No Stone Left Unturned

You keep saying that Geoff Molson.

But we all know this is just not so.

The Montreal Canadiens have a language policy that's discriminatory. By demanding candidates need to speak French, it comes at the expense of qualified candidates who can't.

Try and do that in any sport in North America; let alone field or industry.

How can restricting your list of potential hires be considered leaving 'no stone unturned?" In the context of your own parochial standards, perhaps it is. But - looks out that window - it's a mighty big world out there and telling patrons you're looking for the best is at best disingenuous because clearly you're not.

The Habs let the media control it's destiny and now they can't get them out. They will always only suggest people from 'chez nous' completely oblivious to potentially superior options. So brazen the media are they offer advice on who to hire. Naturally, the French media (with the recent one coming from Le Journal de Montreal) will pull for Quebecers. They don't even try and pretend to be fair about the process nor do they seem to be concerned about the need to consider the possibility incestuous behaviour isn't all that viable.

It's just eye rolling at this point.

This is why I find it amusing whenever I hear Quebecers mock the south. What do you think Yvon Pednault's article is? It's Mississippi North. And even then, you won't see, for example, Alabama football hiring people exclusively from inside the state or preventing them from holding high positions. After all, it's about wining. There's only so much you can let culture be a part of the equation. You can get lucky, sure, but it's not conducive to establishing and maintaining a winning standard: Winning is culture. 

I don't expect the Habs to rid this prejudicial practice any time soon which is most unfortunate.

I do expect this organization to continue to wallow in abject mediocrity.

With such a mentality, there's no way they can keep up with the changes in hockey.

Extricate yourself and be forward looking or....well, get used to 10th place.

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