What In The Living Hell Is Going On In The UK?

We've issued a statement this evening to make people aware that social media posts which are being posted in relation to Alder Hey and the Alfie Evans situation are being monitored and may be acted upon. Read the full statement here:

Welcome to 1984.

And the comments from people defending this depraved behaviour. What the frick?

Italy and Poland are basically telling you you're acting like assholes and you stick to it?

Time for the Brits to take back their country looks like. Your family does NOT belong to damn bureaucrats.

I hope Canadians are paying close attention because this is what universal public health can devolve into. TYRANNY.

The NHS is pure evil. They're literally starving a child to death in order to preserve the reputation of NHS. Doctor's aren't God and the government mandating this child die even though the family wants to go to Italy is beyond comprehension and lacking in humanity.

If this is NHS. Burn it to the ground and start anew because it lacks any sense or morality.

This is pure horror unfolding in the UK.

And the cops? Just following orders eh chaps?

Grow a pair and defend FREE CITIZENS for once.


Always remember. Americans who opposed Obamacare care were and will always be right because it's a path to EXACTLY this. In Canada, we're not there yet but the system does hold too much sway over our own decisions where family matters are concerned. Canadians NEED to pay attention to this story lest we lose our humanity and go the route of Britain which I completely reject.

Europe is NOT a model to emulate. Europe (outside a couple of countries) is in existential crisis and in cultural turmoil. It's chaos. Europe no longer serves as an advanced society we should look up to.

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