California Now Into Book Banning

The question isn't when 1984 will arrive....it already has folks.

You can choose to be oblivious but this has gotten really troubling and dangerous.

Here's another example of, ahem, conservatives being like progressives. Banning literature. Be it books or pamphlets or whatever. Either way, it's not good.

The left, aided and abetted by the increasingly unhinged state of California, now bans books as Bill 2943 does.

"It’s interesting, for example, that Chait makes the argument just as the California State Assembly is set to vote on a billthat would actually — among other things — ban the sale of books expressing orthodox Christian beliefs about sexual morality."

Progressives are big on 'if you do freely choose to do this, you're complicit in (insert whatever issue of the day they selectively choose to be outraged about)'.

At what point then, do progressive writers like those at the NYT or Chair or anyone else who have been rather astonishingly irresponsible and intellectually vapid, have to face their role when government decides to silence voices which is frighteningly happening in California? 

It's not your voice now, but it will be yours tomorrow, no?

But hey, don't expect them to ponder beyond their myopic world. Too busy confirming their awesomeness handing each other out Pulitzer Prizes. "Aren't you swell? We're swell, right? Yeh, we're swell!"

To a naturally skeptical well--informed sober mind, this was the inevitable logical end to their behaviour. That the natural final destination of progressivism is authoritarianism. 

Of course, it's specious nonsense and rarely, if ever, proven. Progressives are not big on prove (see Starbucks incident as but one mere, small example) and truth.

It's too pesky.

The left rather enjoys mocking the imaginary white supremacists set to send us back to the stone age.

Yet, here they are. Banning books. I thought it was the, given the general narrative and tone of the times, that was the exclusive job of the deplorables to do that.

And once again, let me remind it's all projection.

The true witch hunters here is the progressive left. They've gone completely off track and strictly into authoritarian mode.

Until the media and politicians stop blindly siding with them, this will get worse. 

California, like a distorted hideous and mangled portrait, likens itself to being a trail blazer. That once upon a time was a state to be emulated. 


Now, it must be stopped. 


Quote of the day:

"...Yet the numerous signs waved by the protesters contained such slogans as “Rule of Law = White Supremacy” and “The First Amendment is Not a Licence [sic] to Dehumanize Marginalized People.” Students shouted “Legal objectivity is a myth” and “F – – k the law.” CUNY Law’s National Lawyers Guild chapter tweeted that “free speech” activists are “not welcome at our PUBLIC INTEREST school.” Is this the face of “social justice”?"

The progressive left folks.

In all its inglorious stupidity. 

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