May Ted Kennedy Burn In Hell

The 'lion of the Senate'. Hero to the left.

Ted Kennedy was nothing more than gutless, loud mouth, drunken coward who let a young woman die like a dog.

That this piece of shit stayed in power for so long; a degenerate who Obama called 'the greatest senator of all time', kept getting elected is beyond me. Especially voters who knew and still voted for him. How do they not have a guilty conscience?

That guy should have been in prison.

Left there to pass on and be forgotten.

I'm glad they made a movie about him. Let the truth finally come out.

Why they waited until he died is a damn shame. He should have been made to watch it.

Expect the left to try and spin this. Some disingenuous hack writer at NBC - Jill Filiopvich already has reducing the sad episode to a 'talking point' by conservatives.

Except here, they're right. How is murder a 'talking point?"

She then proceeds to attempt to claim Republicans are the problem claiming Democrats 'act' and 'clean house'. What a hunk of shit. When it comes to sexual assault and mistreating women, Democrats wrote the book. Which explains why all the irrational projection they engage in.

They only react when they get caught. They damn well know about and accept bad behaviour.

The idea that the Democrats 'evolved' is laughable and a flat out lie. Just recently Hilary is out there claiming women who voted for Trump did so because of their husbands. If this is their definition of 'evolve' it's a wonder how they even stand and look themselves in the mirror.

The fact is, after her little hit piece, the GOP doesn't have a track record like Democrats have.

Wouldn't surprise me on iota she was one of those people who 'lionized' that asshole.

She was trying to be coy and it failed.


The only thing she revealed was just how deep the acceptance of immoral behaviour runs on the left.


I know you are but what am I?!?

She's getting, justifiably, hammered in the Tweets and keeps replying 'you should read the piece'.

So I did.

A more insulting, piece of hack writing you can't get. It's in a section called 'Think'.

It's anything but.

It's just politicized propaganda.

Par for the course.

All she needed to do - if she truly cared about the truth - was write about how unfortunate it all was, and what the Democrats need to do to right the ship. END. Rather, like a child and remedial thinker, she chose to make this about a side that had nothing to do with the episode and attempted to make it about their misdeeds.

People see right through this kind of rank amateur rubbish. Of course, don't expect her and her ilk to realize this. Indeed, if anything we've learned about the far left is they double down. Something along the lines of 'how stupid you people are to keep harping on this talking point. We said it was bad! It's just that you're worse!'

Thus proving they learned nothing. She managed to take the death of a woman and drag it into the politicized mud incapable of examining the human side of this tragedy.

This is not feminism; or humanism for that matter.

When it comes to truth, the left stay true to the Hegelian notion that truth is not attainable and is constant flux. It is whatever you want it to be.

How convenient. 

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