The UK Starves A Child For The World To See

Watch the UK kill a child in real time. My heart aches at my disgust of England and its citizens. Do you understand how evil and depraved a society you have to be to STARVE A CHILD? A most worthless, little island filled with depraved little statists.

The state broke this family.

Theresa May. May God have mercy on you.

I pray - pray - the Canadian system never goes astray like this. We must NOT let bio-ethics drive our compassion in our hospitals.  It's an evil we mustn't accept.

What if the doctors are wrong with Alfie? Poland and Italy are willing to take care of him. Why stop the family? 

It's interesting when someone kills people in a rampage there's outrage. The state kills a child and we get mostly silence. Who will speak and march for children like Alfie?

Alfie Evans’ Father: Hospital is Starving Him to Death, No Food for 23 Hours. “How is This Humane?”
England in one picture. They want to save a child England wants to kill. The government uses force to stop them. Any questions about the logical end of letting the government run public health? They OWN you.

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