Starbucks Wokeness Induces Coma

So Starbucks is shutting operations I believe on May 29 to send their employees to 'ReNedification' (well, actually they call it 'racial bias education'. Creepy shit) in the aftermath of what happened in a Starbucks in Philadelphia. Wha happened no one knows but that didn't stop the perpetual outrage machine from capitalizing on what they *think* happened - Starbucks included.

These are very scary times. Law enforcement agencies have gone full rogue (with the left cheerleading them on), newspapers making stuff up (and get nominated for a Pulitzer for making shit up about Russia as the NYT and WaPo were. These award ceremonies are just incestuous showboating for insider crowd be it the Nobel Prize (who kinda lost their way) or the Oscars), left-wing organization shutting down free speech wherever they go and exist whether it's on campuses or comedy shows.

It's just nuts.

And now we have 'woke' corporations and CEOs jumping all over this 'we offer safe spaces' and 'diversity' PC/SJW madness. Their playing their part in the Marxist march towards eradicating liberty and little do they know it will end with them metaphorically being lined up against the wall.

I don't know what happened in Philly because no one has explained it. No one has spoken to the manager and the cops are still looking into it.

However, judging by how the media is acting - they have decided it was 'two black men who were waiting for a friend'. Shades of 'he was shot for buying Skittles'. Come to think of it, I'm surprised Skittles didn't go all woke after the Trayvon Martin saga - it wouldn't surprise me there would be more to the story.

I'm guessing - and it's just a guess - they were indeed loitering and refused to leave and when the cops came they lipped off. A company has every right to ask someone to leave and if they don't, it becomes trespassing. Unless, Starbucks has a different policy; which is their right.

Nonetheless, the Starbucks move is baffling. Never mind they seem to be throwing their manager under the bus, they basically are saying to their workers they're racist and need to make doubly sure they won't act out.

It's insulting to their employees and to what's left of their sane customer base.

Running after the PC/SJW crowd will never pay off. It may score some cheap virtue signalling points in the short-run but in the long-run? It will never be enough for them. Starbucks isn't an ally or a partner..Just a convenient vehicle tops their ideology.

You know. When I read about Starbucks history, Italy's coffee culture inspired it.

They've completely veered off their essence because quite frankly their coffee and the way it's prepared is woefully inferior to what you will experience in Italy.

Maybe, instead of wasting everyone's time, they teach their employees to be true baristas and serve us better coffee.

In other words, do your damn jobs.

Do it with pride.

Like in Italy.


  1. I've noticed a number of coffee houses I've gone into have a sign on the entrance that reads "This Establishment Is A Hate-Free Zone".
    Does this mean if you and a friend have a heated discussion about a hot topic and you take to rambling off a few disparaging remarks about a certain individual or group said establishment can ask you to leave?
    And if you refuse they "lovingly" call the cops on you, who are sure to "lovingly" slap the cuffs on you and "ever-so-compassionately" haul you off downtown, as this is a "hate-free zone"?
    Just wondering how that would theoretically work out in actual practice.

  2. I don't think they've thought things through either. Just see the gulags to see where it all ends up.

    'Hate free zones' is a meaningless and vapid phrase. So much so it defies how anyone could possibly take it seriously.


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