The EU And UK: A Cautionary Tale For North America

In one story, the saga of Alfie Evans, we see why it's a bad idea to fully nationalize medicine. Unfortunately, in Canada we have it and we're but a pebble's throw from becoming the UK on matters of the rights of parents to deal with their sick or dying child as they see fit.

Do Brits really believe they're free? The government decides in the end what becomes of their own children.

It's macabre and immoral. How a once free people could consent to such a state of affairs is beyond comprehension. Worse than that, the EU has twice ruled against families in their rights to determine what to do with their own kids.

Interestingly, we tend to see these sort of sad stories mostly from the hyper-secular sensibilities of the 'hypoboreans' in Northern Europe. Their existence seems to funnel through the state. We see less of such stories in Southern Europe (the Mediterranean).

This in a country that lets Muslim sex rings operate and ISIS fighters back in the country but puts citizens in jail for 8-months for flipping off government cameras. Is it me or have they gone off the rails? They have it exactly BACKWARDS. It seems like they're too PC or cowardly to investigate and prosecute real crime so they over-compensate by cracking down on law-abiding citizens nitpicking at silly indiscretions. This is the face of a society facing an existential crisis if you ask me.


It's none of your business and if you actually defend the government in such matters, I'd like to submit you lack a fundamental sense of decency and humanity.

None of this compassionate.

It's immoral.

If it's an issue of cost, then it further should anger because it's not about money. We talk about 'compassion' and 'values' in the West but we understand none of these. We yap on about 'gender' and 'pay gaps' but these are just empty words masking as 'caring for the greater good'.

They say you judge a society on how it treats its poor or sick.

Well, there you have it. We see what the EU/UK is about. I hope Canadians see this and draw a line. The Americans are still further away as they maintain some level of liberty not seen in the West.


Charity v. Welfare.

Welfare is enabling mechanism. It has no value structure behind it.

It's evil and creates a cult of dependency. 

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