Stand With Saskatchewan Against The Carbon Tax

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is asking Canadians sign a petition against the Liberal's carbon tax.

As it stands, Premier Moe is standing defiant against it and he deserves our support.



"With potential costs of up to $2,569 per year for the average Canadian family by 2022, the carbon tax will also increase the price of food and clothing, and will mean lost jobs and struggling or bankrupt businesses."

$2500 is a lot of money.

-In addition to this the Liberals already

-Stopped the child tax credit benefit Canadians have enjoyed for years.
-Income splitting. This is one is especially baffling. It was a great strategy for families.
-Reduced the allowable maximum for a TFSA.
-Exploding spending with the notion 'the budget will balance itself'.

None of these help the middle-class in anyway. How they claim to help the middle-class with a straight face is a little comical.

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