Don't Let Them Strip Away Your Existence

Self sovereignty is the core of all human rights and the cornerstone of liberty.

You don't have that, you're nothing. You macabrely twist in the wind like aimless souls.

The second you compromise your right to free speech and expression under the guise of 'common sense', you've abdicated self-ownership and left it to the state to control and manipulate.

When a giant entity like Facebook essentially tells you 'fuck you make us' and you don't form a general resistance to it, you've lost your sense of identity and freedom.

People have been fed a patiently consistent diet of anti-free speech bull shit to the point they're beginning to believe the nonsense the left pimp about the Second Amendment and increasingly the First Amendment. 

The left don't care about you and your individualism. They don't care about rights but only might. They don't care about your kids piano recital and they don't care about your opinion.  They're not charitable either. Their idea of charity is to take from one to give to another enforced by the power of the state.

There is no organic and free common will. Just a fabricated one by their chosen design. When they shout there's an 'oligarchy' they project for what the hell do you think will happen in their progressive paradise? You think YOU will have access to the filet mignon? Of course not. Only the elites will.

Bernie Sanders will make sure he gets his prime cut.

Wake up.

They care about the collective; the ideal of soulless world without God replaced by a sickle and hammer. 

Nor should you be lulled into thinking North American/Western progressives are 'democrats'. They use the word in order to soften the heavy hand of their policies that threatens to crush your soul and spirit. It makes no sense an ideology that irrationally hates guns, lower taxes, and free choice of any kind would find support from a majority of the people.

Socialists (Marxists, communists, progressives etc.) have to strip personal moral and intellectual agency in order to succeed. 
Simple as that.

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