If This Is Liberalism....

...you can keep it...

Quote of the day (from comments):

"If the “liberal order” is the loss of parental rights, state forced euthanasia, speech codes, the confiscation of all means of self-defense, and a bloated uncaring bureaucratic mechanism that views individuals as cogs in a machine rather than human than that order is neither “liberal” nor worth preserving."


If the bizarrely macabre and inhumane actions of the England in the Alfie saga is any indication of where 'liberalism' stands, it's an indictment of where we stand as a civilization. 

We just witnessed a government prevent a family from taking care of their own needs in order to make them submissive to the state. Worse, they then forced the family to watch as the government starved their child to death while police guarded over them.

If this is not a depraved example of authoritarianism and a police state, what is?

Equally as bizarre, is the the almost cult-like fetish people defending the government hold for public health. They chose a system over a life. Canadians exhibit a similar trait with our universal public health. One in which I've discussed here over the years. It's not, well, a healthy one in my view.

Alas, it's not a liberal order. It's a progressive one. 

And this is why Americans need to resist the derelict promises of an ignorant socialist like Bernie Sanders (who recently promised everyone a $15/hr government job. A promise only an economic illiterate would make. A promise only an economically illiterate voting block convinced of their own self-righteous views of what ails society could accept. The thing is in order to make this happen, Sanders would have to come up with some nefarious mechanism to steal from one portion of the population to give to another all backed by state force (again, I point to Alfie to remind what state force looks like). His vision is a path to hell.

Once you trade part of your liberties for security or a nanny state, you lose your own agency.

It's not complicated folks.

Canada made that mistake and we'll be made to pay in some form down the road. England is just further along the road. We too have an issue with bio-ethics gaining too much leverage in the affairs for the family dictating what constitutes 'ethics' in a public medical system. My warning is simple: it's a cowardly way to justify eugenics in order to control the population. We shouldn't be swayed by the claims it is a reasoned approach to progress.

It isn't for how would you feel if you were treated like cogs in a machine as your child died before your eyes all with the grotesque tacit approval of bureaucrats?  

Unless Canadians have the will and foresight to prevent its growing influence  we will one day have our own Alfie.

When it does. We will have 'jumped the shark' and lost our humanity.

Don't be like the UK. They're not our spiritual guidance no more.

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