Krugman's Freudian Projection Slip

/hands Krugman napkin to wipe drool off his mouth.

A lot of people have lost their minds in the Age of Trump.


Many of them sit among the intellectual class.

Take Paul Krugman. He with a (faux) liberal conscience. He goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on with specious and spurious conjecture and accusations. His partisanship and messianic loyalty to the Democrat party is impressive. Disturbing but impressive.

I don't pay much attention to the NYT or Krugman. Why should I? It offers very little. Except when it goes unhinge in the opinion pages. Which is often.

So here's an economist living off one prize committing constant ad hominen attacks writing for an established legacy paper.

I'm officially in the angry camp now when it comes to so-called thinkers with 'a conscience' irresponsibly throwing words around like 'racist', 'Nazi' and 'racist'.

I think it need not be said it's always the progressive left engaging in such nonsense.

Look up Antifa in Italy during the war by the way. A digression but look them up. The authoritarian and violent streak never left the left....so to speak.

Anyway. Krugman is out doing his best Helen Lovejoy calling Paul Ryan names. Fascist to be exact.

At this point, I don't see how anyone with a sober mind doesn't just react with a face palm whenever such assertions are made.

But this line in his latest caught my eye:

"So how did such an obvious con artist get a reputation for seriousness and fiscal probity?"

This is what we call projection.

And anyone outside the left-wing group think flock asks the same question about you, Paul. 

But he has his fans. Take 'Martin':

Times Pick
What you are describing, of course, is not just Mr. Ryan but the soul of today's Republican party. They do not have principles; instead they have power. Their goal is to make the world conform, or appear to conform, to their extremist but profitable economic ideology. Poor people are a problem not because they suffer, but because they contradict the idea that enriching the rich benefits all. Social Security & Medicare are problems not because they don't work, but because they do. Democracy and government must be demonized not so they can be reformed, but so that the public will leave the powerful alone to use government for their own profit. I often disagree with Mr. Krugman, but I thank him for speaking the truth about Mr. Ryan.

Like I said. It's always projection. 

Hey, a Times pick no less!

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