy neighbour' and 'we should come together as Americans'. So long as they agree with them. Another amusing one is 'the media should be objective and tell all sides'...on CNN.

-False dilemma - You have one choice. Ours. You either agree with our position, or you're murderers who hate children.

-Appeal to emotion - This is the single most powerful weapon in the progressive left's arsenal. They by far are the most effective ideological group when it comes to 'playing with emotions' to sell a narrative. 'You want to reform education? You hate children!' 'You disagree with me? You're a racist!' That kind of thing. With Parkland (which is soon to be Jumpsharkland), you get the usual requisite tools of appeals to emotions. Gonzalez, for example, will cry at the podium.The use of children and tears. It's like the Children's Crusade.

The adults (including the media) using these kids as pawns are despicable and vile in my view.

Together, all this conspires to detract from the actual questions about what happened. In my view, gun ownership is among the last to be examined. It seems to me several factors not involving guns culminated into the tragedy. Including the failure of the police and FBI to act on the warnings about Cruz to Gonzalez admitting her group of friends did bully Cruz. Don't be surprised to find out, and take this tongue in cheek, if they were part of an anti-bullying campaign. By her own admission, 'you didn't know this person!" doesn't justify her action. Bullying is bullying is it not?

And never mind the endless stream of falsehoods and erroneous assertions (cherry picking data - another logical fallacy. For example, exaggerating the NRA's lobbying record and efforts) not backed up by any facts compiled by reputable organizations on the subject of guns and gun control in the United States.

Moreover, the idea that these kids can't be criticized because they went through a trauma (it's still really unclear if Hogg was actually present during the shooting) is wrongheaded. If someone chooses to enter the public sphere in order to foster change, they will inevitably face resistance and be challenged. We do after all, live in a pluralist society. A democracy as the left keeps reminding us.

As such, we don't think with one mind. So it is with guns and the Second Amendment.

You don't get to go on stage and pump your fist, rile people up and spew your side of the coin without challenge. This is not how it works. If you can't handle the heat, then get out of the kitchen.

Trauma does not shield from defending your point intellectually.

Nor do you call someone or group 'murderers' and react by saying 'we're children!" if someone challenges your libellous assertion.

This is what we mean by emotion triumphing over reason.

Everything you see is an emotional ploy done by design. Not a single aspect of this whole spectacle is done so in good faith. They will demand a 'conversation' but it's not what they want.

What they desire is submission.

If don't fall into line, you will be branded a witch; a heretic. A person who, well, hates children.

The latest example - and sure not to be the last - is with Hogg refusing to accept Laura Ingraham's apology while at the same time asking for everyone to 'love thy neighbour'. But before I do that, lemme ruin a life because I'm a faux-self righteous punk over playing my hand.

Not very Christian if you ask me.

As for Ingraham herself. Just another example why one should never apologize to the left. An apology for the left is akin to smelling blood in the water. The left isn't all that into Christian mores. They're into control and power for its own sake. If it truly were about the common good, Hogg would have taken to Twitter or whatever useless social media platform and accepted her apology without fanfare and with complete class.

It would have signalled he was maturing and acting in good faith.

Alas, recall.

Emotion over reason.


Speaking of empty emotions, the Liberal party of Canada under the pied piper of emotional manipulation Trudeau, is pouring millions into combatting what it considers to be the rise of 'right-wing extremism'.

Aside from the fact the Liberals have enacted legislation that hurt the overall economy and especially the middle-class with its stupid 'equality' platform costing billions, the problem is this bunch of SJW nitwits will accord themselves a looooooose definition of what constitutes as 'racism'.

And judging by the superficial rhetoric I've heard come out of Justin's vapid mouth, I qualify as 'right-wing' for merely having the temerity to question and challenge his authoritarian and wasteful behaviour.

Boot the bastards out in 2019 Canada.

It's not good what they're doing.

It's dangerous to freedom and liberty.

Trudeau's idea of contributing to peoplekind:

Petulant child indeed.


I don't believe Amazon should be busted up nor do I think it qualifies as a monopoly. Google and Facebook perhaps should be broken up because they clearly aren't able to handle the incredible power they yield. Not only do they engage in dangerous practices of collecting data, they do so with an ideological bent favouring the left. Unacceptable in my view.

Back to Amazon. Jeff Bezos has decided he's going to join 'the resistance' and fight Trump. It's unfortunate because I shop at Amazon. A lot.

I don't like whenever I find out a company (or entertainer for that matter) decides to take a 'stand' I don't agree with. It puts me in a pickle and I react by staying true to my own principles. I simply walk away as a consumer.

I don't appreciate the didactics the left have engaged in.

Bezos should either join politics are back the fuck off instead of using back door channels like a weasel. Stand up and be counted. 
It's tiresome to have to watch and listen to unelected billionaires using their powerful platforms entering the political foray flicking popcorn at others. 

It’s disrespectful at its core.

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  1. It's amazing how those who identify as "liberal" are actually NOT very liberal.
    They're really quite uptight and closed-minded actually ...


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