Real Madrid Steal An Undeserved Win Over Juventus

I've grown sickened (ok, it's a strong word but I am annoyed) enough with the way referees call Real Madrid and Barcelona teams. They're good and don't need extra help. They can be beaten and if the refs would call the damn games fairly they wouldn't always be going into tournaments so deep all the time.

Consider last year when Ronaldo scored (I think it was) four goals that were clearly offside. The non-calls sank Bayern Munich.

It was absolutely ridiculous to end a game like that. It should have gone into extra time to let these two heavyweights decide the game. Juve had a huge advantage with their subs. It was not to be. Instead, more silly controversy.

Yes, it was a clumsy challenge by Benatia though technically he did touch the ball first. However, believe you me if Juve were nudged like that in the box, there's no call. That's the point here. They were looking for that all game long. And the ref should have been aware that's what Real was looking for late in the match.

Buffon over reacted in my view. He had a right to be upset but his after match comments were excessive and I think he knows it.

That's why UEFA needs replay (VAR) sooner than later.

As for one Cristiano Ronaldo, he said 'he couldn't understand Juve's reaction'. Yeah-k buddy. You were providing them all game long with your antics. Real is soooo good they have to resort to this crap?

He played without much class in my view excellent penalty notwithstanding. He kept looking for the penalty as often as he complained to the ref. If he had a shred of class, he doesn't celebrate and keeps his jersey on like a professional.

I'd love to see Ronaldo play in Serie A where physicality is still accepted and the art of defense remains in tact. It would definitely challenge him.



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